Last man standing – because of civil war

Why McCain believes his own hype.

McCain isn’t a people pleaser – read his history. He pleases himself – reason 101 why he has no thought about the US economy and you.

It has been over 24 hours now since Colin Powell came out and endorsed Barack Obama – and any news, political junkie knows – that is a long time in politics.

Even now, as Powell is backing the right candidate McCain is saying that he has the race ‘just where he needs it’. Odd that.

How can you be so far behind and have the polls just where you need or want them? The national number mean absolutely zilch! The US president is not voted into office by popular vote – but the odd make up of electoral collage votes. And looking at those numbers Obama is already over the winning post. But that cannot be taken for granted.

What can be is the split in the GOP – it is falling apart at the seams, maybe this is part of what has gone wrong with McCain’s campaign. We see, each day, McCain going out on the trail and saying the same thing, repeating that he will unite the USA – personally I can’t see it. He can’t unite the GOP, the in-fighting is just boiling over – the steam is rattling the lid.

As Gloria Borger asks: Could pleasing his party cost McCain the election?.

I believe it has. But to add to that it isn’t the party – it is a certain section of the GOP that he felt he needed to win. It was a matter that he did, cynically, believe that if he picked a woman – women would vote for him – and he was advised not to. The moderates of the GOP have to look elsewhere – hopefully they will follow the lead given by Gen Colin Powell. It is a matter that we have, again, to wait and see. But he said many of the things that moderate Republicans have been saying for a while – although in private.

Now the platform has been given for them to speak out – I hope they take that, too. This GOP campaign has to go down as one, if not the, worst ever. It has been vile to watch – and saddening as well. If McCain should lose, which I think he will, or not for that matter – I do believe the GOP are too far down the road of self-destruction.

And the people are noticing that more and more as we get to the end-game.

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