So where are they? Palin refuses to release medical records

With one day to go, and still no sign of them – what does she have to hide?

John McCain, as old as he is, has released his. Barack Obama, he too, Joe Biden – yep even him. So, and I think I can this with some certainty – the youngest member of the quartet won’t release hers – now, why?

What is it that she has to hide?

I suppose we really won’t ever find out. If the ticket of McCain and Palin are elected the odds of her releasing them at a later date are 0.0000001%.

She did say, by the way, that she would release them, over two weeks ago – we can only surmise that if she did let them get out it would only hurt the McCain campaign.

What is in that closet?

We can only wonder.

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0 Responses to So where are they? Palin refuses to release medical records

  1. Chris says:

    Hmmm…. perhaps an abortion?

  2. leapsecond says:

    …or no record of Trig being born. Or whatever other conspiracy theory pops up.

    Point is, it doesn’t matter if they don’t win.

  3. Bob in Queensland says:

    Far be it from me to be a Palin defender but I find it a sad indictment of American politics that ANY of the candidates are expected to release things like medical records…or that the electorate care.

  4. pp says:

    Off topic sorry, but couldn’t resist, Just heard on ABC radio here in Australia that Palin is one of ONLY 2 people who never realised they’ve been pranked right to the end of the call – & the other was Brittany Spears! ‘Nough said!
    I agree Bob – medical records are personal & shouldn’t have anything to do with your leadership potential! How relevant is it anyway? American presidents seem to be just as likely to get shot while in office, as to die of natural causes!

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    Not correct, PP – Mick Jagger was, too – not like the urban myth that Bill Gates was – he wasn’t.

    Palin, Spears and Mick Jagger. 😉

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    Re: Medical records.

    That was, not surprisingly, a RNC/GOP/Republican stunt to bring scorn upon a Democrat.

    It, as always does do with Conservatives, back-fired!

    Now the American electorate feel it is their right to know these things before they vote.

  7. pp says:

    Man, what’s happening when you can’t even rely on the accuracy of good old Aunty ABC??

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