192 hours and counting: History is looking us in the face.

Some have asked me “Who cares?” – I say I do and history wouldn’t forgive me if I ignored her.

Whichever way you look at the US presidential race it has captured one part of history already. In 100 years from now school children will still be reading and probably be tested on ‘Who was the first black man to be a candidate for president?’ I hope that this question is upgraded to ‘Which black man became the first black man to become president of the USA?’.

The answer is obvious, Barack Obama.

History is a fascinating subject if you have the teacher who can teach it with enthusiasm. Reading it from a book can be quite boring – but I had teachers who loved it – and I have a love for it because of them. This is because of them that I have taken such a great interest in this historic event being played out as we look on.

Today, Barack Obama will start his closing argument why he, and not, John McCain should become president of the United States of America. The operative word there is United. Barack Obama wants a united country, The division of the US is evident to all who look at her. We see that Bush has divided a great country and left her wallowing in limn contempt. History will show that George Bush, AKA John McCain, has left a legacy of heartbroken people who were, at one time, the most industrious in the world. A tarnished reputation of a bully, a great aggressor and imperialistic in nature. The guy who had it all and waved it in the face of the poor, just because he could. Reagan was bad – but Bush has shown that he is, and was, worse. But is he the one who will take the US further away from what she is supposed to be? Well, no – John McCain is.

John McCain will carry forward the policies of Bush – make the US hated much more than she is today – and will ‘test’ other nations until they break.

What needs to happen is the US and the World coming together, to be united once again. That isn’t as hard as many think – with a dose of history in your thinking – and while you pull that lever, history has shown that any community can come together to bring about change. Even Conservatives are collecting en masse to support a man that they know will bring that historic change.

Change isn’t just a matter of doing something different. Not just an idea that goes against the status quo – change is something fundamental – or is can be. It can, with a little work, bring about such change – and relatively quickly, you think back over the past year, “Why were we like that?”

History is speaking to us – she is listening as well. It is up to those who cast their ballot for the man who can make that change, and only one man can make history smile and show that she agrees, and that man is Barack Obama.

Get Out to Vote!

via Obama to deliver ‘closing argument’ – CNN.com

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0 Responses to 192 hours and counting: History is looking us in the face.

  1. Ghost of George Washington says:

    If McCain/Palin win the White House, what good will it be?

    If the nastiest, dirtiest, most erratic campaign mounted in the 21st Century (and even though it’s only a few years old, that is saying something), can triumph over the most obvious leader to emerge in decades,
    what hope does our nation have?

    What direction would a McCain/Palin administration take us? Do you think that they even know themselves?
    Have you noticed that the color scheme of the McCain campaign isn’t even red, white and blue. (Blue, white and gold).

    All I hear from the McCain/Palin camp is
    “Barack this,” and “Obama that.”

    What I hear from Obama is
    “We can do this,” and “we can fix that.”

    I say, let’s vote for hope, change
    and a continuation of Democracy.

    4 more years of Reaganomics will turn us
    OBAMA 2008

  2. Rebel Without A Pause says:

    While I’m throwing the switch for Barrack when I step into the voting booth on November 4th, I’m not entirely optimistic he can completely overcome the race-factor and McCain/Palin’s skillful manipulation of it, nor the rabid, right-wing politics that hypocritically supports “the redistribution of wealth” only for Corporate America and the fine folks on Wall Street

    Anyone who actually thinks that the neo-cons actually gives a good goddamn about poor and middle-class people or people who own small businesses will be in for one rude awakening if McCain is elected. They’ll soon find out that his so-called “no-tax increase” magic wand is permanently out of order for his entire term in office.

    Obama/Biden ’08
    Because four more years of the last eight would REALLY suck…

  3. Geoff says:

    Many fiscal conservatives are voting for Barack because he is the lesser of two evils. Both candidates are big government candidates. However, Barack’s big government is a government that works for the middle class, not the richest 5% of America.

    McCain has been given the impossible task of putting the Republican party back together again after they have been separated into the two parties they really are: the reasonable, and often right, fiscal conservatives; and the right wing doomsday hateful religious nuts.

    Obama is a transformational figure because he has united his party on the issues, not on cultural lines, economic status, sexual preference, ethnicity, or location. Because of this Obama is in a great position to win this election with flying colors, and this nation and democracy as we know it will be better because of it.


  4. Brain Teaser says:

    For the past few elections, I never cared that much with it. I never throw my opinion on who and who shouldn’t win.

    What America needs right now is change, and that can never happen if the country is not united. And being United and making a change will never happen if McCain and Palin wins. If McCain and Palin wins, it means that we would have another imperial presidency, and that John McCain will carry forward the policies of Bush and make the US hated much more than she is today.

    Aside from new history record, Obama winning the presidency has more to offer.

  5. Pangolin says:

    Screw history. She’s a nasty old witch who likes to write about her impotent sons raising great monuments when the rank and file fought the battle and cut the stone afterwards. History loves the hand wavers and hates the man with the tool in hand.

    John McCain will be seen as the last of a long line of Republican morons starting with Ronald Reagan and working through the Bush family. Some kind of explanation will be generally accepted about how social conditions or pollution warped peoples minds to where they would vote for the obviously senile.

    The real force we have to answer to in the next seven days are the worlds investors. Obama gives us a hope of a stable market to build repairs on. The unlikely announcement of a McCain victory will confirm the suspicion that americans are drinking the wrong kool-aid.

    If we were running a rapids it would be the choice between the chute, Obama, or the waterfall onto the sharp rocks, McCain. Do we stay of the sharp rocks; that’s the question. Everybody knows we’re going to get soaked.

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