You can take a man to the moon but you can't make him walk on it…

…even in the USA – especially when you are in an election cycle.

In 1969 the dream of JFK was accomplished. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. A feat of great courage and technology.

The year is 2008 – one of the most important elections is taking place in the USA – and, even though that country is one of the most technologically advanced nations on earth – they can’t get a voting machine to work.

I really don’t care about the State elections. They are for the States – but a federal election is different, so we have to ask a question – why is it so hard to have one company making the machines, if there needs to be machines? I hear all the time about the paper trail in the elections as of now. Why have different machine in each state for a federal election?


Have you looked at how much this election has cost so far? If you follow these elections you see that all these machines are doing all these different things – look at the federal election in California and all the dross that is added to that election ballot – it is a nightmare. You could easily have the federal election and State election side by side, but no – you have all this mess, and it is all open to abuse.

CNN Voter Hotline
If you have a problem voting or see a problem, call the CNN Voter Hotline at 1-877-GOCNN08 (1-877-462-6608); CNN will report on some of your calls and our partner, InfoVoter Technologies, can help get you in touch with your election board or find your voting location.

CNN and others are doing their bit to stop this, but we come to the original statement – if you can send men to the moon, dacades ago, why can’t you get a ballot process right?


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0 Responses to You can take a man to the moon but you can't make him walk on it…

  1. brayn jones says:

    RAND Lobbies Pentagon: Start War To Save U.S. Economy

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    According to reports out of top Chinese mainstream news outlets, the RAND Corporation recently presented a shocking proposal to the Pentagon in which it lobbied for a war to be started with a major foreign power in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.

    A fierce debate has now ensued in China about who that foreign power may be, with China itself as well as Russia and even Japan suspected to be the targets of aggression.

    The reports cite French media news sources as having uncovered the proposal, in which RAND suggested that the $700 billion dollars that has been earmarked to bailout Wall Street and failing banks instead be used to finance a new war which would in turn re-invigorate the flagging stock markets.

    The RAND Corporation is a notoriously powerful NGO with deep ties to the U.S. military-industrial complex as well as interlocking connections with the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations. Current directors of RAND include Frank Charles Carlucci III, former Defense Secretary and Deputy Director of the CIA, Ronald L. Olson, Council on Foreign Relations luminary and former Secretary of Labor, and Carl Bildt, top Bilderberg member and former Swedish Prime Minister.

    Carlucci was chairman of the Carlyle Group from 1989-2005 and oversaw gargantuan profits the defense contractor made in the aftermath of 9/11 following the invasion of Afghanistan. The Carlyle Group has also received investment money from the Bin Laden family.

    Reportedly, the RAND proposal brazenly urged that a new war could be launched to benefit the economy, but stressed that the target country would have to be a major influential power, and not a smaller country on the scale of Afghanistan or Iraq.

    The reports have prompted a surge of public debate and tension in China about the possibility that a new global conflict is on the horizon.

    China’s biggest media outlet,, speculated that the target of the new war would probably be China or Russia, but that it could also be Iran or another middle eastern country. Japan was also mentioned as a potential target for the reason that Japan holds the most U.S. debt.

    North Korea was considered as a target but ruled out because the scale of such a war would not be large enough for RAND’s requirements.

    The reported RAND proposal dovetails with recent comments made by Joe Biden, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright and others, concerning the “guarantee” that Barack Obama will face a major “international crisis” soon after taking office.

    Translations from Chinese provided by Yihan Dai.

  2. thebeadden says:

    What? There really has been a man on the moon? 🙂
    Maybe because it’s not meant to get it right?

    Off topic, but why did you get banned by digg? I like to know these things. I just might register and complain…..

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    I got banned because I am way too pro Obama – the wingnuts are running riot over there, Bead.

    They are reporting blogs left, right, and centre. 😦

    1000s of people have been banned.

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