Canada Prediction: Harper to stay PM

After the five weeks of polling – it looks like it’s all the same.

The preliminary results are flowing in from east to west with the polls closing on the pacific side at 10 ET.

In the Atlantic provinces, and according to CBC, it is all stay the same. And this is the problem – why call the election only for it to be the same? I could be wrong – but Canadians had the chance to rid themselves of Stephen Harper – for whom many thought he was a controlling factor and way too close to George Bush and the Bush policies.

Now that the polls are open up to blogging So far in Atlantic Canada the numbers are 17, Lib, 10 Con, 5 NDP.

Newfoundland has had an effect with Danny Williams “anyone but not the Conservatives’ The Conservative numbers are down.

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0 Responses to Canada Prediction: Harper to stay PM

  1. thebeadden says:

    Because Harper knew, had he waited until his term was up he stood no chance in hell. He wanted 4 more years, minority or not. ughhhh…
    I’m just going to keep quiet for now. 😦

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Libs are losing to both NDP and Cons.

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    So far figures:

    91 Con, 69 Libs, 24 NDP, 20 BQ, 1 Oth.

  4. thebeadden says:


  5. Will Rhodes says:

    Predicted seats for Harper 140, shy of 155 needed.

  6. thebeadden says:

    Even that number is too high for me. I just can’t believe it!

  7. Will Rhodes says:

    Low turn out, Bead. The Conservatives ALWAYS vote.

  8. Will Rhodes says:

    Tory ‘stronger’ minority government predicted.

  9. thebeadden says:

    So, the thinking is in about a year, Harper, can’t handle not having full control and will step down. I don’t know who would step in.

    Dion will be replaced by Iggy. What a nightmare that would be!

    And they all realize it will take something major happening for the GG to even think about allowing another election before a 4 year term is up.

    Is there a bright side to this?

  10. Will Rhodes says:

    I think the bright side is that he has to go 4 years – he will break his law again if he goes earlier.

    I can’t see Harper standing down, but who the hell is going to replace Dion? Trudeau?

    Turn out was just over 50%, Bead – that just isn’t good enough.

  11. thebeadden says:

    Michael Ignatieff has been waiting in the wings. You know the guy who spent the last ten years in the US and came back to run last election. That guy scares me more than Harper

    Harper is a control freak. When he didn’t win 2 elections back, was it? He was pissed and was thinking about stepping down. I can see him walking away.

  12. Will Rhodes says:

    Don’t you think Rae will run for Lib leader? They already have the knives out for him [Dion]. But even I didn’t think that Dion was the right man to lead the party.

    But would Harper really go for another election victory? I just can’t see him getting a majority government.

  13. thebeadden says:

    The Governor General would never allow another election so soon and they know it. Not this year but I can see Harper stepping down if things don’t go his way. He doesn’t play well with others.

    OMGosh! Rae. That guy has left such a bad impression on Canada. Unless they wanted to ensure another Conservative win, I don’t think it would be a good idea. But you know me and conspiracies. Lib, Con, same thing, same goals. So who knows. I think the Liberal Party either made a huge blunder by calling on Iggy, voting in Dion and having Rae in the party.
    It was almost like they didn’t want the win.

  14. Will Rhodes says:

    It was almost like they didn’t want the win.

    I so agree with that!

    Dion is a nice guy – but he just isn’t a leader – and you do need a leader to take the House away from Harper. Will Iggy push for a leadership challenge? Possibly but I can’t see anything happening until next week.

  15. thebeadden says:

    You can bet Iggy will be in there like a dirty shirt. I don’t understand why they asked him to come and run for the party. He spent 22 years in Britain and then went on to the States from there.
    I say leave us alone Iggy! LOL!

    I like Dion too. He seems too nice to be in politics. Probably someone who should be PM. But we tend to like ours with a little grit. It’s too bad.

  16. Will Rhodes says:

    I am looking around at those elected for the Libs – and I promise I will make a prediction as to who, will be the next leader 😀

  17. thebeadden says:

    Don’t make me start my “Anyone but Iggy” campaign! 🙂

  18. Will Rhodes says:

    HAHAHAHA Danny Beadden? LOL

  19. thebeadden says:

    I don’t know much about him but he did get a lock out. I’ll look into him more.

    Well…I guess we are left with more of the same. I’m glad it’s over. I think I have an ulcer.

    Goodnight, Will.

  20. Will Rhodes says:

    Night, Bead 🙂

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