The usual Conservative sleaze?

Just when they wanted to tell you that they had changed!

For many years the British Conservative party has been trying to get: 1, the onus of sleaze off of them and onto Labour: 2, try to get back into power by showing that they are a party of the people.

But it does bare a question – which people?

It is quite obvious to those looking in – the people concerned are those who have a few million to invest in the Tory Party. Even Russians.

You have to understand – and this is the hard part that people find with political parties – really understand that no matter where in the world you are – Conservative cannot change! And even if they do it will take 100 years and then they will move and inch this way or that. They are for status quo – that is there nature!

Conservatives are for business, good or bad business – it means nought – business is, in their minds, the only way forward for a society, or in Thatchers mindset, individuals that for a part or group that works within itself. We call it society, Conservatives call it a problem and inconvenience.

Conservatives dislike society enough that they will tell you that the only way any country to grow is to create good business – they do this while taking your job and planting it in another country where the labour costs are about 1/5 the cost where you live – why? Because it means they can make money! Conservatives are NOT interested in people – they interested in money, second only to power.

In today’s world I cannot see why Conservatives are in anyway near power, they should be the fringe parties who whine that they don’t get enough funding and that they should get public finance ‘To get the word out”. Yet they are not – again, why?

Shadow chancellor George Osborne has denied claims he tried to solicit a £50,000 donation for the Tories from Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

Financier Nathaniel Rothschild told The Times that Mr Osborne and Tory chief executive Andrew Feldman had discussed a donation from Mr Deripaska.

Mr Rothschild said they had boarded the Russian businessman’s yacht off Corfu in the summer “to solicit a donation”.

But Mr Osborne said: “We didn’t ask for money; we didn’t receive any.”

However the BBC has learned that Mr Rothschild, a long-time friend of Mr Osborne, will not “back down” over the allegations and is prepared to defend them in court.

The reason why – ’tis simple – Conservatives are both fiscally and morally corrupt. They know they need money to gain power and they will do just about anything to get it – while doing this; any political party that is striving for a betterment of society will be reviled as something quite evil.

Getting the money from a Russian billionaire will not be seen as doing anything wrong to the British Conservative party – they will justify it by saying this guy has a company in the UK so the donation is from a UK business – which is legal. But is it morally legal?

Some will say yes – others will just dismiss it as “It’s what the Tories do”. Me – I say use your vote to elect them into 3rd or 4th place and then out of existence – but that is just me.

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0 Responses to The usual Conservative sleaze?

  1. virgomonkey says:

    Dare I say anything even slightly negative about the GOP… I’ve been recently called an “Anti-American conspiracy theorist”. LOL

    Hey, how come you’re not following me on Twitter?

  2. thebeadden says:

    Great article, Will. I have so much more to say but it would be running off-topic, so I won’t.

    Nothing any political party does anymore, surprises me. But the mere mention of a Rothschild perks my interest in this story and the reason behind it.

    Not to mention my last post has much to do with this same family. Uncanny….

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    Fixed, Virgo.

    Run off-topic if you wish, Bead – I don’t mid that at all. 😛

  4. Kelsie in Houston says:

    “But it does bear a question – which people?”

    Mr Cameron: “Now that’s the £65bn question…”

    In his rhetoric today in the Commons, Mr Cameron lambasted Mr Brown for “leaving the cupboard bare” for millions of families–that’s awfully rich compared to his tax holiday for small businesses. Granted this economic climate presents very serious challenges for small businesses, but the Conservatives haven’t released any major initiatives for small families.

    He needs to stick to “people,” not “families”–there’s more weasel room with “people”–because it’s obvious the Conservatives’ embrace of the trickle-down economic model is essentially meaningless for the average man or woman in the U.K.

    Conservatives, Republicans: meet the new boss, same as the old.

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