She's confused – I am completely bewildered!

David Cameron: 1p cut in national insurance

1p is about 2 cents. What he does mean – but won’t say it, is a 1% cut in national insurance for small businesses.

OK, small businesses are finding hard in the UK – well guess what, they are finding hard all over this planet. But – David Cameron is a Conservative – that means he isn’t for the average man/woman, he is for business – he is one of those who would and is fighting for the same kind of policies of Bush.

Cameron is a de-regulator – hell – he even feels that charities can do a better job of running The National Health Service than those who are running it now. Either that – or basically privatising the Health Service in the UK. The Tories LONG for the day the NHS is back in private hands. He likes the US system of insurance. He won’t tell you that either.

But this 1p cut. It is, well…confusing. This – with a VAT (Value Added Tax) holiday. What the hell is it with Conservatives and tax holidays? By the way – even though he is calling for a VAT holiday – he and his party will ask that small businesses pay the ‘fine’ of 7.5% on monies not paid on time. Odd that he is asking to help businesses with a poultry 600 quid and then fining them for it. But that is the way Conservatives do business – always have, always will do.

He said the reduction should last six months for companies which employ four staff or fewer.

Mr Cameron told the BBC many small businesses would “be going to the wall unless they get help”.

And more:

Mr Cameron said it was a “real tragedy” that Labour had built up the “biggest budget deficit in the industrialised world“, reducing scope for more tax cuts to stimulate the economy.

Bigger than the US deficit? WOW! The US ain’t that bad off then, eh?

We would like it if there was a magic wand. If we were like Sweden and had a budget surplus we could do much more.” [Cameron said.]

Mr Cameron also said he wanted a six-month VAT holiday for small and medium-sized firms and called on local authorities to pay small businesses within 20 days for their services, rather than 30.

For Labour, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Yvette Cooper said she was confused over how the Tories planned to pay for the national insurance cut.

A magic wand? WTF is the man talking about? Is he speaking directly to Harry Potter?

And this is the man who says that he can lead the UK?

Oh sweet Jesus.

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0 Responses to She's confused – I am completely bewildered!

  1. Kelsie in Houston says:

    Mr Cameron: “Perhaps the Prime Minister would like to answer–and you know [boos] you know–you know, I personally wish I could wave a magic wand [boos] at him and make HIM disappear! I’ve one right here!”
    Mr Brown: “M-m-m-m-m-m-m-Mr. Speaker! …. Mr Speaker! MAY…MAY…MAYbe…MAYbe HE would like to debate the issues, instead of playing magic tricks that lack substance!”

  2. Kelsie in Houston says:

    Seriously, though:
    I’ve heard the Conservatives cite this allegation that the United Kingdom has the biggest budget deficit in the world excepting a handful of dreadfully impoverished countries. Where does this come from? The United States’ deficit has gotten so huge, the fancy New York debt clock doesn’t have enough digits to display the whole number prefaced by the dollar sign. Mr Cameron’s plan seems like a smaller-scaled inversion of the original bank bailout: “Cash [in the form of the tax holiday] accompanied by a bevy of fees.”

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    You have it about right, Kels.

  4. leapsecond says:

    I wish there was some kind of magic wand too… I hope I don’t have to pay taxes on it.

  5. UK Voter says:

    Can’t help but agree, truth be told none of the parties know what help small businesses need, so here is a clue.

    1. Abolish or provide substantial rebates on business rates for all companies with a turnover of £1m or less. This is a tax on enterprise given no business receives any benefit, even their rubbish is not collected and the cost is typicall 45-50% of their lease costs.
    2. Substantially reduce or abolish employers NI contributions for all businesses with a turnover of less than £1m and laos help other larger compnaies. This is a huge cost to all companies, but hits smallers one’s particularly hard at 12%. A tax on employment is, at best immoral.
    3. Provide access to free advice health and safaety experts and employment law specialists for small businesses. This government has introduced a raft of complicated new legislation. Small businesses are obloged to ’employ’ experts to ensure that they comply with these onerous obligations.

    This is a good starting point, but not, of course exhaustive.

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