The president stands by his policies. He also stands by John McCain

…and he will stay out of the lime-light and allow McCain to say what he wants.

McCain has been giving it to Pres Bush – criticising him as much as he wants. Not an endorsement you would think that Bush would take lying down. But he does, why? Because Bush is there, in the background, and raising lots of money for McCain.

Is that a bad thing? Well no, not really – it is fine that he is rasiing cash for the guy that is going to carry forward his policies. If John McCain was actually do anything different than Bush you can say – that the McCain criticism would be answered.

At a briefing Thursday, White House press secretary Dana Perino was asked for reaction to McCain’s criticism in The Washington Times.

“I’m not going to comment on the words that our candidate chooses to use,” Perino said. “All I’ll say is that the president stands by his policies. He also stands by John McCain.”

A reporter then asked, “Does Bush take it personally at all?”

“No,” Perino said, smiling and shaking her head. “He doesn’t.”

As I say – why would he? McCain is Bush personified and will keep on going the exact same way as Bush has the last eight years. It matter nought what McCain says on the trail – he can promise the Earth – what he does on day one will matter to the US voter because it will be like Bush just hasn’t left the White House.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Of 46 Republican fundraisers President Bush has attended this year, just four have been open to the media, and the president’s 27 percent approval rating may explain why.

This low approval rating and the fact that 75 percent of Americans say they feel bad about how things are going in the country offer insight into why Bush is staying out of sight on the campaign trail.

“When you are looking at an approval rating of 27 percent, that’s not necessarily the wagon you want to hitch yourself to,” says Mark Preston, CNN’s political editor.

Look McCain in the eyes and you will see in his soul G-E-O-R-G-E B-U-S-H.

Sen. John McCain, whom Bush endorsed in a highly choreographed event March 5 at the White House, has tried to distance himself.

Since that endorsement, Bush has attended four fundraisers for McCain, all of them closed to the media, and the senator from Arizona has appeared in public with the president only a couple of times — the first on May 27 after a fundraiser in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bush is electioneering for McCain – and do you really think that he would if McCain really meant all the things he has been saying about G W? Naw!

Be serious – it is a matter of keeping the President of The United States of America under wraps, yeah really, or McCain will get an even bigger whooping at the polls than is being said will happen.

If the Republicans think that you don’t notice this – they are a idiotic as they are making out.

But, and more importantly – the Republicans are not stupid, very far from it, as Bush said:

“Look … if my showing up and endorsing him helps him, or if I’m against him and it helps him — either way, I want him to win,” Bush said as he stood next to McCain in March in the Rose Garden. “You know, look, this is an age-old question that you — every president has had to answer, and there’s an appropriate amount of campaigning for me to do.”

One way that seemed appropriate then was enlisting the president’s help in rallying crucial members of the GOP base behind McCain.

“President Bush does have a poor approval rating right now, … but he’s still well liked by really conservative Republicans,” Preston said.

Vote, get out to vote – that is the only way you can stop another four years of Bush!

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  1. Jake says:

    Funny thing happened when I did my own poll about Bush’s legacy versus Clinton’s. First thing people remember about Clinton is Monica Lewinski. First thing they say about Bush is wars to get rid of Hussein and the Taliban. Maybe that’s why Bush doesn’t care too much what people say about him, he accomplished his goals.

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