Just a good old heads up!

As election day nears – Republicans may want to think about a few things, like voting the same way as some of your fellow Republicans.

The internet is a wonderful thing – and you can find all sorts on it if you want to look. This site was one of the places I think certain moderate Republicans should think about looking into.

It is a real site, it is real Republicans, and they ask that you ask questions about and directly to, John McCain.

One page, they ask these:

1. Why do you propose to tax the health care benefits of Americans, at a time when most Americans are already struggling?

2. You voted for the balanced budget amendment. With our recent budget shortfalls, why did you then change your position and vote for the Bush tax cuts?

3. You once referred to Jerry Falwell as an “agent of intolerance.” Why did you later seek his support?

4. Will you release your complete medical and military records? If not, why?

5. Do you believe you are conducting an issue oriented campaign, or a personality oriented campaign?

6. You chose the governor with the largest number of earmark requests over the past two years as your running mate. Why?

7. Why did you leave the Episcopal Church?

8. In 2000, you were smeared by G.W. Bush and lost the primary. Knowing how it feels, why would you condone such tactics now?

9. If George W. Bush could run for president this year and was the GOP’s nominee, who would you vote for– Bush or Obama?

10. The National Review says that your tax plan offers “very little in the way of direct benefits” to middle class Americans. Are they wrong or are you wrong?

Please visit their site, register and get involved in making your voice heard – even if it is on the internet.

They are Republicans for Obama.

There really is hope!

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