We the radicals unite!

Blugh – when a politician says that the blogosphere is radicalised – you have to think vomit!

Hazel Blears is a British politician that has sold out. She supports Gordon Brown, I think – you can never tell with the Labour party these days – but she claims that we, the non-professional bloggers are causing politicians too much shite? By that I mean she feels we are undermining democracy. You can laugh there if you want.


We blog on what we see – we open our hearts to a readership that can read what we write or not – whichever the case may be. But what she really means is we don’t stick to party message – much like the media that does – we don’t take press calls, we read what we read – Google a lot and say it how we see it.

Now you can see why the UK wants to put a firewall of colossal formation around the internet there. What happened to free speech? Hazel Blears, and what she is saying happened. We are not on call for media press corps briefings – we do what we have to do and say what we have to say – and mostly we have a valid point – just like the guy at the pub talking to his mate – only we don’t have the beer, or the bar – nought but a computer and access to the internet.

But this is why Hazel Blears doesn’t like us – we say what we say and are not under the control of sneaky bastards that try to quash our voice. Most bloggers don’t like politicians.

The Big Question: Is Hazel Blears right to accuse political bloggers of undermining democracy?

It is laughable that she should ask/say that. We are a part of democracy that makes it what it is. We have a voice and use it – many people don’t – and their voice in the form of a ballot isn’t being used either.

If the LibDems what to get into power – then they have to utilise the net as effectively as Mr Obama. And they are the ones I will be supporting this next election – as a former Labour man, that is hard to say but say it I will. Once the Labour party gets its soul back – I will come home as a faithful as the next – but while the Labour party is just left(ish) Conservative – you can forget it!

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0 Responses to We the radicals unite!

  1. PiedType says:

    Oh yeah, we bloggers are a subversive bunch!

  2. Venessa says:

    Do as I say, not as I do…..

  3. Trouble maker, you should be jailed for undermining democracy! Off with your head.

    Here in the US– bloggers were on the news for criticizing Michelle Obama’s dress on election night.

  4. UK Voter says:

    Newspapers can influence people like no other media, most are supporting of the labour party. So no criticsm there then? If people are reading blogs, then it is because they want to get a different perspective, not necessarily a party political one. If people are blogging, it is because they want to share their views, many allow responses and do not edit them, very democratic. I blog because no politician is listening and I feel, like many other people, out in the wilderness.

    It is the politicians like Hasel Blears that do not engage with people that are the real problem, not bloggers who are interested enough to spend their time, educating, informing or debating real issues that affect real people.

  5. All doors open to courtesy 😀

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