Liberal intolerance or Conservative stupidity?

Why Conservatives are like spoiled children.

You have seen them – the spoiled brat that makes a scene in the Mall or Shopping centre, or candy shop. They cry and kick their feet and yell that you don’t love them – until you give them their way, then they smile and realised that the tantrum worked and all is well in their world but you can see the patent is both embarrassed and – more so, exhausted.

Liberals are far from intolerant – but what liberals do do is see the world for what it is and act accordingly.

That is why this piece caught my eye today – written by a spoon-fed Conservative, well waddya-know!

I don’t like conservatives – I never have, they are just a set of people who are stick-in-the-mud and wail like a banshee if something goes wrong.

Navarrette explains why everyone should leave poor Palin and Sam the not-licensed plumber alone. Not thinking that it was, as always, conservative stupidity that put them in the lime-light. Now, if Ruben had ripped McCain and the GOP a new one for putting these people up for ridicule I could support him – but no, it is a matter that it is liberal intolerance not leaving them alone. Whining bastard!

SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) — I thought liberals were supposed to be good-hearted, open-minded and non-judgmental.

Tell that to the angry Left’s favorite piñata, Sarah Palin. As far as liberals are concerned, Palin can do no right just as Barack Obama and Joe Biden can do no wrong.

Joe Biden caught a lot of flak for his recent foot-in-mouth remark, but no – that is over-looked by the conservatives, it wasn’t a sustained 365 day tirade and the ‘liberal’ press didn’t say “OK- now vote for McCain because he made a gaffe!” That is what they want – but the constant thing in all this is that Joe drops a bollock every now and again, then you have McCain preaching about Joe the Plumber and Palin not knowing where she left her red high-heels bought by the GOP.

People like Ruben over-look these things – and he cannot see why this is ridiculous. You, Ruben, want an idiot as the vice-president of the USA. That is not just intolerable but insane!

We now know that Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher owes back taxes, doesn’t have a plumbing license (he told the Associated Press he doesn’t need one because he works for someone else’s company), and may not be registered to vote.

And you can’t see why this is, well, a little bit silly, Ruben? It doesn’t matter who he told, the fact is his question would have held more water if he had had those things – then there would have been a press questioning the situation and even better if the guy hadn’t been speaking to Obama for a good five minutes about that tax policy. Even more – and why your piece is GOP propaganda, you are using a tiny segment of the conversation – not the whole thing!

Even Biden and Obama got in a few licks. Biden quipped to Jay Leno that Democrats wanted to take care of “Joe-the-real-plumber-with-a-license,” and Obama sarcastically asked supporters, “how many plumbers do you know making $250,000 a year?” The implication being that Joe the Plumber isn’t who he pretends to be.

If you earn under $250,000 you get a tax cut under Obama’s plan – so Joe would be better off voting for Obama – what the hell is wrong in that!? Ask Joe’s boss if he knew that Joe was going to buy his business, that would be a tale worth telling.

The latest media template is that the vice presidential nominee is a drag on the GOP ticket. Pundits detect a backlash, not just among Democrats who love to hate Sarah Palin but also among women, independents and seniors. They cite polls showing Palin with an unfavorable rating of 50 percent.

So what? We’re in the post-Clinton, post-Bush era of polarization where any politician with a pulse — Sorry, Joe Biden — will be loved by half the country and hated by the other half.

It’s surreal. Before McCain put Palin on the ticket, he was getting 200 people at campaign rallies, and now, when he appears when Palin, he gets 20,000. Yes, definitely a drag.

I would suggest that if Palin dropped off the ticket as some Conservatives have said, there would be a boost to John McCain’s numbers – as I have blogged about before, Palin is now an opening book and people are seeing her for who she is. Corrupt may be too strong a word for her but she was in Alaska in a cocoon she could do nothing wrong. Now she is in the national spotlight and is getting the vetting that John McCain should have done. Whose fault is that? John McCain, the GOP and Sarah Palin. Not liberals, and certainly not the ‘liberal’ press! Look to the Conservative press who have bailed ship in favour of Obama – you think that is just because the Democrat’s attack Palin?

Still, we’re told, this tempest in a Gucci bag has some Republicans worrying that shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue might undermine Palin’s everywoman image. To think, just last month, the criticism was that Sarah the Moose Hunter wasn’t sufficiently sophisticated or glamorous.

Who said that? The Republicans? As I read it they are pissed! And justifiably so. The Republican armchair dream that they had a mum who could relate to the essence of US society is now a joke – not propagated by the Democrat’s – but by those who would have supported her. She is a governor of a US State and the ordinary Joe (no pun intended) expect a little something from their elected officials – and one of those things is that she buy her own clothes and not get a $150,000 hand-out to look good!

Just how many more caricatures — some of them contradictory — can we expect the left to throw at Sarah Palin before time runs out on this election?

Believe me – not as many as the Conservatives will do. I will read your commentary, Ruben, if the GOP ticket should lose – I will wait with bated breath for your summery as to why McCain/Palin lost.

And I don’t expect it to be pretty.

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0 Responses to Liberal intolerance or Conservative stupidity?

  1. gs says:

    “Intolerant liberal” is an oxymoron.

  2. Carmel Vella says:

    Well , what do you know. Another jerk making money by insulting conservatives/ republicans. Since most Americans ARE stupid, they will get what they vote for including the African known as OBAMA.
    Cowards tend to go with crowds……………………..

  3. Rebel Without A Pause says:

    The extreme right of the Republican Party with their xenophobic disciples and pit-bull pundits, are always whining about “Evil-Empire Liberals” with their leftist/socialist double-standards and agenda to destroy Western Civilization as we know it. They gleefully and endlessly rant and blog for hours on end about the Ayers/Wright/Obama connection while ignoring Sarah Palin’s praise for the AIP whose leader had, in his words “no use for America” and openly called for the Kennedy assassination. John McCain praised G. Gordon Liddy who openly advocated that BATF agents should be shot through the head because they wear bullet-proof vests—which ought to give pause to anyone in law enforcement supporting the McCain/Palin ticket. Interestingly, this doesn’t get much play in the “Biased Liberal-Leftist-Socialist-Elitist” media. Guess I’m going to have to send a memo to them about that…

    They harp on “Barrack the Socialist” and wealth spreading, when the robber-barons of Wall Street beat him to it, running this country’s economy into the ground while spreading the wealth among themselves (I guess most folks on the far-right were too busy trying to ideologically lynch Barrack Obama to notice). Statistically, you’ll probably find more Republicans among who CNN’s Lou Dobbs called “The Masters of The Universe” on Wall Street as the architects of the economic crisis than “Liberal-Socialist-Democrats.”

    The biggest argument of the McCain/Palin ticket is Barrack Obama’s total lack of experience and judgment to be President. Yet anyone who has read Campbell Brown’s CNN interview with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sarah Palin’s readiness to assume the role of president who is (look out—here comes that God-awful “H” word) HONEST with themselves would have to ask WHY the same “experience is not the only answer” argument that was presented by Gov. Schwarzenegger would not apply to Barrack Obama. I half-expected John McCain to come bursting into the interview at any second yelling “We don’t have time for on-the-job training my friend!”

    Sarah Palin wants to be the gloves-off “Tip of the spear” against Obama/Biden for the Republicans using innuendo, mud-slinging, race-baiting and slander, taking a willing media “Liberal” bias or not—and the rest of the country cheerfully along for the ride. No accusation is too outrageous or frivolous so long as Sarah sticks it to “That One & Company.” Yet when the script ultimately gets flipped and “Sarah-the-Artful-Press-Dodger” Palin is placed under the same hard, cold merciless daylight of mass-media scrutiny, many conservatives, “independents” and the far-right element in the Republican party holler “FOUL!” Gotta love those Far-Right Republican “do as we say but not as we do” double-standards…

    Senator Obama has proven he can take whatever filth is thrown at him by the opposition with a cool and level head, and with grace and style as he stays on-track and on-message to heal the last eight years of destructive policies by “experienced” individuals who should have known better in the first place. If “Tip of the spear” Palin can’t take the same heat and a good dose of her own medicine, then what’s she going to do if she ends up in the White House when the real pressure and real work begins—and she faces this nation’s enemies who aren’t going to cut her one ounce of slack simply because of her gender?

    Obama/Biden ‘08
    Because four more years of the last eight would REALLY suck…

  4. Setheroo says:

    Liberal intolerance is NOT an oxymoron. This article is a self refuting joke. Liberals praise and love ANYTHING publicly….But when you dont bow and drink the kool aid from their dogmatic ideology, they tear to to peices in schools, the media, and the supreme court. Luckily they help some people, like pedophiles in the supreme court (rolls eyes)

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