John McCain: Ask the Russians for cash!

…we need it!

Sometimes, just some times – a race for the Oval Office gets a bit silly – and this seems to be the case here. But – just imagine what else is going on. If one mistake is made, just imagine where else McCain is asking money from. And he really does approve of the Columbian connection – as does George Bush.

John McCain asked the Russian delegation for money for his campaign!

The Russian mission to the UN in New York says it has turned down a request from John McCain to help fund his presidential campaign.

Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin and others received standard mail-outs asking them to help “stop the Democrats from seizing control of Washington”.

This – all above what he has been doing over the last few days? Isn’t Russia the country John McCain vilifies – and not only that, he believes that Russia is wanting to be the old Soviet empire? Wasn’t that a socialist state?

Oh dear!

While most Americans are saying that McCain is running a dirty campaign with his attacks – just how is he getting this extra cash he needs – I thought he was getting $80 plus million from public financing? Seems not – seems like he is getting cash from foreign governments to pay for the ad’s he keeps being able to afford. I can see why the RNC wanted to question Obama’s record keeping – because, like so many times, it is a matter of hit them first to deflect it off of us.

Very nice Rovian tactic.

Please feel free to send those links around the web – a mistake with the Russian one – but just imagine how many more governments McCain has tried to twist their arm to give funds to the campaign.

That is illegal isn’t it?

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0 Responses to John McCain: Ask the Russians for cash!

  1. John McCain says:

    I never said that, you cunt.

    Obama will shut down all Miss America shows. He will raise taxes and is a Muslim terrorist friend. If you are for America vote for me. I am white and will decrease taxes for some Americans.

  2. raincoaster says:

    Can’t I ask the Russians for cash? I can use cash! I’d buy sables and caviar and all KINDS of Russian products!

  3. bluephilly says:

    The attacks on Obama are not working on the Independents. They hate it. But McCain is 72 so when he is defeated he can just go home and relax. It won’t matter that he is forever going to be remembered in the history books for waging a very nasty, divisive campaign. All Obama does now is fend off attacks. It is a good thing we already know that Obama will not raise taxes on you if you make $250,000 or less. That is a good thing for people like me, no matter how the Republicans try to spin it. It is fantastic that Obama made sure we knew about his tax plan because he doesn’t have a minute to tell us now what with all the defensive speeches he has to make. Hey…I just realized something. That is why McCain’s camp is attacking him. So that he CAN’T talk about his plan. But McCain, it won’t work. WE ALREADY KNOW OBAMA’S PLAN. It is imbeded in our minds and on November 4th we are going show we heard it loud and clear.

  4. E. Monroe says:

    Why aren’t Americans asking why Palin is a member of the terrorist group Alaskan Independant Party who’s motto is “ I’m an Alaskan, not an American I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions”. Her husband Todd is a member and she gave the opening speach this year while governor. We need answers as to who really is the terrorist.

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