Procrastination, Racism, Self Interest, Dress.

Why, with 2 days to go, are there still 4% still undecided in this election?

Good piece in the NYT – is shows, well to some degree, what is going on in the mind of people who just haven’t decided who they are going to vote for. If I were American then that would have been in the bag, not weeks ago, but years – but there again, I have a political ethos that runs through my body like the very blood in my veins.

The US, some reporters have said, is a Conservative country – that would mean Conservatism would be in the forefront of peoples mind when they vote. OK – we can take that and run with it.

So why is Barack Obama in the lead in the polls that are coming out on a daily basis?

It is said that he is a socialist – so is there a mindset sea change in the US psyche? Well no – because Obama just isn’t a socialist – he is, believe it or not, a conservative with a small ‘C’. The vast majority of American politicians are. He is, as is said by John McCain a liberal.

Now I know that you don’t want to read about British history – but there is a relevance here. Long, long ago the British parliament was all about who was left of centre and who was right of centre. But those were the days of politics which said Whigs and Tories. The Tories being the Conservative and the Whigs being Liberal.

There is no chance in hell that, when these two were running for office, you would ever have a ‘Socialist’ Labour government – it just wouldn’t happen – “Impossible, Sir!”

Yet, even that is incorrect – because we still have Tories and Liberals in parliament. It is just a matter now that the Liberals are the third party rather than just jostling for power.

That all changed after the second world war – Labour were ushered into power with a landslide. I won’t go into that here but you can do a cursory search on the internet.

We do know that the US isn’t coming out of the second world war today. So you still have American Tories and Whigs vying for power. Yet still those two are very centre in the political spectrum.

This, more than anything else is what is making the undecideds undecided. It really isn’t as complicated as that.

Yes, there will be a certain amount of racism, there will be a lot of self-interest – and from the perspective of one old lady – a need to dress correctly.

But most of all – it is procrastination.

People are undecided just cannot make their minds up – because they know that the US is going to be safe in economic terms. Their minds are not focuses on the big picture that is the USA – they are, because that is how things are in the US, focused on the individual. Those who are focused on the bigger picture have made up their minds.

The move toward a more fiscal conservative and liberal minded American is about to dawn.

The cycle will be reset once again, but before that can happen you need another Democrat in office.

Will the US ever have a real socialist president and Congress? No, well not for at least another hundred years.

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0 Responses to Procrastination, Racism, Self Interest, Dress.

  1. John McCain says:

    The majority of American voters will vote for me on Tuesday even if they said publicly they’d vote for Obama.
    They only said so to prevent being slandered as racist. In the end they will vote for me.

    That’s why I am so easy. Look at my video on SNL.

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  3. Valerie Curl says:

    Looks like the Republicans are coming out in force to counteract any positive Obama messages in people’s blogs.

    Most of what I’ve seen on my own blog and others that support Obama is innane, untrue, and malicious. But in my 50 years of watching Presidential campaigns, it’s pretty normal. Just more virulent this year.

    Since they don’t have a good plan for the economy or foreign affairs to promote, they’ve settled for vicious attacks.

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