Canada goes to the polls tomorrow

…and in comparison to the US election – it is beyond civilised.

Although I live in Canada there hasn’t been much on this blog about the Canadian election. The similarity between a British and Canadian election is striking. One of the things here is that it isn’t, by any means, a two horse race.

After looking at the candidates for this seat my wife and I were in a real quandary as to who the vote would go for – we decided that, after reading what we have been given and speaking to the respective candidates the NDP has it.

It was a serious toss up between the NDP and Liberals. But what edged it for us is when speaking – at length, to the NDP candidate – and he did remember us and the conversation we had with him last year about local and rural predicaments – particularly rural jobs and investment – we went for the NDP candidate because of what he said about Obama.

The connection was there – the young woman who was also involved in the conversation was below voting age and he took as much interest as to what she had to say as us, which was bloody refreshing to see.

We know that the likely result in this riding will be a victory for the Conservatives – but that really doesn’t matter – we could just vote for the Liberals to keep the conservative out of power – but what would be the point in that, we disagreed with her and her party’s view and policies.

The final result in Ottawa will probably be a hung (shared) parliament. Who will be the largest party is still up for grabs – it could be either Conservatives or Liberals. The NDP will be the 3rd party so a power-sharing deal could be on the cards, especially since the fixed term will have to take effect this time around.

I would have preferred it that Jack Layton had or would be chosen as PM – I think he would make a surprisingly good one. It is just that he needs to get out more not to get the NDP message across before the next election.

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0 Responses to Canada goes to the polls tomorrow

  1. thebeadden says:

    You don’t know how happy I was to read this, Will!
    They weren’t my first choice but they seem to be the most logical choice.

    If there was ever a time when Canada needs an NDP government, it is now.

    They have often been condemned for being spending money on social programs. I think that is what we will be begging for over the next few years.

    It’s better than handing the money to the rich like other parties do. The NDP will help the people who need it most.

    I will be crossing my fingers tomorrow. I’ve never felt this nervous about an election before.

    Please tell me Canada will not let the Conservatives have another 4 years of running Canada into the ground.

    Take care

  2. virgomonkey says:

    Your conservatives are American’s liberals. And according to the British, Obama is considered a “moderate conservative” in Europe — which makes sense. Also, the gap between a conservative and a liberal is huge in the states as opposed to the rest of the world where the differences are nothing to get smoked up over. Perhaps that is also why there is more political tolerance of opinions in the rest of the world.

    I am willing to bet that America is the most bitterly divided nation in the world regarding politics.

  3. thebeadden says:

    I don’t think I have ever been so nervous about an election before. It’s going to be a long night.

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    Results will be coming in soon, Bead 😀

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