You have to love Sarah Palin…

…and John McCain for that matter.

The biggest socialisation in American history happened the day that $700Bn was approved by the US government. That was under a Republican president – John McCain, in case you have forgotten, is a Republican – and a maverick that isn’t, quite, what other people call a maverick – because he voted FOR the bail-out package. So did Barack Obama – but we have to look at the new McCarthy attack ploy by John McCain – the man is an idiot!

Do Americans what McCarthy in the White House? Some do – but not most.

Palin – in her enthusiastic, and pathetic, way is spouting that Barack Obama is a socialist. Now – I come from England, England is in Europe – and believe me – Barack Obama is about as socialist as Colin Powell, who endorsed Obama on Sunday. Part of his endorsement was:

“Taxes are always a redistribution of money. Most of the taxes that are redistributed go back to those who pay them — in roads and airports and hospitals and schools,” President Bush’s former secretary of state said. “And taxes are necessary for the common good, and there’s nothing wrong with examining what our tax structure is or who should be paying more, who should be paying less.

“For us to say that makes you a socialist, I think, is an unfortunate characterization that isn’t accurate.”

That is political speak for ‘John McCain and his running mate are telling lies’. You don’t say that stuff in government circles – that is why, or at least, one of the reasons the common man/woman feels that government is detached.

I agree with many that it would be nice for politicians to speak in a common tongue – but that is another story.

This one is about Sarah Palin and John McCain trying to clinch a victory by utilising all the buzz words that scare the living crap out of Americans. Why are Americans not educated in such things? That is pretty simple to answer, because those same politicians – especially wing-nuts – don’t want you to know what they are talking about.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are talking about ‘redistribution of wealth’. OK – let’s look at that socialist thinking right in the face – even though it is a much broader subject than ‘redistribution of wealth’, in socialism you have the redistribution of production as well – and with the American economy in the tank as it is now – I will bet my last dollar there are thousands of ‘Joe six-packs’ saying they could have done a better job of the running a factory than the bosses they had.

John McCain is invoking Joe – we all, by now know that Joe isn’t who he is – but still…Taxes – Americans have been paying taxes for a long, long time – where do you think those taxes go? Into a pot to be redistributed all over the country – amazing, eh? So that, which you have been paying for, like, totally, forever, man – has been – using McCain and Palin’s logic, socialism. So is John McCain a socialist? He has been in Congress a little while shorter than Joe Biden!

Sarah Palin is a real socialist, then. She – as I have said on this blog before – so much into socialism she hands out Alaskan checks all the time – she even said so, with great glee I may add, that she did do this on one of the few, few interviews that she has done.

She taxes the oil and gas companies and guess what – redistributes a companies wealth out to Alaskans. What is laughable is that the wing-nuts agree with this – that is more like socialism than collecting taxes to run a country as large as the USA – but nothing is said about it – even more amazing, eh?

So we have to ask John “McCarthy” McCain ‘Should your very own running-mate be investigated (a long with all the other investigations she is going to have) for being un-American and a socialist?’

The answer is no – because, as John McCain and Sarah Palin are Republicans they cannot be socialists – it’s impossible. Well – Colin Powell is a Republican – so his backing of Barack Obama means he can’t be wrong either!

You have to love Sarah Palin because she is cute, can’t dance, wears make-up and is a bit dumb!

Anything else – well, you just have to look at her and realise she is screwing up McCain’s campaign – probably because she (I laugh here) wants to run for office in a few years time – good luck with that Ms Palin, you really don’t know how you are going to be blamed for McCain not getting into office.

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0 Responses to You have to love Sarah Palin…

  1. ReyMac says:

    Nicely put!
    Some reflection on their own actions would probably shame McCain and Palin, but that would also mean stopping their incessant and ridiculous attacks on Senator Obama! Oh let these fifteen days march on!

  2. Hannah Stevens says:

    I am so tired of the republican lie spewing hatred coming out of the McCain/Palin camp. And has anyone noticed that Obama has plenty of amunition on McCain with Keating, Liddy and McCain was once invited to Joe Bonnano’s birthday party. That’s right McCain pals around with the mob. But Obama takes the high road and McShame and his pig wallow in the mud. It is time to rid this country of people like this who only want to divide and conquer to gain power, not to help the American people.

  3. Yellowbird1 says:

    McCain also was friends with a Nazi member but Obama is not talking about this either. I think he needs to shut McCain and Palin up. The American people seem to be gullible and that is why Obama has slipped a point or two in certain polls. At every turn the Obama campaign should fight the McCain/Palin onslaught of negativity. At the last debate when McCain said I am not Bush, Obama should have shot back just as angrily, “You may not be him in person, but you voted with him 90% of the time!”

  4. johnrj08 says:

    I am saddened and embarrassed by the despicable campaign being waged by the McCain/Palin ticket. Never, in the history of this country, has a pair of candidates been so grossly unfit to hold the offices which they so desperately want. McCain is a man of limited intellect who graduated 894th in his Naval Academy class of 899 midshipmen. He was anointed a war-hero because he was shot down and held against his will for 5 years. No doubt, the man suffered, but his so-called act of heroism was totally involuntary and had nothing to do with any conscious act of heroism. Sarah Palin is a religious reactionary and a former television weather-girl who believes that mankind actually walked alongside living dinosaurs. Worse yet, she is married to a man who has been an active member of an organization that wants Alaska to secede from the Union. These things are not in dispute. Please visit my blog to see this articles posted which explain further why these two people should NEVER be allowed to have the power of a President. Even their spouses are unacceptable, yet we still see thousands of people at their rallies. Paints an ugly and deeply disturbing picture of this country’s future, no matter who wins this election.

  5. sondra says:

    WEBSTER’S SOCIALISM! Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods (in one case others money they work for to others that do not). 2 a. a system or society or group living in which there is no private property. b. a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state or government. a stage of society in MARXIST theory transitional between CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM and distinguished by UNEQUAL distribution of goods and pay according to work done. SOCIALIST- a member of a party or POLITICAL group advocating socialism. (BARRACK HUSSIAN OBAMA). WAKE UP AMERICA, IT IS SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE. Barrack Obama, Nancy Pulosi, Barney Frank, Harry Ried—–GREED, Socialist. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT NOW. LET HIM SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND. Do you have alot of money, I hope so cause I sure do need it!!!!!!!!!!! Fork it over even if you did work hard for it. You may hate Bush (which I am not to fond of right now. BUT DO YOU WANT THE ALTERNATIVE????

  6. Snuffy says:

    The alternative is President Palin and that, my friend, is a nightmare. Here is a Colorado soccer mom’s take on McCain’s choice for VP that is worth reading:

  7. Andrea says:

    I’m happy that you have made great use of the copy and paste button.
    Now only if there was a “comprehend” button.
    You could use it.
    re-read the blog please. Actually dont re-read the whole blog. Just the first line. Read it and re-read it.
    How are you to hate the idea of spreading the wealth.
    when your “McCain” voted on a 700billion handout!
    is that not spreading… YOUR wealth. Now that Sondra… has socialism written all over it.
    (Please feel free to copy and paste socialism here)
    Mccain is a biggot, and most ppl that are voting for him are impressed/scared by the use of his big words like socialism, terriosts, and my personal favourite… maverick.

  8. No Mccain says:

    Sondra is one of those cooks from “Mccain/Palin mob” on youtube.
    It’s not socialism Sondra, it’s capitalism… Adam Smith warned us that government would have to step in from time to time to place checks on the wealthiest elite from creating such a large dichotomy between what Edwards refered to as the “two Americas.” Call it an investment Sondra.. when’s the last time you saw minimum wage go up? When’s the last time you got a raise? Can’t remember can you? It was probably in the Clinton administration. Jobs are fleeing this country faster than you can grab ’em. You are probably one of those people that react to things that other people are talking about (i.e. the term “socialism”) because you yourself don’t really have any grasp on what is truly happening. You see other people shouting “socialist,” so you get fired up too, and cut and paste rants from Limbaugh newsletters. For instance, you probably shout out “don’t outsource my jobs!” And then turn around and yell at Obama for advocating job retention here in the US, because he is a “socialist.” This mentality is illogical, disconnected, and fades into simple crazy talk. I’ve seen people like you walking on the streets… it’s kind of scary

  9. bluephilly says:

    The attacks on Obama are not working on the Independents. They hate it. But McCain is 72 so when he is defeated he can just go home and relax. It won’t matter that he is forever going to be remembered in the history books for waging a very nasty, divisive campaign. All Obama does is fend off attacks. It is a good thing we already know that Obama will not raise taxes on you if you make $250,000 or less. That is a good thing for people like me, no matter how the Republicans try to spin it. It is fantastic that Obama made sure we knew about his tax plan because he doesn’t have a minute to tell us now what with all the defensive speeches he has to make. Hey…I just realized something. That is why McCain’s camp is attacking him. So that he CAN’T talk about his plan. But McCain, it won’t work. WE ALREADY KNOW THE PLAN. It is imbeded in our minds

  10. Mike the American says:

    Palin, the Alaskan Independence Barbie, calls Obama a ‘socialist?’

    Palin’s Alaskan ‘Windfall Profits Tax’ is not only a ‘re-distribution of wealth’
    (or ‘spreading the wealth around’ for all you Joe six-pack plumbers),
    it is textbook socialism. In fact, the Alaskan system of Government and
    it’s financial sources (85% derived from Oil Companies) have more in
    common with the former USSR than the USA.

  11. Joffrey the Stizzud says:

    It’s true, Sarah Palin DOES have more
    Executive experience than anyone else in this race.

    That experience includes;

    A: “Spreading the wealth around…”

    Check out Alaskas Windfall Profits Tax that takes oil company success,
    redistributes it’s wealth by act of government,
    thereby socializing the entrepreneur’s profits.

    B: “Abuse of Power…”

    Troopergate, tasergate, don’t use the government for your family’s thangs…

    C: “Questionable expenditures…”

    If you don’t understand why you don’t use $21,000 of taxpayer money
    to cart your family around with you, maybe your understanding of political
    office is more in line with pre-America Europe than democracy.

    Man, I hope if McCain/Palin win she will be President inside of 4 months.
    Perhaps that’s the test Joe Biden was channeling from beyond.

    PALIN in oh-12 foolz

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