Workers to pay to work

The madness that is the UK Home Secretary.

Now I don’t like Jacqui Smith, I have never liked her – she is one of those politicians that should be behind the banner of Tory Blue, because that is what she is.

I call it the madness because, even though the people do not want and ID system, she and the people around her push forward with that idea.

Even worse, is that people will have to pay for their own cards – and to the tune of 90 quid ($US180).

But add that to what is happening in airports. Now me, and I do think I have a bit of common-sense, ID cards are going to be introduced. Like – I ask you, why weren’t they issued with ID cards a long, long time ago?

But what am I bitching about?

Well this:

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is set to unveil an 18-month pilot at just London City and Manchester airports.

Airport unions have been resisting the scheme, saying workers would have to pay £30 for a card to do their jobs.

However, it is understood that the cards would be issued free during the evaluation period.

What!? Workers have to get ID’s for working where they should have been issued by their employer – and they have to pay for them?

The woman is nuts!

These ID should be provided – but by those who vet the workers and that means the Airport companies. Not the bloody workers.

Call an election Mr Brown – let me get into blogging why you, a Labour Government (I laughed at that), should be voted out of office!

I am a Labour man – a life long Labour supporter and an ex-member of the party – because of people like Smith and you.

I will be voting LibDem when the election comes around – and I will try to get my message out as much as possible.

Say NO2ID!

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0 Responses to Workers to pay to work

  1. Bob in Queensland says:

    “New” Labour seems to be full of these schemes. When I left the UK the big controversy was about a proposed national identity card scheme.

    Leaving aside, for a moment, the civil liberties issues, the government wanted every man woman and teenager to have to pay for their own “biometric” ID card…at a cost of between £40 and £60 ($75-$110) each. Not only do you get a “Big Brother” state but you have to pay for the privilege! I must find out from friends if this is still on the cards (pun intended).

    Oh, and one of the justifications for the scheme was the 7/7 bombings. How soon they forget that the bombers were all long term UK citizens who would have had all the proper ID.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    The ID system is still going to be rolled out, Bob – the link on the bottom of the post takes you to the NO2ID site – it has all the info there.

    The cost has risen – a lot, and compulsory.

    But, how does it effect me?

    I am a British subject living in Canada and won’t be moving back just yet – so will I have to get one?

  3. curly says:

    NuLabour don’t do lager, but if they did………..
    Jacqui Smith would probably be the most dangerous woman in Britain.

  4. UK Voter says:

    I cannot believe that Jacqui Smith has exited the bubble that she lives in for long enough to find anyone that wants an ID card. If she did, why is she trying to enforce their use by stealth? Can’t believe anything she says, or this government any longer.

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