Obama: The journey ends

…but voting with my daughters, that was a big deal.

I think everyone who has watched this election – some not as closely as me, but still – knows that Barack Obama is a family man. He proved that yesterday when he shed tears in public for the woman he called “His rock” – and again today by taking his daughters to the voting booth and casting his ballot.

Will this, like that action, be a matter of passing the mantle over to a newer, younger America?

He is the transition man who can focus the US on going forward. Barack Obama is passionate about the US – and he is the one who can take away some of that fear that is so ingrained in the US psyche now.

He is a man of hope, not fear – Bush and McCain wants to keep the US scared – that is the one over-riding message that came from the McCain campaign.

Even last night – late last night Palin was trying to get people to vote for the Republican ticket out of fear. She was trying to tar Obama and Biden as far-leftists. Again coming back to the socialist/Marxist brush.

I hope upon hope that the American voters are as sick of the fear as Barack Obama – and vote for that change.

After voting, Obama flew to the nearby battleground state of Indiana — which hasn’t gone for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964.

After touching down in Indianapolis, he visited the United Auto Workers Local 550 Union Hall, where Obama campaign workers have set up a canvassing center.

Obama helped campaign workers make phone calls during his stop, according to The Associated Press. The late Indiana Rep. Julia Carson worked at the UAW hall in the 1960s. Carson died of lung cancer late last year and her seat was filled by her grandson, Rep. Andre Carson.

“I think we can win Indiana, otherwise I wouldn’t be in Indiana,” Obama said, according to AP.

I hope upon hope that Obama not only takes Indiana he takes so many States that he has a final mandate from the American people.

A real mandate for change.

In just over 2 hours the polls close.


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0 Responses to Obama: The journey ends

  1. Brett says:

    It’s finally here Will, the months and months and months of blogging and fierce discussion. It’s go time!

  2. Kelsie in Houston says:

    “The journey of a thousand li…” The end is finally in sight.

    I hope and pray we do not let the world–and ourselves–down.

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  4. Kate says:

    It’s pretty much a done deal at this point. I can breathe a sigh of relief. Now we’re just finishing coloring the maps.

  5. Stonehead says:

    He proved that yesterday when he shed tears in public for the woman he called “His rock” – and again today by taking his daughters to the voting booth and casting his ballot.

    Oh, come on Will. It’s all scripted political performance. Perhaps he believes it, perhaps it’s true. But don’t ever forget that every public moment is scripted, managed, controlled and timed to create a specific effect.

    I was watching the BBC last night when the reporter was saying words to the effect of “you can tell Obama is relaxed as he’s out playing basketball, shooting a few hoops”. I’ve covered a lot of elections in Australia and the UK as a journalist and I know damned well that this would have been a manufactured moment to get people saying exactly what they said.

    It’s the same with the “family man” and the “man of hope” images. They may indeed be true to some degree, but they were still manufactured with the aim of getting Obama to the top. (And they did work.)

    But please don’t let relief at the departure of Bush and over-enthusiasm for potential change blind you to reality—much of what you see is focused, tightly directed myth and marketing.

    You can hope the image and marketing rest on substance, but you can’t assume that they do.

    (Call me Cassandra!)

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    Stony –

    When he was speaking about his grand mother he was real – I know we have become sceptical over the last decade because of what politicians have done to us.

    That was why I could never give my support to McCain – he was all for what was, not what could be.

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