Divided we stand

…the last gasp of a crumbling campaign.

The GOP are going into marking time mode – they want the status quo so much, are against change so much that they are going to say that ‘OK – we have lost the presidency please vote in a republican congress‘.

Why would they want this? Quite simple really. Firstly it would nullify a Obama president. The congress would bring legislation forward that they knew Barack Obama could not sign into law – of course then they would say that he was doing this because they are Republicans – much the same as Bush has done over the last 2 years.

It does in some way have its appeal – no one wants a congress that is going to bring forward legislation that will be harmful – well neither does Barack Obama. If you have a Republican Congress and a Democratic president – especially after what the world has seen over the last 8 years, it would be more of a disaster.

For 6 years there was a Republican president and a majority Republican Congress – what did that do? Made this mess that the American people have now. The whole legislature and executive would come to a grinding halt until new elections could take place – and that is what the Republicans are working on. They want to not only nullify Obama – but do, as they always do, get big business all the tax dollars they can get.

It’s a strategy popular with some high-profile conservative voices. Last month, columnist George Will urged McCain to make the idea his “closing argument,” pointing to the fact that the Democratic Congress was drawing approval ratings even more dismal than President Bush’s historic lows: “His argument should assert the virtues of something that voters, judging by their behavior over time, prefer — divided government,” he wrote, that “compels compromises that curb each party’s excesses.”

Secondly – the Democratic congress was drawing such poor approval ratings because they couldn’t do anything. The American people could have voted more Democrats into Congress and many of the things that have gone wrong could have been avoided – simply because they would have had a strong vote to get passed Bush’s veto.

Thirdly – a Democratic congress and a Democratic president would mean that the Obama plan for the US would take effect much quicker. He would be able to lead as he has said he would do all along by directing from the front rather than just being bogged down with filibuster and crap that would come before him from a Republican congress.

This could be the last roll of the dice by McCain – in one way I hope he comes out with this quickly – that way the argument can be engaged and shown for the folly that it would be.

Those arguments were echoed Sunday by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a major McCain surrogate. “I don’t think the country is going to like the Democratic Party running the table on taxes, on education, on health care and having kind of the liberal, unchecked, imbalanced approach to all of those issues,” he told Fox. “It’s going to be bad for the country.

You have to ask a very loud – WHY?

Isn’t that the issue – are they not the points of issue that Barack Obama is running his presidential campaign on? To help the middle-class with taxes, healthcare, education?

The only way to bring about that sea-change is to have a Democrat president AND a democrat congress. Blasting all this out of Fox News may well appeal to the hard-line right wing and the Bible thumpers – but the American people need the change that Barack Obama wants to deliver – and there is only one sure way of doing that.

A Democrat president and a Democrat congress. Lets hope the American voter really gives the Democrats the ammunition to change the USA.

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  1. Someone has to tell the truth, for NO WONDER IT IS STILL TOO OFTEN CALLED DIRTY POLITICS

  2. John McCain says:

    Ah, my Christian friend from Canada was already here. Tell me, my friend, have you also been here with my fellow patriot Americans?
    Follow the word of The Lord!

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