Paparazzo: Sarah Palin

Now where is her camera?

The soap opera that follows this woman is – well, beyond imagination. Each time she opens her mouth she takes another foot out – but, I am coming to the conclusion that it isn’t actually her – it can’t be, can it?

There must be one or more of her puppet masters who are telling her what to say, so it must be them that is so out of touch or a combination of both.

We have to look at who put Same “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher in the public eye. It wasn’t Barack Obama – it was John McCain. He was the one who referred to ‘Joe’ during the debate to try to throw Obama off his message, as we all know it didn’t work – but still…

Joe The Plumber, real name Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher of Toledo, Ohio, was made famous by Sen. John McCain who invoked his name during Wednesday’s presidential debate.

Now, the Queen of the North is getting all itsy about the scrutiny that ‘Joe’ is coming under. Like that wasn’t going to happen.

It is laughable that McCain invokes this guy and then expects him just to be washed away in a few days – McCain, even now is still putting this guy front and centre in his campaign.

There is a bit of advice for Palin and McBush – Stop talking about him and the News crews will leave – it is as simple as that. For some reason it is now Barack Obama’s fault that ‘Joe’ is getting all his dirty laundry out in the open – well ya don’t say!

Maybe, just maybe, instead of trying to get a Dan Quayle moment in the debate, the McCain camp thought it through – this poor guy would be living his life in as much bliss as he once was. But no – desperation is getting the better of McCain – what it is with Palin is simple stupidity – but that is another blog.


“So here’s a guy working — standing there in his neighborhood when a candidate for president shows up and he wanted more than just a handshake and a campaign button. He wanted some answers.” [Palin said]

If that scenario sounds familiar, it’s because a strikingly similar thing happened to Palin on September 27 in Philadelphia at one of her own staged photo-ops, when Temple graduate student Michael Rovito approached the governor at a cheese-steak shop to ask her opinions on cross-border raids into Pakistan to hunt terrorists.

Palin told Rovito the United States should “absolutely” attack within Pakistan to stop terrorists, a position at odds with McCain’s. The remark was picked up by a network camera crew and caused a headache for the GOP ticket. Staffers were forced to explain the two candidates’ apparently conflicting views in a national television interview days later.

Pot and Kettle and all that.

Not only this – Palin is going to appear on Saturday Night Live – now why would she do this? I’ll let you guess at that one.

Undoubtedly the script will have been looked over, re-written, looked over and re-written again so it doesn’t make Palin look more of the dope she really is.

Do remember, Sarah – Alaska is wait for you to return should you lose this election. There are people up there who are going to ask you a few questions about a few buildings and redos of the mansion – and dear old Todd building a few things that were, ‘paid for?’

Palin must be desperate to win – that way she won’t have to go back to Alaska – that way she can be protected from the press – once this election is over she won’t have that protection and will have to answer those ‘hard’ questions once back in the cold north.

Those questions I will blog about – I can guarantee that!


The Facts

Sen. Obama had been campaigning outside Toledo, Ohio, on October 13 when he met Joe Wurzelbacher, 34, who works for Newell Plumbing & Heating Co., a small firm in the Toledo area. “I’m getting ready to buy a company that makes $250-270-80 thousand a year,” Wurzelbacher said. “Your new tax plan is going to tax m more, isn’t it?”

Obama explained his tax plan during the roughly five-minute exchange — telling Wurzelbacher that the tax rate on the portion of his income that was more than $250,000 would be increased from 36 percent to 39 percent. But he also mentioned that his plan includes a 50 percent small-business tax credit for health care and a proposal to eliminate the capital-gains tax for small businesses that increase in value. Obama said his tax plan, which he said focuses on bigger breaks for people making lower incomes, would be good for the economy. “If you’ve got a plumbing business, you’re going to be better off if you’ve got a whole bunch of customers who can afford to hire you,” he said. “Right now, everybody’s so pinched that business is bad for everybody. And I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Wurzelbacher said, “The reason I ask you about the American Dream, I mean I’ve worked hard. I’m a plumber. I work 10, 12 hours a day and I’m buying this company and I’m going to continue working that way. … I’m getting taxed more and more while fulfilling the American Dream.”

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, October 16, Wurzelbacher said he had misunderstood Obama’s plan and that the company he wants to buy makes well less than $250,000 a year — which Obama says means his taxes would not be increased.

The Verdict:

Misleading. McCain’s remark was an oversimplification of a five-minute-long conversation. Obama replied in great detail about his tax plan, and the “spread the wealth” remark was one small part of the conversation.

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0 Responses to Paparazzo: Sarah Palin

  1. It’s time to decide . Obama will win McCain and then we have to battle against financial crisis.

  2. judi b says:

    yes dear sarah,obama did stop to answer a question from a real person,unlike you who turns your back and ignors the public when asked to speak.guess we all wish we could run and hide on aplane and not face the american people.he had the time for us you didn’t!

  3. No Mccain says:

    John Mccain thinks tax cuts for the Middle Class is….

    oh no he didn’t…

  4. wittgenstein says:

    As usual, the GOP have barely anything of their own to throw at problems, but rely instead upon distorting the opposition’s statements, taking them out of context, and ignoring the totality…yet Americans, seemingly, can’t figure this out. If McCain/Palin somehow pull this one out of the hat, then I’d say after four years of them floundering about in the mess we’re in, whoever comes next (if there is a next) will have a near impossible task ahead of them. There is literally nothing in M/P’s analysis of reality that indicates they have any plan other than a minor modification of the same ol’ same ol.

  5. Conservative Not NeoCon says:

    Top 10% Wealthy benefit from Government Socialism while the 90% Middle Class abide by Capitalism – Trickle Down Pyramid Scheme = PONZIE

    In actuality, it is the Middle Class that has carried the weight and burden of the taxes while the wealthiest have actually had little tax while being able to outsource American jobs without penalty.

    Looks like Joe the Plumber a former registered “Natural Law” party, current Republican is really not a plumber but a single dad making 40k who’s former boss makes approx. 178k . Both of whom would benefit under Obama/Biden’s tax break.Thanks for coming clean Joe.

    Poster boy of Right Wing radio talk, Joe Wurzelbacher had no intentions of buying a fictitious plumbing business he claims to be considering. Instead, he actually owes 1,200 in taxes. He was like many who are ignorant in the belief that money from the top wealthiest US CEO will tickle down eventually to the Middle Class was quoted as saying “why would you penalize someone who is rich..” Obama’s tax plan would only let the tax break for those making over 250k expire.

    Personally, I think we should make the wealthy CEOs start carrying their own weight in this country like the rest of us with fair tax ratio to income. Make it Fair – Pay your share!

  6. Mike Buck says:

    Perhaps Sarah Palin can take Joe the Plumber along with her, “the first dude” and Joe Six Pack the next time she goes hunting to shoot wolves from airplanes. Then she can sign Joe up with the Alaska Independence Party the next time she is a guest speaker.

  7. No Mccain says:

    I cannot fathom why in my mind… that Mccain voted for the torture bill. Is his maverick image he claims to have just a performance, on a stage? ~ (as in Erving Goffman). The Republcans basically squelched any sympathy for any Vietnam veterans by turning around and implementing waterboarding on innocent people. Mccain is no maverick… he is just a puppet that practices political expediency whenever it becomes convenient for him to make a move. I used to have respect for him… that is long gone.

  8. Otis Redddding says:

    Socialist? Um ……….. what do you call President (Republican) Bush buying stocks in American banks? That’s not socialist?

    Ok, I’m sorry, I really have to ask this: are the Republicans assholes?

    I mean, really. McCain and Palin seem to physically hate George W. Bush. Who is our President. Who is Republican. While McCain and Palin are Republican?

    Am I missing something here?

    I can’t figure out the Republican party. One day the world is black. The next day it’s white. They have no rules. They have no morals. They have no standards. They make no sense.

    Why doesn’t the Republican Party of the United States of America just friggin-well turn off the lights and hit the road?

  9. Yellowbird1 says:

    What do you expect from a person, McCain, I will say it again, who has 7 houses and 13 cars? Why they need all that I don’t know. McCain could have a whole other family living in one of those houses and Cindy wouldn’t even know it! Barack and Michelle have 1 house and 1 car. I kind of feel sorry for them. They should at least have a car apiece; but I digress.

    There is one thing I want the American people to understand and not get confused. Obama will not raise your taxes if you make $250,000 or less. And if you do make over $250,000 he has explained over and over again that they will be similar to the ones Bill Clinton gave years ago. So in today’s economy, that’s chicken feed. So America, don’t buy into McCain’s daily rants that Obama is going to raise your taxes and put you in the poor house. If anything, that is what McCain’s Tax Plan will do.

  10. Yellowbird1 says:

    I want Sarah Palin, who made a point of speaking out about Obama’s bitter guns and religion mistake even at the convention, to tell America where these non-pro-American pockets are to which she is referring. I want her to name a city or town where these people reside. The media jumped, no pounced all over Obama when he said what he said, but they are virtually dismissing and ignoring what Palin said. What’s up with that? I want as much attention paid to that bonehead statement as was visited upon the Democrats by Obama’s statement. Why does she get off scott-free from the media by saying something that isn’t true and Obama didn’t. Unless and until they attack her like they attacked Obama, I see racism in the media.

  11. njs says:

    Palin is now building her own campaign… She is still pathetic and for starters, ask her husband about being Pro-American! Palin has her own agenda and we can see it starting now by comments being against issues that McCain supports. This is exacly how she became Mayor, then Govenor without much knowledge on what really matters! Oh… and does she think people are blind to “Troopergate” and “Housegate” and her husband wanting Alaska to be independent from America?…..

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