Who Should I Vote For?

In response to a question posted on a message board I have been a member of for over 10 years, I stumbled upon one of the most incredible posts I have seen by an American on why they are voting how they are. It gave me goosebumps.

With her permission, I am reposting it here — because it is definitely deserving of being shared on a broader scale.

You are an incredible woman Jody, you continue to amaze me and increase my respect for you on a regular basis when I don’t think that its possible for it to grow any more.

This is just my two cents so you can take it or leave it. I have been dismayed by the path this country has taken during the last 8 years.

We can’t condemn torture if we actually condone it and use it as a form of interrogation.

We can’t hold democracy as our ultimate ideal if we support some of the most undemocratic countries in the world such as Saudi Arabia.

We can’t argue that we are protecting our country by invading a country that has not threatened us when we let Bin Laden escape into Pakistan and have never addressed the issue that almost all the bombers were Saudi citizens.

We can’t expect multinational support for our policies when our government knowingly uses false information to justify a war that has killed thousands of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

We can’t say we will uphold our constitution when our President and his administration take action after action to erode the protections that it provides.

We can’t say that this is the land of opportunity when so many of our citizens are struggling to keep their houses, feed their children and get medical help when they are sick but we bail out financial companies and their executives who leave with millions.

We can’t say equal rights for all when millions of Americans are deprived of the right to marry the person they love out of religious intolerance or fear.

We can’t say we honor our soldiers if we do not take care of their families or medical needs while they are serving.

I want to live in a country where our Constitution is protected and revered, where civil liberties are the foundation of what it means to be an American, where we are respected internationally and where religion does not determine what we teach in schools or what type of medical care a woman can receive.

I want to live in a country where we are in the forefront of the fight on global warming – not in a country whose leaders deny its existence and supresses scientific information regarding it.

I want to invest in schools, infrastructure and children – not in war or subsidies for tobacco farming.

I want to believe that the best is yet to come instead of the best is behind us.

I need a leader that I can believe in. Who sees the world as it is; not as he wants it to be, who sees the nuances in situations instead of seeing the world as black and white, and who is thoughtful and intelligent. I want a leader with a cool head who knows what he does not know but is open to listening to those who do know.

I want a real leader during these very, very difficult times ahead. This is why I am voting for Obama.

Well “said”!

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0 Responses to Who Should I Vote For?

  1. thebeadden says:

    I can see why you wanted to post this, Alison. Well said, indeed! I’d like to post a link to this if you don’t mind.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. John McCain says:

    You CAN’T vote, you cunt!
    You are an alien.
    Vote for your communist Gordon Tony Blairbrown.
    In Britain.

  3. thebeadden says:

    lmao….my last comment to you still stands. 🙂

  4. Lisa Damian says:

    YES! Well said, Jody.

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