Congratulations Campbell – but you are wrong.

Maybe not as much – but the vitriol is just as bad – and some things even worse.

Campbell said in her piece that Obama had broken a promise to take public funding. OK – he said he would, John McCain has – but also in that piece Campbell said on-air, straight into the camera that the swift-boat attacks were not as bad as last time. Basically because the economy is so bad that they couldn’t afford it.


So, if the economy was a hell of a lot better then they would have swift-boated Obama? Odd that! How did Obama know that the economy was going to be as bad as it is? He must have had one fortune telling crystal ball.

Every indication was that the swift-boat tactics would take place, please think back Campbell – you know that and so do I. You maybe pissed at the talk about Palin’s wardrobe, pissed that you get so much email because you wear something off colour on air – but ask yourself, who do you get those mails from, men? I doubt it – men don’t give a shit about what you wear. And if they do – something is wrong with them.

Look at the ads that are coming out about and to attack Barack Obama, especially from From one transcript:


WOMAN: Senator Obama, I’m afraid. In March, you told America:

OBAMA: “I’ve got two daughters. If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

WOMAN: Punished. I’m afraid because I’m a mother and I can’t imagine what this country would become if its President could look upon a baby as a punishment. And I’m afraid, because those children that you spoke of as a punishment would be your very own grandchildren.

ANNOUNCER: What happens when we elect a President who has disregard for human life? Please, America, let’s never find out.

Paid for by Let Freedom Ring, which is responsible for the content of this ad.

So Obama has a disregard for human life? That is what that is trying to tell you – one sentence out of a paragraph that was saying he didn’t want his daughter to get AID/HIV, an STD etc. But that is fine as long as Obama said it. And, again, it is on CNN. How much did they pay for the air-time?

This, and the other ads are played on CNN – but this is all down to money that CNN gets, and take into consideration, pays Campbell salary. Of course there are many ads on CNN – so not just that one pays for her or anyone else on a solely basis.

But part of what Campbell was saying is that Obama is awash with cash – wasn’t the Republicans last time, and the time before that? He is trying to get past these vile ads, the company you work for, Campbell, may want to think about where you get your advertising revenue from. The head office agreed to take the cash for ads like that. So I would get off you high-horse a little bit – you are an anchor of your show, ironically called “No bias – No Bull”.

I watch you program – I do like it for the most part – but when you bring bias into it – I have to say something.

Congrats on the new kid by the way. You look radiant for it.

Now, where is that baby’s-R-us catalogue with the out sized clothing section – fashion is such a dirty word to pregnant women!

via Commentary: Obama breaks promise on campaign finance –

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0 Responses to Congratulations Campbell – but you are wrong.

  1. Sharon says:

    “Campbell said on-air, straight into the camera that the swift-boat attacks were not as bad as last time. Basically because the economy is so bad that they couldn’t afford it.”

    “OBAMA: “I’ve got two daughters. If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.””

    Exactly. I also caught that right off. Obama and his supporters didn’t work so hard all of these many months so he and his supporters could also be punished because he made a mistake to consider public financing. Campbell better leave her irresponsible opinions out of a show entitled “No bias, no bull” and concentrate on trying to be objective.

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