More Lessons from the Playground

Seventh grade boys are funny.  They are so out of touch with their emotions, or as Joanne Deak would say, “they haven’t stretched their emotionally expressive rubberbands yet,” that whenever they like a girl, they hit her.  Usually it’s a pretty decent strike, around the shoulder or shoulder blades, as they sprint by laughing.  I’ve had to explain this to many seventh grade girls, because they are bewildered why the boy they’ve been making eyes at and practicing his last name in their notebook (Mrs. Jennifer Smith, with a flourish and heart-dotted i’s) keeps attacking them.

So it is with Governor Palin.  She’s infatuated with higher education, really wants a quality one since she only got bits and pieces in the four year-five school tour de force that was her secondary experience.  And so she attacks the Columbia University/Harvard Law School Graduate (University of Chicago Law School Professor) by saying that he has dangerous associations. First she tried to say “Obama is palling around with [University of Chicago Education Professor] Bill Ayers.”  Now she says, “he has ties to [Columbia Univeristy Middle Eastern Studies Professor] Rashid Khalidi.”  This coming from the woman who didn’t manage to stay at one college for more than one year?

Like those seventh grade boys who are afraid to name what emotions they are having, or are unable to face those feelings because “they’re icky,”  Sarah Palin is dwarfed by her own jealousy and insecurity around people who did better than she did in school.  Granted, that population is extremely large, but . . . why else ridiculously attack someone for being associated with teachers?

And as I routinely have to pull the boys aside, and instruct them on why hitting a girl isn’t the best way to get her attention, and how it might even backfire (you should see the crumpled look on their faces), I feel it’s best to help Governor Palin face her fear, too. College isn’t for everyone, just like grammar.  Just because she didn’t do well doesn’t mean she won’t be good at something else someday.  Maybe she’ll become the standard bearer for the GOP?

But she should stop attacking teachers, and people who know more or did better in school.  All it demonstrates is her own insecurities, and how far she really does have to go.

Palin accuses Obama of ties to second ‘radical professor’

Palin’s future causes Republican rift

Cross posted at Spreading the Word on October 29, 2008.

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0 Responses to More Lessons from the Playground

  1. Hannah Stevens says:

    The end is near and McCain/Palin are disparate. none of of this is sticking with the people who count. Oh, their so called right wing extremist base might go along with it but no one else will. What I wonder is why we never hear about Palin’s secessionist husband. Talk about paling around with treasonous people, she sleeps with one. Bizarre.

    Obama all the way!!!

  2. Howard says:

    If Obama wins the election, the democrats will gloat and strut, thinking that they have won as well … until some time goes by, and they have to live with the reality of an America under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Then, they will realize what a colossal mistake they made. But, of course, by then, it will be too late … and, the poetic justice of their revelation will be moot, as they will have brought the rest of us down with them.
    As the election approaches – remember the wise words of Abraham Lincoln
    * You cannot help the poor, by destroying the rich.
    * You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong .
    * You cannot bring about prosperity, by discouraging thrift.
    * You cannot lift the wage earner up, by pulling the wage payer down.
    * You cannot further the brotherhood of man, by inciting class hatred.
    * You cannot build character and courage, by taking away men’s
    initiative and independence.
    * You cannot help men permanently, by doing for them what they could
    and should, do for themselves.

  3. RE says:

    I haven’t decided to choose who. But with new accusation about Obama and not talking about our economy and other issue. I am so upset and I will vote Obama because at least he has real plan to run this country.

  4. Hannah Stevens says:

    Howard, I guess you missed Obama’s message last night. He said that his cabinet will be bi-partisan. He said that it is a time to come together and reach across the aisle and bring all people together. i don’t think it is within the make-up of Obama to gloat. I also think that within the first year of the Obama presidency, 90 percent of Americans will be on board with him. I see him as the greatest president of all time.


    As a Jew, I was terrified by a comment made by Sarah Palin at a rally in which “Joe the Plumber” was a featured guest.

    “With his shaved head, jeans, and steel toed boots, he’s OUR kind of guy right?” said Palin to a resounding cheer from
    the overwhelmingly WASP crowd. (At which point I cringed for her husband, Todd who is nothing like Joe the Plumber).

    In what country are shaved heads, certain brands of jeans and especially steel toed boots not associated with radical
    Neo-Nazi skinheads? And how do you suppose those Neo-Nazi skinheads feel about Jews, African-Americans, and anyone else who does not fit the narrow description of a
    “real” American according to the right wing conservatives?

    Wake up Children of Israel!
    McCain/Palin is a vote for those who despise us. Remember this: they protect Israel for Christianity, NOT Judaism.

  6. johnrj08 says:

    It is amazing how this election has completely shut down the cerebral cortex of so many otherwise rational people. When I read various blogs, I see the same litany of paranoid, hateful comments directed at Obama supporters. Take the post we have here, which invokes the names of those horrifying domestic terrorists, Pelosi and Reid. Now, there’s two anti-American baby-killing traitors who deserve to be burned alive.

    My God, this is worse than any primary school playground. Sarah Palin and John McCain are resorting to innuendo and insinuation to cast suspicion on their opponent without one shred of evidence that any of these alleged associations would influence Obama or be harmful to the country. Just using terms like PLO, Marx, terrorist, socialist, communist and Muslim is all they need to do with the intellectually disadvantaged choir they’re preaching to in this campaign. If I were in their audience, I would be insulted by their despicable, transparent tactics.

    But look at the crowds at the Palin rallies. It’s like watching “Night of the Living Dead” playing at twice normal speed. Now, with Elizabeth Dole’s putrid television commercial, a blind man can see the grotesque pattern emerging from the Republican Party which reveals how that party feels about voters. Clearly, the GOOP (Grand Old Obsolete Party) feels that most voters are ignorant, backwoods rubes who don’t want to be bothered by the facts and who are in desperate need of someone to hate.

    This election has been both exhilarating and very disturbing. On the one hand, you have the very uplifting, forward-looking Obama infomercial which didn’t mention McCain or Palin once, and then you have John McCain on Larry King spewing one lie after another about Obama. Even though I’m an Obama supporter, I watched both. I wonder how many McCain supporters bothered to listen to what Obama had to say.

    And, Howard, anybody who says that a 3% tax hike on people making in excess of $250,000 a year will “destroy the rich” is talking through an orifice other than their mouth. I know because I was earning that much and, thanks to W-4 adjustments, was taking home more than $11,000/month. And that was before Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy. So try to maintain a little perspective in your comments. All Obama wants to do is roll back the taxes for the rich back to pre-Bush levels. But that’s just another one of those pesky facts, isn’t it. Never mind.

  7. johnrj08 says:

    Correction to above, I was taking home $11,000/paycheck. Semi-retired now.

  8. Pangolin says:

    Howard- Given that the planet is of limited size, and limited resources, the only way to help the poor is by allocating resources that the rich now control to them. You seem to be on the wrong blog because I don’t see Will as a cornucopian.

    *You can strengthen the weak by putting the fat on a diet and sharing.
    *It is the wealthy who discourage thrift in the poor; we call it advertising.
    *The wage payer has no means to profit unless the wage earner shows up. He must be paid his due.
    *There is nothing that discourages initiative and independence more than knowing that failure will be complete. The rich child can afford to fail twenty times while the poor child cannot afford a single failure.
    *No man living has done everything for himself. Every person lives on the unearned benefits given by unknown ancestors. It’s doing for others that creates happiness and personal growth NOT doing for one’s self.

    Simple platitudes are for idiots and conservatives; but I repeat myself.

  9. likwidshoe says:

    Nice insults in both post and comments.

    The post was even topped off with a photoshopped picture.

    Have fun with your demonization.

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