It had to happen, Obama aiming for Arizona!

Will McCain lose his home state?

As I have been watching the polls it is getting obvious that rather than the polls getting tighter it looks like Obama is pulling away and getting a new, more open lead.

This, and the fact that McCain isn’t really liked in Arizona, Obama is punctuating the state with more of his army of helpers. Or in this case,

With polls showing a surprisingly close race in Arizona, Democrats are upping their activity in John McCain’s home state. announced it would begin airing an ad on broadcast and cable in the state over the weekend. An NBC News/Mason Dixon poll out today showed McCain ahead by just four points.

McCain is sticking with Ohio and Pennsylvania he is missing out on all those other red states are looking at him and, surprisingly moving away from him. McCain has to win something – but what? The whole shebang seems to be falling down around his head.

That said – and I will keep saying it – Obama nad they people who are going to vote for him must, must get out to vote.

But what is the state of play in Arizona?

The stats show that McCain is 53% and Obama 45%. That is unbelievable for a state such as McCain home – is it possible that he could lose it?

The MoveOn ad features former Staff Sergeant US Air Force John Weiler, a “lifelong Republican” who won a contest the outside group conducted earlier in the year. “I’m a Veteran, I served under President Ronald Reagan and under the first President Bush,” Weiler says in the ad. “I’ve been a Republican since before I could actually vote. We need somebody in the White House that is strong. We need somebody who’s gonna represent the left and the right, the Democrat and the Republican, everybody. I’m a lifelong Republican and I’m voting for Barack Obama.”

With “life long” Republicans saying these things, it certainly is possible that John McCain could go out with a bang – and a bang of him crashing him once again.

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0 Responses to It had to happen, Obama aiming for Arizona!

  1. God, I hope so. It would be a real blow to GOP is Obama carried AZ. I know I talk a good pro-obabma-nothing-will-stop-him spill, but part of me is waiting for the other shoe to fall. I don’t trust polls. Remember all polls said Gore would win in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. Both lost and I cried. LOL! Yup, I admit I cried when Kerry lost. So my little heart is holding back until it’s over and I hear singing.

  2. museditions says:

    Well, as you know I live in AZ, and told your blog not long ago that our Sen. was “sure” to win the state. I’m happy to eat humble pie, if necessary, but the main thing is that this will get even more people to the polls, and we have some important *other* candidates and propositions which need attention. w00t!

  3. lubos says:

    museditions: barack obama getting more people to the polls? that sounds like a good idea whoever these people are going to vote for.

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