Say it isn't so!

Talking and diplomacy could work to end a war?

As I am a person who fully believes that talking should last long and hard BEFORE you commit young men and women to the fighting – I find it totally ironic that you have a guy who is running for president of the USA who believes that war is the only option in treating those who disagree with you.

Now, after a summit between those who have influence, comes to an end and that those who would be seen as an enemy are included in those talks – without preconditions I may add, you have those who are in government saying things that are totally opposite to the one man who would carry on the war – without talks!

Now it should be known to anyone who reads this blog that I don’t like John McCain. I don’t like him because of one simple reason – he likes people to die. I don’t!

If, and if this should happen, a war is unavoidable it has to be fought – that is the part, unavoidable. But before you come to that you must talk, talk and talk again. But John McCain believes that the awesome power of the US is paramount and it must be seen to work. Well John – it isn’t about how much power you have, it is about how you use that power.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the United States would be prepared to reconcile with the Taliban if the Afghan government pursued talks to end the seven-year conflict in that country.

See that? Robert Gates agrees that you can, through diplomacy, come to an agreement with those you wanted to kill.

The Taleban are not stupid – they know that the election in the US seems to be going Obama’s way – and he has said, time and again, that he will commit troops to Afghanistan. Not just a few troops – a ot of troops and the Taleban know that they have to do a few things before they have to fight the extended US troops deployment – 1. disenfranchise themselves from Al-Q, which they have. 2. talk to the Afghan government about putting their arms away and living in peace.

We may not LIKE the Taleban – but that is not up to us to like them or agree with them – as long as they agree to live within the laws of Afghanistan. That’s it!

Obama wants to talk – McCain wants to fight – fight when it’s right, not when it’s not.

Please, vote for Obama and the world will be a safer place.

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