Southpark comes to Alaska

..legally she did nothing wrong.

Well that is what the report says into the ethical misuse of power by Sarah Palin. Yet it is, shall we say, a comedy of errors.

It is turning out that Todd Palin – you know, he’s mer husband – is much more involved than first thought. Many commentators thought it was a matter that she was just abusing her power to get a fat guy fired – her sisters husband. But it turns out that another party was also involved – and another and another.

You couldn’t write this unless you were writing about some outback town well away from the glaring eyes of civilisation

Boo-yah! Got that moose?

It is even more incredible now that as the report comes out – that the people of Alaska actually voted for this moron.

Top state police officials urged Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s aides and husband to stop pushing for the firing of her ex-brother-in-law, with one warning it could cause “an extreme amount of discomfort and embarrassment.”

That warning from John Glass, Alaska’s deputy commissioner of public safety, is included in a state investigator’s report that found Palin unlawfully abused her authority to press for the dismissal of Mike Wooten, her sister’s ex-husband, from the state trooper force.

Glass said he warned Palin’s husband, Todd, that disciplinary action already had been taken against the trooper and that “we could not fire him,” according to the report, which was released Friday.

“And I also warned him that it was going to cause some extreme amount of discomfort and embarrassment for the governor if they pursued this and it should never have become public. That it would just be not good for the governor if it continued, and that they needed to cease and desist,” Glass told former Anchorage prosecutor Stephen Branchflower, the report’s author.

Some common-sense should have been used – but it is patently obvious that there isn’t any in this case.

Watching an earlier broadcast it stated that the illegal moose killing by Wooten could have cause even more embarrassment for Palin and da clan – the people who were with Wooten when he shot and killed the moose were her sister and her father.

If charges had been brought against Wooten, then her sister and father would have to be charged, too.

Look out for more redneck stupidity from the wastes of Alaska.

Moose Burger, anyone?

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0 Responses to Southpark comes to Alaska

  1. Dean Kent says:

    What I think is most interesting is that Sarah Palin’s defense is that “I did nothing illegal”. On the other hand, Obama did nothing illegal and yet the Republicans are hammering him for his ‘association’ with Ayers, et. al. as being poor judgement.

    Now, Republicans say “Ayers is a terrorist, and that makes all the difference”, but obviously this is the straw man. The actual *argument* that the Republicans are using is that Obama used ‘poor judgement’ in his association, not that Obama *is* a terrorist.

    So, Sarah Palin allowed her husband to use the office of the Governor to pursue a personal agenda. She allowed it… turned a blind eye to it. Is this not ‘poor judgement’? It may or may not be ‘illegal’, but of course, that isn’t really the point.

    Now, the real question is this: Which ‘poor judgement’ is more likely to cause a problem for an official elected to a Federal office – a poorly chosen association (not even a friendship) many years ago, or allowing a non-elected, non-government-employee to use a government office to gain a personal benefit… within the past 2 years? Each person will make his/her own decision (some will, perhaps correctly, say the association with a ‘bad’ person is worse), but what people *should* be focusing on is the judgement issue, not the terrorist issue (too many idiots are using it to say Obama is ‘dangerous’ or ‘evil’.)

    See, Republicans are using the ‘terrorist’ label to divert attention and create fear, but keep trying to insist that it isn’t the ‘terrorist’ that is the problem, it is the judgement. This way, when you try to point to Palin’s lack of judgement, they can immediately switch to the ‘terrorist’ thing to try and deflect the argument.

    Reason is not the strong suit for the vast majority of people. After all, the average IQ is between 90 and 110. Most people in, and running, these campaigns have much higher IQs – and they actually *depend* upon people being ignorant… or worse, stupid… to make their campaigns work. They actually *hope* that people will focus on the ‘terrorist’ label, and not the ‘lack of judgement’ issue. That’s only there so they can claim they weren’t being ‘negative’.

    Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin all have their negative aspects, but most conclusions made by people on all the blogs I’ve read are based upon irrational and illogical arguments. They spout absolute nonsense, or present valid facts but the conclusions have nothing to do with the facts.

    It’s almost scary, except that this has obviously been the case for over 200 years so I guess no matter who actually gets into office we will continue to exist… at least for awhile…

  2. DE says:

    What I find interesting is the fact that CNN can find out just about everything about the Palin family,but reports almost zero about Obama’s background. They also fail to mention the fact that the investigators, Branchflower, wife once worked for Monegan and still remain close friends. They also fail to mention that Branchflower and Hollis French, remember him, the Chairman democrat that promised an October surprise before the hearing even started, are close personal friends. And while CNN could find the legislators on the board who agreed with Branchflower to be interviewed, they didn’t seem to want or even report the fact that 6 members basically said that the findings of this report were one man’s opinion and should be viewed with a jaundiced eye.

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