Who will raise your taxes?

Amazingly – John McCain said it on a TV debate!

Of all the things I saw that was most revealing about the debate – and that no one on TV said anything about, as yet, was that John McCain said he was the one that will raise your taxes for just having medical insurance.

Even in this limited transcript there is nothing about McCain saying that he would tax your healthcare benefits.

So – admittedly, the only candidate who is going to raise your taxes is John McCain.

Not Obama, but the Republican – John Sidney McCain.

If that doesn’t make your mind up – I really don’t know what will. If you have healthcare insurance through your place of work – whether Joe Plumber or Joe Sixpack – John McCain, the maverick, the reformer – will tax you, your company, for insuring your family.

That, my friends, is certainly a maverick view – and more so, with his $5000 tax break – he will not say to the insurers that they must accept pre-conditions! You can have your healthcare as long as you are healthy – anything else – you’re screwed!

Welcome to John McCain’s America.

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