The Live Blogging begins – with the first result of the US Election…

This will be the first of many blog posts today – the day of the US General Election.

Please feel free to comment on any posts that you want to. I would appreciate it.

This is the first result and it is an Obama win in New Hampshire.

People in the isolated village in New Hampshire’s northeast corner voted just after midnight Tuesday.

It was the first time since 1968 that the village leaned Democratic in an election.

Obama’s rival, Republican John McCain, won 6 votes.

A full 100 percent of registered voters in the village cast ballots. And the votes didn’t take long to tally.

The town, home to around 75 residents, has opened its polls shortly after midnight each election day since 1960, drawing national media attention for being the first place in the country to make its presidential preferences known.

[Edit] Obama takes 3 point lead in

[Edit]Palin is on the trail and confuses personal debt with national debt.

She calls $10TRn personal debt, national debt. The US isn’t/don’t have $10Trn debt, but approx $350Bn debt.

[Edit] Pennsylvania: Obama still holds a large lead

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0 Responses to The Live Blogging begins – with the first result of the US Election…

  1. Bob in Queensland says:

    “And if this swing is projected across the whole country, we can expect…….a snowball fight in hell!”

    Still, it’s a re-assuring start.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    The town is a very Republican town, Bob.

    It is, I hope, the first of many.

  3. Julie P says:

    The state of Georgia is expecting a 90% voter turnout. I can hardly wait!

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    Predicted turn out in all States is 75% or above.

    This could be the slimmest of wins or a massive land-slide.

  5. Julie P says:

    It’s going to be interesting, Will.

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    Thank Christ it’s on a Tuesday, Manchester United are playing on Wednesday. So all is good.

    AZ Democrats – GOTV!

  7. Bob in Queensland says:

    LOL…the lead story in Australia is the “Melbourne Cup” horse race…we’ll get to the American election later on!

  8. leapsecond says:

    Oh boy. Let the games begin!

    (and don’t underestimate the power of religious fundies!)

  9. Yellowbird1 says:

    Remember: Before you vote that Palin laughed about killing animals. She’s sick! And before you say, “Well Obama is a baby killer!” He is not. The mothers who have abortions are the baby killers and that is between them and God!

  10. Julie P says:

    I just got through with voting. It took me all of 25 minutes, which is normal for a General Election.

  11. thebeadden says:

    I have the day off. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you, Will.

  12. Will Rhodes says:

    From reading the early starters there does seem to be a lack of Republicans voting. But that will surely change as the day goes on.

  13. Julie P says:

    If this isn’t enough to make you want to puke, I don’t know what will.

    I read this comment in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on a readers response to the election.

    “I just went out in my front yard, knelt by my McCain/Palin sign and prayed that God’s will be done. It’s in His hands. “

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