I will test them! – They won't test me!

Open mouth – foot drop out!

Joe Biden, God love him – get up champ, you were knocked down – and now the other guy has made a total ass of himself!

John McCain, I believe, said “You don’t tell your enemy what you are going to do….” then went on to spout some rhetoric about Barack Obama – again.

Joe Biden said plenty and the McCain camp jumped upon it with glee – “We’ve got ’em, by jove!” And then McCain opened his mouth.

Now – all those rouge states are WILLING John McCain to be voted into office – because he is going to test them! Oh Sweet Lord!

So from Joe the Biden (McCain actually said that) saying something contentious in private(ish) John the Dumb one says he is going to sabre rattle over the next nine days telling Chavez “I ama commin faw yo! USA, USA, USA!”

IS this man serious!? No, I mean it – calling his followers fellow prisoners, to going to test all those nations, I am under the assumption Russia and China will be in there, he is trying to prove he has a set of balls?

Give me a break!

The US is pissed off with all the talk about taking over the world! Americans want to live in peace and get a job and an affordable home, for Christ’s sake!

Then you have the mother of all bollocks-up, Palin.

I am sure Sarah Palin is a nice person, I really do. But she is as much qualified to run for VP as my five year old. And he watched the news, not quite up to reading a paper just yet.

I didn’t jump on the blog bandwagon about her clothing allowence – but I do have to say something now – she is complaining that her image has been botched by those who brought her into this farce! HER IMAGE?

She was an unknown – a nobody who was, maybe, read about in the Wasilla Chronicle as it came out each month. She took on the job without a blink, it was McCain who brought her into the limelight – she should be a bit more greatful that she is going to get a multi-million dollar book deal out of this, don’tyathink?

The woman is a moron – and more people are seeing it on a daily basis. All McCain can hope for now is that she shuts up, stays on message and nothing of her deposition gets leaked out.

McCain’s campaign is tanking – and he has no one else to blame other than himself!

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