On Tuesday night billions will be watching

A new American president but the viewing figure will be out of this world.

There are many things to watch on Tuesday night but the most popular will be the programs covering the US election. I think it will break quite a few records, and one that is sure to go is when the ballots have been counted and the numbers come up for Virginia.

If this State goes to blue – I think that the rest of the night will be looking at where will it be possible for McCain to do any damage.

“The fundamentals of this election year could not be more Democratic,” University of Virginia pollster Larry Sabato told CNN. “You’ve got a terrible economy, a deeply unpopular president and an unpopular war. You put those elements together and it’s going to produce a Democratic victory. The only question is, what size?”

And yet – the fear is still there that an Obama win will be stolen. That fear is real because so many watched the month that Bush won first time around – and that fateful night when Ohio went for Bush four years later.

Nobody is calling this race for Obama – they just don’t want to jinx it – I saw one tee-shirt with “Don’t fuck it up this time” – there are many things indicating that Obama has the race, but that still means nothing at all until the last vote is counted.

I have said many times on this blog that I think Obama will win by a land-slide, but even I am shying away from shouting it any louder than a muted whisper.

If you have the balls to take a race to your opponent that’s all good, but to take it into his home – well that is just balls of steel!

Obama is still running like he is the underdog – and he knows that this is still the case. No matter how you call it – he still is. I have heard so many, read so many posts on this blog where Americans have said that America will never vote for a black man – I hope upon hope that they are wrong.

Whether you like to think of it or not – being half-black is a disadvantage to Barack Obama. That makes him the underdog, not John McCain.

The only way that you can get Barack Obama into the White House is to vote overwhelmingly in his favour! Be that early or on the day – Vote!

Billions are watching you!

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0 Responses to On Tuesday night billions will be watching

  1. johnrj08 says:

    The most fascinating event in this long election year will be John McCain’s and Sarah Palin’s concession speech. Watching these two trying to get the proverbial genie back into the bottle will be a sight to see. They’ve spent the last two months ridiculing and attacking the character of the President-elect, and now they have to sound gracious and appeal for unity. Will their skin crack and their teeth fall out under the exertion? Will McCain’s cheeks turn bright red and explode, covering nearby reporters with the unspent gobs of excrement he has been hurling in his campaign? How will Sarah Palin voice support of and loyalty to a man she has repeatedly acccused of being a socialist, Marxist, Muslim, anti-American with terrorist sympathies who wants Israel to be destroyed without her nose growing so fast that it skewers Joe-the-Plumber’s empty cranium? Honest to God, the concession speeches on Tuesday night are going to be better than watching the final episode of Survivor. http://johnrj08.wordpress.com/

  2. pp says:

    johnjnr08 – thanks the early morning laugh. That was great!

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