This is a real psychological endeavour by the NYU

This is part of an e-mail I received from Dan Prendergast of the NYU:

Dear Mr. Rhodes,

I am writing you on behalf of a research team from the Psychology Department at New York University, in the hopes that you might be able to help us with our timely and important research about the cognitive bases of electoral decision-making. We would be very grateful to you if you could possibly help us recruit politically inclined respondents to our survey by posting to your blog the link to the online survey we are conducting as part of this research. I detail the research question we are pursuing below, but I would first like to assure you up front that this is not to sell anything, make a profit, or promote either of the candidates. What we are doing is conducting what we think is rather ground-breaking scientific research in the hopes of better understanding voting behavior from a psychological perspective. The survey we are conducting is not aimed at changing respondents’ opinions in any way, and this study is not being funded by any of the candidates.

As I say that is only part of the e-mail, the rest I want to keep to myself because I don’t want anyone to feel there is any coercion on my part in anyway. I have locked out Comments on this post because this is something that was asked of me.

Why they picked this blog I have no idea but I do thank them for it.

OK to the link: Psychology Department at New York University Survey

Please click that link, you will be helping in research conducted by Professor Yaacov Trope (NYU psychology department faculty member). His bio can be found here.

Please feel free to give this URL out in e-mail, social networking sites or on your own blog. If you wish just to take the link and not link back here then please feel free to do so but add a post to your blog – with comments locked off.

Thanks for any assistance you can give this research.

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