Lieberman:Thank God, she’s not president from Day One

First thing I have heard from Lieberman that makes any sense!

You have to understand that Joe Lieberman, in my eyes, is a turncoat. And I really, really don’t like turncoats. So you may ask why haven’t I come out and said more about him – well, to be honest I don’t, or didn’t, think that he was that significant. Not until he came out with what he was really thinking – from day one when Palin was picked.

He said:

Thank God, she’s not going to have to be president from Day One. McCain’s going to be alive and well.”

“Let’s hope she never has to be ready because we hope McCain is elected and lives out his term. But if, God forbid, an accident occurs or something of that kind, she’ll be ready. She’s had executive experience. She’s smart. And she will have had on-the-job training.”

Now – this is a point that has been levelled against Barack Obama across both the primaries and, more so and importantly, in this campaign. It is a constant from the McCain camp – and we know how far up John McCain’s arse Lieberman is.

The McCain camp know that John McCain is old – and the only thing that Lieberman is saying is that “We hope upon hope that John McCain makes it through the first term of office”.

That, in itself is a probability – I won’t deny that – but what is also a probability is that McCain, like this campaign, will crack under the pressure. Look at his recent “My fellow prisoners” speech – you didn’t think people noticed that? I looked at the take and saw the young woman behind McCain and she was, shall we say, confused? This is the only time this has happened. I know that Biden has made gaffes, but when doesn’t he? This is about Palin’s ability to take the hot seat if anything should go tit’s up for McCain.

Lieberman knows more than you or I – and he isn’t too sure about the tenure.

In addition, Mr. Lieberman added that while he was “working his heart out” to ensure Mr. McCain’s election, were Mr. Obama to win this year, he said: “I’m going to do everything I can to be bringing people together across party lines to support the new president so he can succeed. What’s at stake for our country is just too serious.”

Lieberman there is basically jumping ship – but he has burnt his bridges, that is the one guarantee I can take from this election race. Many will turn their back on him – and rightly so.

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0 Responses to Lieberman:Thank God, she’s not president from Day One

  1. John McCain says:

    Dear Will,

    you know that we had our different views on certain political subjects and though you are only a British citizen who can not vote in our country I have to ask you for a favor.

    The polls are really looking bad for me and Sarah and God knows what we tried to change the opinion of the American people but Obama has powerful friends in the Muslim world who are sitting on our oil and squeezing the remaining Dollars out of the hands of our middle class.

    I am desperate. I tried everything but the Arabs’ money is just too much. I fear, Obama will win the elections if not a miracle happens.

    So I beg you to help me, be a white patriot at least and support me and Sarah. You know that my campaign has proof Obama is not a natural born American citizen and therefore can not be elected president. The Democrat Philip J. Berg and Michael Savage found out that Obama lied about his birth certificate but nobody listens.

    I appeal to your honor as member of our white race to support us and spread everywhere that Obama is not a natural born American. It’s my last hope to safe America from Muslims and Negroes after my campaign failed to bring the information to the American people that Obama is a Muslim, a terrorist friend and a guaranteed tax raiser.

    Don’t be a cunt, Will.
    Help me, Will!

  2. Pangolin says:

    Joe Lieberman really isn’t a turncoat since it is tacitly acknowledged that her represents Israel in the US Senate. This is his first and only loyalty. How US politics became so corrupted that a representative from another country has a seat in the US Senate is a mystery to me but there it is.

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