McCain: I will bring anything into this campaign

And, just as his supposed running mate has done – McCain throws more mud at the wall.

McCain is a grumpy old man – so many people have said it – I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he has proven time and again that those people, not me, were correct.

While speaking on Larry King Live, McCain decided to go after Barack Obama once again – but, and not surprisingly – it wasn’t on issues – but Obama’s association, or lack thereof, of an educated person.

John McCain doesn’t like educated people – and he does like people who don’t like educated people, and also people who will judge a person on having a fleeting meeting with someone.

McCain says that there is racism in the US, but not much of it. Yet – the McCain campaign, mostly Palin, keep digging at the racist tacit that is there. Without any condemnation.

On Wednesday, McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tried to link Obama to a Columbia University professor. “His associate, Rashid Khalidi … in addition to being a political ally of Barack Obama, he’s a former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization,” she said.

This story was broken to some degree in the LA Times some months ago – why then didn’t McCain say something then? This is the last week of the election and McCain is so far behind he can afford to say practically anything.

This all happened – 7 (Seven) years ago, now, ask yourself – what was McCain doing seven years ago? Put it this way – the Iraq war got him out of speaking about it, and he was sure glad he didn’t have to speak about it.

McCain has so much shit to hide he is more than foolish to keep up with that garbage. He should get on with the issues – but he can’t – he doesn’t have any policies to back up what he wants to say – other than Bush policy.

McCain has a very dark past – it is easy to find it on the net, this is why McCain should shut it, because all it takes is someone high up to point to it and people will look.

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0 Responses to McCain: I will bring anything into this campaign

  1. Pangolin says:

    The GOP is dead in the water without the moron vote. I’m not sure there’s any other way to describe it but there are people who can be convinced to vote for watered milk, low wages and high gas prices as long as you play on base emotions.

    These people HATE the educated, as vs. the schooled, with a passion. Since they can’t follow complex arguments they assume they are getting cheated and will choose a simple argument that cheats them over a complexity that is in their favor.

    When the Republicans ran Ronald Reagan for office they deliberately chose to ally themselves with the stupid in order to profit the wealthy. A nation that panders to toddlers and fattens the burghers Christmas calf on next years seed grain is doomed to failure.

    Welcome to that failure.

  2. Wouldnt You Like To Know says:

    Wow, It really comes to this? When it come to voting anymore I think Noone should know what the person looks like running for president. Their policies should be known nad their beliefes and before anyone votes they should have to take a test on which canidate stand for what. So many poeple are voting on race, wiether you are black with what ever.

    So take aside all the personal things about the 2 running, just pollices alone and beliefes who would you run for.?

    If your child was pregnant and she didnt tell you and she got an abortion and you found out by someone else would you be like” Oh ok thats cool” If you make $84,000 or more as an individual but if you are married it will go by the double income you will be taxed even more then the “poor poeple.

    I would be more then wiling to help someone out with money if they atleast try to help themselves out aswell.

    You telling me that with obamas tax raises, the money my and my husband worked hard for so we could give our kids a good life has to be shared with a person whojust doesnt feel like work and livig of the government?

    I feel bad for the people that actually need the government, cuase the people that abuse the funds are what make people not want the taxes raised to support some lazy a**!

  3. Wouldnt You Like To Know says:

    and who are poeple from other countries able to judge us? Are you from here have you ever lived here? Do you know these people personaly or are you just going on the media wich american media is owned by Arab Kings? News is not real anymore is is all bias

  4. Pangolin says:

    Well, there’s the moron vote right there and the death of capitalism in one package. A person who claims to make $84K a year who can’t understand that her tax rates, at worst, are proposed to raise no more than they were pre-Bush.

    Then the objections comes out. She doesn’t want to pay taxes to support “lazy people.” Lady, if you don’t wan to support lazy people don’t shop because your consumer dollars go to wealthy individuals who haven’t worked a day in years.

    Lazy rich people who pay minimal taxes:bad. Lazy poor people who are trying to deal with health care issues or a lack of local jobs:bad. One guess where that trillion dollars of free money the gov’t just handed the financial sector went to.

    It wasn’t the poor.

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