So what was it that went so wrong for the Republicans?

It certainly wasn’t just the horrendous pick of Sarah Palin as VP.

Although the knives are out – and being sharpened to stab her in the back. It wasn’t Sarah Palin who lost the GOP the election.

Yes – it was a surprise that she was picked – dumbed many, many of us. She was a bad choice, that is for sure, if fact a stupid one. But the person who made that choice was John McCain. So do you blame John McCain? The answer to that is a resounding no!

John McCain was fighting a battle that was almost impossible to win. Indeed he did get the vote out, a lot of people voted for him after all. But you have to scrape and scrape some more to see where it all went wrong.

Of course it was a culmination of things – all working against McCain. The one thing that comes pretty close to the top is Bush – America had had enough of Bush. But even now the GOP can’t see that. They are, as always, looking back. They cannot see why the American people voted against them, more so, why they voted FOR Barack Obama.

The GOP are, even now, looking at the mid-terms to wrest power back in Congress to stop Barack Obam from doing his job – and if that is all they are going to do when the mid-terms come, the GOP will lose even more seats.


Well – as I keep saying, the American people didn’t vote against McCain, they voted against Bush and FOR Obama! They do not want to go back to the days of Bush. The electorate spoke loudly, and they said, in no uncertain terms that they want change. So the GOP will have to change, not just spout the same Bush doctrine and policy. The American people are not stupid – they know that the GOP are wanting power back as the President-Elect gets ready to take office.

What the GOP should be scared of is simple – don’t rock the boat and work with Obama, yet they don’t even have a legitimate leader. Who can lead them away from the failed Bush policies that brought them this defeat?

It is a hard question to answer, but someone will emerge. But that person will have to bring the GOP back toward the centre, well away from the far-right that Reagan started to take them toward and Bush almost completed.

The GOP has a chance, now, to become the party that it once was – The Republican Party. We will have to wait and see if they take that chance now, or wait another 10 years – for that is how long it will take if they don’t get their act together quickly.

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0 Responses to So what was it that went so wrong for the Republicans?

  1. sandysays1 says:

    The loss is a hell of a lot deeper than a VP pick. You can’t out liberal a liberal if you want to carry a base that’s, like it or not, conservative. That is where the Repubs are going. Going to the center cost the party and the country dearly. Your post certainly reinforces my feeling – conservatives need to get out of the Republican Party and organize separately.

  2. Honestly says:

    There was the not-Bush factor. A link driven strongly by the Obama negative commercial campaign.

    Which also shows that Obama had talent at acquiring funding for his cause. He was able to outspend the GOP campaign by massive amounts.

    Another problem for GOP was getting a negative vibe to stick. First it was lack of experience, but then Obama beat Clinton showing he had the skill. Then it was that Obama was Muslim, but this just didn’t make sense considering the negative press with his long time Christan Pastor. So the two issues just canceled each other out. Ayers, socialism, and ACORN, all of these things vetted through the media and the internet to be rather hollow slanders.

    Then there was Palin, who reflected an exact fear of what McCain had been fighting against with Obama. An inexperienced leader who lead through charm and a fake accent. Palin was excellent at attracting the base, but she polarized everyone else. Her mini-scandals were no worse then Obama’s, but the popular culture on the Internet made it stick. It probably didn’t help that Ted Stevens was convicted of several corruption crimes.

    The GOP in general showed interest in continuing a war the population doesn’t support. While the GOP did give higher tax cuts to everyone, supply side economics provided the richest with the majority of those cuts. It’s hard to run that type of tax plan while AIG executives were abusing bailout funds with multiple executive vacations.

    There’s probably far more that smarter people will have to say about what went wrong for the GOP, but I feel that’s the majority of it.

  3. thebeadden says:

    What went wrong?


    What went right?

    I guess I don’t have to ask how happy you are with the election results. Congrats, Will. 🙂

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    Happy? I was ecstatic, Bead! 😀

  5. steve says:

    Tolerance and diversity are liberal claims. Seem pretty intolerant to me

  6. karen503 says:

    Think about it. McCain and Palin might have won this election if the horrendous economic crisis had held off until next year, or even held off another month or so…

    Ol’ George Bush had to have been bemoaning same to his Wall Street cronies. If he thought to call McCain and warn him of the crash ahead of time, McCain probably told him to get in his hidey-hole and stay there, don’t call him again until after the election.

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