Not a time to gloat

As the McCain voters vow to stifle an Obama presidency.

Obama speaks of unit, John McCain speaks of unity – but his supporters speak of “Keeping an eye” on Obama.

So many bought into the lies of the McCain camp this is what is left over.

Just the mention of the Democrat’s name elicited boos from the sea of teary-eyed McCain supporters at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona.

Members of the dejected crowd shouted “no way!” when McCain promised to work with Obama.

Other McCain voters took their frustrations to the Internet, finding solidarity on anti-Obama sites.

“We have to watch this guy and not give him an inch,” one McCain supporter wrote. “The same way he criticized every move of President Bush. We have to make things as difficult for him as he did for Bush.”

This is where politicians should take responsibility for what they say during a campaign. Who knows – it may be that legislation is brought in to stem the tide of such negativity.

The fact that in this election so much bile was allowed isn’t surprising to Americans – this happens every four years. Why? I have no idea – it is like it is expected – but the fall out is that people are then expected just to forget what was said and then get on with your life. I suppose that this could be OK if the race was about 6 weeks – but this has been going on for nearly two years. Some of it has to stick – if not with the politicians throwing the mud, it does with the people who listen to such rhetoric.

The only thing that McCain can do is admit that all this was lies, smoke and mirrors.

NOW is the time to step up to the plate and admit how wrong he was.

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0 Responses to Not a time to gloat

  1. leapsecond says:

    I hope the McCain camp does criticize Obama’s presidency – that’s their duty as citizens.

    Though, I hope they actually criticize him based on factual evidence, not the crazy conspiracy theories we’ve seen pop up during the campaign.

  2. Bob in Queensland says:

    “Opposition” is a natural part of a democracy but carrying it to paranoia is not.

    I fear this is a natural consequence of running such a negative, fear-ridden campaign. Supporters tend to believe their candidate and you can’t just say “well, he’s actually okay then” at the end of the campaign.

    Some of these conservatives actually believe that Obama spells the end of life as they know it. Sheesh. Get a grip, gang.

  3. Julie P says:

    And here is one major reason why I do not like Republicans, they are prone to megalomania.

  4. Reg says:

    Actually, I think it is time to gloat. The conservative GOP is finished. Their failed policies practically destroyed the country. They can’t govern. They have no serious stance on issues. Instead of campaigning on issues that matter, they tried to scare the populace into not voting for their opponent. It didn’t work.

    Judging from the comments from these blogs, conservatives are only patriotic when they win elections or are in charge. Otherwise, they’re basically rabble rousers; tyranical, traitorous miscreants with no real sense of democracy. Good riddance to the lot of ‘um.

  5. SSG T says:

    Wow, that all just made so much sense!!!!! Reg, you sure got me figured out.

    “Otherwise, they’re basically rabble rousers; tyranical, traitorous miscreants with no real sense of democracy. Good riddance to the lot of ‘um.”

    That sure does sound like change. No wait a minute that sounds like the same garbage that we, on both sides, have always heard. But you are an Obama supporter. Tell ya what, lets start chagning things right now……

    I have noticed that my 401K is looking rather grim these days so you should give me half of what ever you have that way we can be even. Sound good to you? How about we take the greatest health care system in the entire world and cut the very legs out from it. Let’s just the health care system of the UK and go with that, but wiat doesn’t everyone come here when they have serious issues that can’t be resolved in their own country? Wonder why that is, that’s right cause our health care system sucks.

    As for the GOP and the conservative movement being dead and gone, you may want to check the numbers. Again I will say that over 56 milion people voted against Obama. That doesn’t sound dead to me.

    I truely hope that Obama turns out to be the next great president. Better than every one that we have ever had. I honestly do. I am a proud conservative that will never change my beliefs and there are 56 million more of us out there that voted. I turely hope that Obama is all that you have made him out to be BUT i am leary of him and his so-called policies. He has four year to convince me. IF he pulls it off I will vote for him the next time around but I just don’t see that happening.

    Why don’t I see it you ask, well it’s rather simple. This country is in a massive shit storm that, regardless of who won, must deal with. Things are only going to get worse due to the way our country works. Ups and downs, that’s the deal. Obama and everything he wants to do may or may not help in the end but he will not make much difference. Look at it like the sacrifical lamb. Somebody had to take the next four years. Who it was is gonna take the beaten of a life time not because of anything they do or don’t do but becasue nothing will work. We are heading down and have not hit the bottom yet. Until we do nothing matters in the long run.

  6. Yellowbird1 says:

    Sarah Palin said God would chose the president. He did. God allows us to do our little campaigning, voting and such, and then He choses who He wants to lead us. It is not really up to us. These are not my ideas. They are written in the Bible. Ask Hagee, Robertson or Parsley. Even Wright. Why did God choose Bush, Jr.? Because God knew that Bush’s ego was bruised badly when Bush realized that the American people did not want him. It was Gore we wanted and it was stolen from him. So Bush proceeded to make us pay. And we paid dearly. So much so that we were willing to vote for anyone with the word “Democrat” at the end of their title. But it just so happens that this Democrat, Obama, is a special, very intelligent man who loves to lead. For that we have been blessed.

  7. DR says:

    To SSG:

    Your 401K is trashed due to Republican economic strategies. It will get worse before its gets better. This is because the Bush administration transferred your wealth to those up the economic ladder and they don’t want to give it back.

    The “greatest health care system in the world”, as you call it, ranks 37th in infant mortality rate, just behind Somalia, and is the lowest ranking of any industrialized nation in the world.

    And, if you think that Obama is radical left, you have been listening to radical right talk shows instead of listening to Obama. Our country is not radical right or radical left. Join us, we are in the middle.

  8. Paula says:

    I agree that constructive criticism is a good tool for identifying a problem. But from what I have been reading on the blogs, the criticisms from both sides only undermind any potential for good. It divides rather than unites… we need unity in this country. Obama is being faced with horrible problems. He needs to concentrate on them… and we as adults in this country need to put our differences behind us and work with him.

  9. Paula says:

    Amen Yellowbird…. I agree with you and think the stockmarket crash was sort of a divine intervention. It woke people up to the issues at hand and trumped the race card emphatically. He said, wake up and look around you my children… Do you really want more of the same? Or, do you want someone to lead you who truly has your best interest and the best interest of your country at heart? I think we got his message and acted upon it. I am so proud of our country right now. We really are a land where “all men are created equal”. (Now we have to work on getting womanhood into that equations. We are just following history. The 15th Amendment ended slavery, the 19th allowed women to vote… we are next ladies… Hillary paved the way.)

  10. spike says:

    Seriously SSG T, are your aching because the party that you supported lost or is it just your pride. Can you honestly say that the Republican party was taking us in the right direction? Can you honestly say the the Clinton Administration wasn’t better off than the one we have had to endured for the past 8 years.

    Heaven’s my friend stop being naive. McCain in my opinion is a good Senator and I have always admired him and no doubt you would get piss about this, but I really liked that fact that he was willing to sacrifice his career to help all those estimated 12 million illegal hopefuls during the issue of immigration reform. Or his discontent of the mistreatment of prisoners of war in Wantonomo Bay.

    I like him a great deal, but hate the fact that he represents a party that has oppressed the working class for so long. It is all about me my family and me with this folks. Isn’t it better to say instead me my family and then my community.

    I saw people off all color and backgrounds pleading for this day and it has finally come. This is about healing the nation from wounds that divides us. We are all first Americans and then we choose what ideals to believe. I voted for Obama, not because he is black nor because he is a democrat, but because the country is hurting and our children are dying in a country that we should have not gone in the first place.

    In the last 8 years our country’s image has been tarnished across the globe. We failed as the global watch dog of the world. We have dehumanized people and showed a really ugly side of us that the world didn’t know it existed. We need to get back to solving problems as civilized people not just by intimidations of all sorts.

  11. johnrj08 says:

    I agree. Gloating will only incite an equal and opposite reaction from those who are bitter about McCain’s loss. I would follow the example which Obama has tried to set since the convention. It’s not about him.

    After visiting several blogs this morning, I’m very dismayed by the remnants of hatred being expressed by people who clearly bought into the campaign tactics used by McCain/Palin in the last two months. People are still talking about Ayers, Khalidi, Wright and Rezko, as if they had never heard or read any of Obama’s responses to those absurd attacks. When people are so ideologically-driven that they refuse to listen to the facts, much less an opposing view, you have to assume that another dynamic is at work. Unfortunately, I think that a lot of what we’re seeing now is simmering racism.

    These are the people who were unmoved by what we saw happening in that Chicago park on Tuesday night. I am no Jesse Jackson fan, but watching him sobbing silently as the crowd cheered the first African-American president of the United States was incredibly touching. Then there were the news reports of cheering crowds around the world, which was something I’ve never seen in my lifetime. I feel sympathy for those whose personal prejudices wouldn’t permit them to take any pleasure or pride in what happened last Tuesday.

  12. I do not think the first order of the day is to unite us. This takes time. President Obama needs to concentrate on the economy and the two wars. The unity will comes slowly based on how he handles these situations.

    Even delusional McCain supporters will bask in the prosperity that President Obama will bring to all of us after the turmoil and disaster of Bush’s reign.

  13. Matt says:

    To johnrj08:

    1) He will be the first HALF-African-American president, so quit saying he’ll be the first African-American president (…kidding…)

    2) He isn’t the president yet, so don’t give him that title. It’s President-Elect Obama (…not kidding…)

    3) Of course I’m unmoved by what happened: our nation will be under the leadership of a man who we feel will take the country down the wrong path. Sure some may have issue with alleged associations or the color of his skin, but don’t think that all of us who are unmoved are prejudiced: we just see the future turning out a whole lot different than you do.

    4) You point out what you see as racism in people who refuse to accept Obama: may I point out that only 3% of African-Americans voted for the white man? Is that not inherently racist? After all, 11% voted for the white man in 2004…

  14. karen503 says:

    Why do I have the feeling that George W. Bush was hoping his economically unstable Wall Street “bubble” wouldn’t burst until next year, after McCain/Palin had the election in the bag?

    Too bad for him it happened in time to keep the election and the country’s fate from ending up in the hands of an elderly VietNam POW who confessed to being a “spy” and his sidekick, a narcissistic ignorant egomaniac. Hero and pitbull, my foot!

  15. johnrj08 says:

    Matt, many well-known conservatives, including George Will, David Brookes, Scott McClellan, Ken Duberstein, Colin Powell, Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, and Susan Eisenhower, understood the meaning of what was happening in that Chicago park last Tuesday night and were touched by it. Apparently, those who were unmoved have a problem that those distinguished Republicans don’t have.

    Racism is about hatred. When the vast majority of blacks voted for Obama, my guess is that it wasn’t because they hated John McCain. I think it only makes sense that people, white or black, vote for the person whom they think will best represent them. Or do you have some other sinister explanation for that, too?

  16. Steve says:

    “Even delusional McCain supporters will bask in the prosperity that President Obama will bring to all of us after the turmoil and disaster of Bush’s reign.”


    You aren’t serious, are you? Things are going to get worse. It might eventually improve, maybe even in a first time, but 1 year from now, more and more people will be worse off, but you blindly think that Obama is magically going to fix everything! Did you hear the news today? Virtually the entire world will be in a recession for ALL of 2009. I think it’s time for you people to develop realistic expectations of what he can do, or you will wind up hating him more than Bush.

  17. Steve says:

    @ Johnrj08

    That’ sa bit silly, if racism is about hatred, and it’s not racist to vote for someone that you like, so anyone who votes for a candidate because they are white, and think a white person would betbter represent them, cannot be a racist. You can’t have a double standard here. I think if you make any determination based upon race, then you are a racist, no matter how you spin it.

  18. @ Steve

    Are you just not capable of complex thought? No one thinks or SAID Obama will “magically change everything”, he has to deal with the damage your fellow idiot Republican President Bush did by allowing wall street idiots to gamble with Americans’ money. The recession is not something Obama can stop, it is something he will work towards minimizing.

  19. johnrj08 says:

    Steve– No, it’s not a “bit silly”, nor is it a “double standard”. Voting for someone, doesn’t automatically mean you’re voting against the other candidate. Racism is an active negative, not passive. You have to vote against someone because he’s of another race to be racist. African-Americans who voted overwhelming for Obama were voting FOR him, not AGAINST McCain. It is not racist to vote for someone whom you think will look out more for your interests than the other candidate. It’s smart voting. I wouldn’t automatically call someone a racist just because they voted for McCain. Now, THAT would be silly.

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