Why the rich laugh at and love the Middle-Class

Imagine if you will…

The story linked to is a story of three people, two own their own business – they other owns theirs. All class themselves as Middle-class. So why would they be so far over to one section than the other. Two will be voting McCain – the other, Obama.

In their interview they give their opinion – it’s fine to have the opinion that they do. But there is one part that really gets me – one part that stands out and will make any Wall St executive smile with consummate glee!

The thought of voting for Obama does not sit well with kennel owners Mary and Steve Grech. They are both voting for John McCain, but only by “process of elimination.”

“Barack Obama’s whole ‘I’m going to take from the rich and give to the poor’ Robin Hood attitude … I am very offended by that. It smacks of socialism, so it definitely won’t be Barack,” said Mary Grech, who works in Xenia, Ohio.

Now why would that statement alone make a fat-cat smile?

Well – McCain’s tax plans are not for Mr & Mrs Grech – they are for the top 5% of American society. So Mr & Mrs Grech are happy to pay more tax, so that a Wall St executive can have a bigger break? That’s nice of them – welcome to the world of America 1314 AD.

Talk about going backward – “John McCain & Sarah Palin taking America forward to the 14th Century”.

But this I expected – why would a people who believe so much in feudalism want to change? Don’t believe me? Just Google what Europe was like in the 1300rds and look at the USA today – especially after 8 years of Bush.

Vote for McCain if you want those fat-cats who got the US into the mess she is in today to have a REALLY big tax cut – I am sure they will laugh at you. And thank you while watching your jobs go over-seas.

The US of McCain.

via Small business owners not sold on the candidates – CNN.com

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0 Responses to Why the rich laugh at and love the Middle-Class

  1. Pangolin says:

    Will, you spend too much time avoiding the fact that the Republican Party is essentially a few con men and an army of morons. These people are deathly afraid that when the “liberal elite” come into power there will be nothing to prevent them from losing their job to a smarter, harder working, black man, mexican or asian.

    For the most part they have been proved correct. Liberals are all the best actors, writers, poets, musicians and comedians. Conservative comedian is practically a contradiction in terms because all the best comedy is about pain and compassion. All the best music is about nuance, all the best art is about the empty space that your own mind fills in.

    They are angry about feeling left out. Obama understands this and doesn’t push them but speaks to them softly. He pretty much treats them like a horse trainer treats a wild horse he needs to put a halter on. They know what the final act of the play is; they just need to show they still have a voice.

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