Welcome to The Peoples Republic Of Australia!

When in one western nation, the internet died!

If you are like me you don’t want a nanny-state. Yes, I do want the State to look after healthcare, putting my taxes to work for me properly, keeping a good police force on hand, even the defence of the nation. But do i want them to tell me what I can do on the internet? Certainly not.

If I don’t want my children looking at certain things I tell them what they are allowed to do – if they don’t comply – they lose internet time!

Putting filters on what I or my children can do and look at on the internet has nothing at all to do with central or local government, nothing whatsoever – but in Australia – that is exactly what they are about to do. Pitchfork anyone?

From what I know of Aussies they won’t stand for it, but I could be wrong. Normally you would expect a complete outcry from the good ol’ Bruce’s!

The official watchdog, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been conducting laboratory tests of six filtering products, and the government plans a live trial soon.

“Although the internet has opened up a world of possibilities and benefits for Australian children,” noted communications minister Stephen Conroy when he announced his intention to police the internet earlier in the year, “it has also exposed them to continually emerging and evolving dangers that did not previously exist.”

The aim, he said, was to create a safer online environment for Australian children.

It is, once again – some form of censorship for ‘The Sake of the Children’ – when oh when are people going to stand up to these politically correct dicks and say “keep you effing noses out of my business”?

The vast, vast, vast majority of children are protected by the people who look after them – they are called parents. Some are not – and it is that some that people such as the Rudd government are tarring everyone with – and that is pathetic!

They do the same in the UK – it is always added at the end ‘for the sake of the children’ – what utter tosh!

They’re doing it for control over what you can do and see and more so – say. I really cannot see what they are wanting to achieve – basically because governments are stupid!

Computer experts also say that the filters will not impact peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks, which account for an estimated two-thirds of internet traffic.

DUH! If you really think that kiddie porn is up on very selective websites – you are an idiot! Having a little knowledge about the internet will tell you that they aren’t. Some are – quite obviously – but most…? Duh-2!

As this says:

“It is easy to mix up a site criticising child sex tourism and one promoting child sex tourism,” says Mr Clapperton of the EFA.

Quite right – so with such censorship you censor those who are trying to help – pure insanity!

And how the hell is that helping children? Turn the PC off and get them to do their homework – play out and come home hungry so they can have the family meal!

“Any determined user – including children – could bypass the filter quickly using an anonymizer service,” says the No Internet Censorship for Australia site.

Mr Rudd – as you are so dumb I think that you should understand that those little darlings you are trying to protect (he isn’t but just trying to become a part of the online censorship club) are the very ones who will breach your security firewall in a matter of, I would guess, 35 minutes, tops!


via BBC NEWS | Technology | Australia trials national net filters

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0 Responses to Welcome to The Peoples Republic Of Australia!

  1. George says:

    This is happening in every English speaking country. In Britain they are looking at technology which will record and store every cell phone conversation.

  2. curly says:

    I have just read about this and am outraged! If Australia goes down this path, the precedent will be set for other western liberal democracies to follow suit.
    I would fear even more for freedoms in “Big Brother” Britain, and elsewhere.

  3. Pangolin says:

    If you can’t talk about it, it goes away? This is simply Australian pols pandering to the old lady vote because they don’t have a spine.

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