As the days count down

Not over until the fat lady sings!

That has to be in the mind of Obama supporters – it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Obama needs to keep reminding and reminding people that they have to vote come election day – that is, as I keep saying, is the only vote that counts.

I know that you know that – but people have to be reminded, talked to, shown the difference between the two. That map they keep showing has red on it – it has yellow, too – those are swing States, those are not votes counted and in the sack – there is still a long way to go, even though it looks like a short time.

A day in politics is a life time – something, anything around the world can change how people think. Voters can have 4 years of more Bush or they can have hope, change and all that come in between that – but it does, really, mean nought if you don’t put that cross on that ballot, punch that hold or press your finger against the monitor.

McCain is desperate – this is why he is using people like Joe Whatshisname – McCain will lie, cheat – he will do anything to get your mind off of thinking about the economy.

But that isn’t about John McCain – it is all about Barack Obama. It is Obama that must now step up the fight, not sit on his laurels!

The nerves will kick in – and the days will go by – but Barack has to push and push some more.

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0 Responses to As the days count down

  1. Stonehead says:

    Then Obama wins and…

    The Other Half and I were talking yesterday about the 1997 General Election in the UK. The Tories were trounced and a huge section of the populace breathed a huge sigh of relief, believing things were about to change for the better. They changed all right, but not in the way that many people believed, expected or voted for.

    So be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.

  2. Will Rhodes says:


    I was one of those who went door-knocking, passing out leaflet – I sat up all night and day when Blair won. I actually shed tears that the Tories were out of office.

    6 months later I regretted everything.

    I know what you are saying – I just think that Obama will be different. Obama reminds me more of John Smith than Tony Blair. And John Smith was one of the greatest PMs the UK never had.

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