Negro By Association

Secretary of State, I mean General, I mean Joint Chief . . . oh, hell! Colin Powell endorsed a black man for President today because he’s black. George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, and a bunch of others I am still reading and listening to tonight are tripping over themselves to assure white Republicans and conservatives who are dissatisfied with their party, dissatisfied with their president, dissatisfied with their nominee, dissatisfied with the portrait of them painted by robocalls and Sarah Palin, dissatisfied with the invasion of Iraq, dissatisfied with the free market, dissatisfied with the campaign being run by John McCain that even though he speaks so well, Colin Powell is just helping out a brotha’. Welcome to a high-tech lynching.

Let’s talk about racism in the new millennium, shall we?

Colin Powell, according to many, was the man who could have been the first black president if he so chose, running in the party of Lincoln with enough stars on his shoulder to light up the night sky, enough experience behind him that no one could question his character, enough gravitas in his bearing for the world to listen, and enough humility and honesty to state unequivocally that he didn’t want the job. This is the man, the first black a) head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, b) Director of the NSA, c) Secretary of State, d) whatever he wants to do next, who has been out on the trail for the Republican Party quite a bit before this, no?

How do these idiots manage to get the words out of their mouths. All three of these white men are fundamentally focused on race because that is the paradigm which has given them the microphone, which lets them sit and stipulate that race is the factor driving Powell’s endorsement, rather than qualification, observation, intelligence, acumen – Bah! Though George Will has come out and openly criticized and questioned John McCain, Powell’s endorsement is racial. Pat Buchanan keeps trying to argue that McCain has a fighter’s chance, acknowledging that Obama is leading because of the manner in which he’s run his campaign, but those aren’t valid reasons when it comes to Powell. Rush Limbaugh asks when Powell endorsed an “inexperienced . . white candidate”, because in his pill-popping he’s forgotten Powell’s endorsement of then Governor George Bush in 2000. Enough already with the idiots, oozing their bigoted opinions without reprimand! The seven minutes that Colin Powell spent articulating his endorsement of Senator Obama sounded much like many of the endorsements of all the major newspapers I mentioned in my last post. His reasons sounded like many of the things I talked about months ago when I delineated my support for the Senator. The fact that Colin Powell had to defend his endorsement to Tom Brokaw, even while he was making it says that we’ve come a long way, but we definitely have much farther to go.

And I guess the 100,000 people who came out to see Senator Obama on Saturday were there because they’re black, too.


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0 Responses to Negro By Association

  1. Lisa Damian says:

    During the first four years of W’s presidency, I said that Colin Powell seemed the only intelligent and reasonable person in the Bush administration. His endorsement of Obama, for anyone who listened to it, was wise and well thought out. He clearly conveyed sound reasons for why he made his decision, and none of them had anything to do with race.

  2. CONFUSED says:



  3. ReyMac says:

    And so begins the rest of the McCain campaign.

  4. Matt says:

    Just perusing through older blog entries, I come across Tyron’s eloquent post above.

    Will (or whoever can edit/censor posts), is this language really appropriate to leave up on your site for all to see? I’m all for expressing one’s opinion, but can’t we do it in a polite fashion? Comments like that bring down your blog, not uplift it…

  5. ReyMac says:

    You’re right about that. I didn’t realize I could edit. I took down the other “John McCain” comment with language issues, too.

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    The John McCain who posts here – I would go over to his site and have a look at the content – you will find that much of what he says in in complete jest!

    Now I have looked at his blog, I understand where he is coming from – and he is taking the proverbial piss out of the anger management issue the “real” John McCain has.

    Click, click, you will see what I mean.

  7. ReyMac says:

    I went and checked the last time I saw a comment from him – I was still a little taken aback with the language in this comment.

  8. Will Rhodes says:

    You will be, Rey – but it is, I can assure you – a parody of the Real John McCain.

    I was, too, until I got to know him – then I saw where he was coming from. He is offering Americans the option, which the real maverick doesn’t do, a real look at who the real John McCain is and how he would deal with the real world and possibly what the real John McCain thinks.

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