GOP Concede?

Do they know something that we don’t?

It is a rumble in the blogosphere that the GOP are getting ready to concede the presidential race and concentrate on the Congressional races. Whether this is true or not I am not too sure just yet.

But there are indication that it could actually be true.

A new Republican ad appears to suggest that Barack Obama has all but won the presidential race, an argument several vulnerable Senate Republicans may have to reluctantly embrace with only days until Election Day, an expert in campaign advertising said.

Aimed at Kay Hagan, Sen. Elizabeth Dole‘s surprisingly strong Democratic challenger in North Carolina, the 30-second spot from the National Republican Senatorial Committee warns voters against Democrats holding the White House and Congress, and flatly states that if Hagan wins, the party will “get a blank check.”

“These liberals want complete control of government in a time of crisis, all branches of government,” the ad’s narrator states. “No check and balances, no debate, no independence. That’s the truth behind Kay Hagan. If she wins, they get a blank check.”

Committee Online Communications Director John Randall denied that the ad is suggesting that GOP nominee John McCain will lose out on the White House.

The ad is saying, basically, vote Republicans into Congress to stop Obama having a Democrat Congress and a Democrat president. Is that the image that the GOP wants to put out?

Many moderate Republicans are very dissatisfied with McCain/Palin, especially Palin. Some have said that they will not vote at all, rather waiting until she is off the ticket, but that isn’t going to happen.

But with polls warning of a GOP bloodbath November 4, vulnerable senators in red states may have no other option but to suggest that Obama will capture the White House and warn that the Illinois senator needs to be checked by Senate Republicans.

Some have said that the USA will be a sea of blue come election day – but I, like so many, will believe that when I see it.

Get OUT TO VOTE – that is the only way Barack Obama can win.

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0 Responses to GOP Concede?

  1. Howard says:

    Barack Obama is a 20 year follower of the Marxist Black Liberation ideology of Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity church.
    A far left Media …
    A far left President …
    A far left Congress …
    A far left Senate …
    A far left Supreme Court …
    eliminates all the checks and
    balances that our democracy is based upon.
    A vote for Obama is a vote for voter fraud,
    a corrupt media, and the road to Socialism.
    God Help Us !!

  2. middle of the road says:

    Howard, the perfect storm for a depression….I think that the depression is due to YOUR republican president. Your Republican Bush clone will only drag us further down. Pray for America and its recovery under a non-republican president. You talk of socialism but didn’t your candidate approve the bailout? I suppose we can take away your social security and Medicare any benefits you might get after you retire… I’m guessing both the Dems and Reps have eliminated checks and balances, neither one is great but I imagine the far right is no better than the left, I prefer the middle

  3. No Mccain says:

    Wow! I am actually amazed that stupidity worked against itself! One should never rule out the power of STUPID.

  4. Howard says:

    A far left Media …
    A far left President …
    A far left Congress …
    A far left Senate …
    A far left Supreme Court …
    This would eliminate all the checks and
    balances that our democracy is based upon.
    Barack Obama formed his political and economic
    ideology, and his radical associations, during the
    TWENTY YEARS … yes, that’s TWENTY YEARS … when
    he followed Marxist Black Liberation Theology, in
    Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American, racist church.
    And, now, with our country on the brink of depression,
    Obama wants to impose new laws which would change
    America into a third world country.
    You may be upset with George Bush, but in spite
    of Obama’s slogans, John McCain is NOT George Bush …
    so don’t over react to Obama’s 600 million dollar
    Propaganda campaign designed to highjack America !!!
    A vote for Obama is a vote for changing America beyond
    recognition … and, it would be a vote for voter fraud,
    a corrupt media, socialism, and the end to America as we know it.
    Keep America free, strong, safe, and American …
    Elect McCain/Palin on November 4th.

  5. Karen says:

    Well, we only have 10 days left before we chose who will lead our wonderful country. For all of you Obama Kool-Aid drinkers, please see the following and listen carefully. This particular preacher in the video has a very unusual way of bringing his point across, but it leaves NO doubt who should be president of our country. Please choose carefully; the alternative could be disastrous.


    McCain/ Palin ’09

    [Edit] 09?

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