John Lewis Speaks Out

John Lewis Congressman from the fifth congressional district in Georgia, and former civil rights activist spoke out about the anger that has been coming from the McCain campaign as of late directed at Obama, some of which was very chilling indeed. In his statement Lewis said:

“What I am seeing reminds me too much of another destructive period in American history. Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse,”

John Lewis then went to talk about George Wallace, a known segregationist, and the role he played in spreading racial hatred. The entire statement outraged John McCain who demanded the Obama campaign denounce John Lewis’ statement.

“I am saddened that John Lewis, a man I’ve always admired, would make such a brazen and baseless attack on my character” – John McCain

The Obama Campaign released this statement:

“Sen. Obama does not believe that John McCain or his policy criticism is in any way comparable to George Wallace or his segregationist policies,” Burton said. “But John Lewis was right to condemn some of the hateful rhetoric that John McCain himself personally rebuked just last night, as well as the baseless and profoundly irresponsible charges from his own running mate that the Democratic nominee for president of the United States ‘pals around with terrorists.’ “

The exchange of recent days coming from the McCain campaign that resulted with vicious outcries against Obama that could send chills down anyone’s spine, is the sad reality of the this presidential election cycle. When vicious, hateful attacks are waged that elicit even more hateful, vicious responses from its audience, then it is only right that someone step up to the plate and denounce those who are making them. Although McCain has done an about face with his and Palin insidious slander against Obama, the sting of those words still remain. The words spoken by Palin and McCain in recent days also whipped up a fervor that cannot be denied, nor should they go ignored. What those words did was expose an undercurrent of hate that still exists and was enflamed. Those days were frightening and were dangerous. It was extremely irresponsible of the McCain campaign to incite such vile hatred.

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0 Responses to John Lewis Speaks Out

  1. Indian says:

    John McCain is an evil Nazi.

  2. Ron from Minnesota says:

    Barak Hussein Obama is the most radical left wing liberal/socialist/marxist and racist senator in recent history. The American people will not elect him. The democrat weighted polls are bogus. Gore was up 11 points in some polls in October of 2000. Voter fraud is being intercepted as we speak.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Congressman Lewis have the right to state what is clearly being demonstrated. Did Palin and McCain apologize for the comments from their ralleies? People are yelling “off with his head” ” kill him” etc. Why Palin/McCain say anything. McCain finally said something when a white lady stood up and said that she did not trust Obama because he was Arab. What the f?? That shows how people are thinking. I hope Obama does not apologize, or do you want me to say, I hope “that one” doesn’t apologize.

  4. Max says:

    I don’t believe McCain is an “evil Nazi” any more than I believe the radical spew about “Barack Hussein Obama” being Marxist and racist. I do believe, however, that the McCain campaign has deliberately embarked on a road of political and social destruction.

    It can end in only one of two ways. McCain can stand up, reclaim the shreds of his personal and political honor, and thoroughly denounce the hatefulness and jingoism of his campaign. That would, in my mind, require him to fire Palin off the ticket immediately, as she has become an enthusiastic lightning rod and catalyst for the mob frenzies the McCain campaign is causing. I don’t see McCain doing this because of his ridiculous and hateful characterizations of John Lewis, and because his outrageous attack ads against Obama are continuing to run.

    The other way is a wave of violence and anarchy led by the worst of the right-wing gutter radicals. How far will it go? I have no problem envisioning militias storming polling places to “patriotically resist” so-called “voter fraud” by waving guns at terrified citizens and demanding “proof of citizenship” from whatever brown-skinned voter they fixate their hatred on. In fact, I have no problem envisioning such a tide of violence engulfing this nation that on November 4 or before, Bush declares martial law, suspends the elections, and brings American democracy to a crashing end.

    Is this why McCain hasn’t bothered putting together a transition team to prepare for his entrance into the White House? Is this all orchestrated to anoint Bush/Cheney the new dictators of America? I hope not, but it could happen. If it does, “Ron from Minnesota,” then it will be because of you and those like you that our nation’s democracy and freedoms are irretrievably destroyed. Take that flag pin out of your lapel and that bumper sticker off of your car. You and your ilk are nothing more than demagogues and, if this process plays out, abject traitors.

  5. Daniel says:

    John Mccain is the manchurian candidate. He denied early release from Vietnam captivity because he was being brained washed, and he liked it. He is working for the north Vietnamese, and is subverting the political authority that goes with the presidency of the United States presidency…
    Do you realize how stupid this sounds?…

    well so does any allegations of Barack Obama somehow being a surreptitious Muslim planted here for the sole nefarious tactic to subvert the United States by attaning the Presidency.

    Conspiracy theorists should not be able to vote.

  6. SANDA in Tucson, AZ says:

    The congressman is absolutely correct.
    That is what the desperate moves of the McCain/Palin were/are trying to do and they are not big enough to own up to it.

    He should be disqualified for the office of President for this kind of despicable behavior.

    This is beyond over the top it is scary.

    McCain/Palin should apologize to America and to Senator Obama.

  7. Republican Ignorance says:

    It is remarkable how effective republicans have been at feeding the ignorance in their constituents. There are some intelligent republicans out there and those are typically the ones who mainly focus on keeping their “hard earned” money in their pockets and out of the government’s. This is a fair debate, but this debate is rarely heard. We only hear quick talking points for the tunnel visioned people out there who do not have a progressive bone in their body. If social issues are your major concern then hold true to your republican ideals and stop government from telling others what to do. LET PEOPLE MAKE THE CHOICE FOR THEMSELVES. In addition, stop putting your faith in greed. It never works out. If taxes are what concern you and you’re in the middle class like me then open your eyes and realize Obama is going to reduce your tax burden. Ron from MN and many other conservatives do not know the issues, because as a Republican you do not hear your leaders talk about the issues. They are wasting our precious time and tax dollars talking about associations and feeding ignorant beliefs of terrorism and inaccurate religious affiliations. McCain has clear associations with people who have dealt in highly illegal and unpatriotic acts. Look at the Keating Five and look at Mr. Graham, his financial advisor. Mr. Graham and I believe his wife really could bear the brunt of the blame for Enron and the mess we have seen with deregulation in the energy markets and financial markets. Don’t you feel bad for the linemen who worked for a stable utility company for years and now have nothing for retirement? There is blame to go around, but it’s very clear to me that most of it falls on the republicans. Be a patriot and help yourself and the rest of the 95%. Obama is no Marxist. If anything he embodies the teachings of Christ who looked out for the poor and underserved. Name the last republican to do that.

  8. rjjrdq says:

    The race card is being played? Who’d of thunk it? It used to be an effective tool to stifle dissenting views. Not so much anymore.

  9. BeHonest120 says:

    Re:Republican Ignorance

    Well said but I fear there are too many Republicans who really don’t want to read and learn about both candidates to make a fair and intelligent decision. Maybe “Couch Republicans”? Sad.

  10. Carmin Wharton says:

    I am a Black woman who is a Democrat. I do not believe that John McCain nor Barack Obama are racists.

    I sincerely believe that the McCain camp, in an act of desperation because of what the polls are saying regarding Obama’s lead, tried to instill fear in the minds of uneducated voters. However, it backfired on them because I don’t think McCain had any idea how much racial hatred still exists in this country toward Blacks. I think he was sincerely shocked the other day when a White woman stated that she believed Barack Obama is an Arab.

    However, I do question the duplicity of the McCain campaign. While McCain denounced his followers who called Obama a “terrorist” and screamed “Kill him!” there are still ads that stress how ‘different’ Obama is. They seem to be talking out both sides of their mouths. The ads that are running on television every few minutes feature a woman in a whispered voice “Who is Barack Obama? … We can’t trust him …”

    Personally, I want a president who speaks out of one part of his mouth – the front, truthful part of his mouth.

  11. Oonagh says:

    I cannot believe the rhetoric and hate that is coming from John McCain / Sarah Palin and his supporters… I thought we had evolved …. guess not… What a sad bunch of ignorant low lives. These people need to crawl back under that slimey rock they came out from …. They call themselves Christian, huh… I thought that word was supposed to mean something…

  12. KC says:

    Well, I see while I’ve been attending to some personal matters the market has tanked and so has the McCain campaign. Sen. McCain needs to be voted out the Senate as well as the Presidential election. I would like to officially call for the resignation of Senator McCain and the impeachment of Gov. Sarah Palin. The absurd allegation and riotous inciting occurring on the campaign trail is not an Article I protected speech privilege; it is unlawful and frankly, un-American. As a nation we need not subject our country to this type of fake campaigning, inciting words and attitudes, mob gathering, and outright deceptions and lies. I would encourage the media to follow the Treasury department’s unprecedented actions of late and take some of their own – I want the media to blackout these ‘McCain Mob Rallies’. Deny McCain what he wants most – news cycles. It is my understanding that if these activities were being offered by a standard citizen the actions would not be news worthy. Dear Media, I offer that even from Senator McCain this is not news worthy.

  13. Patricia says:

    Rep. Lewis experienced something most of us did not during the civil rights movement and the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr. McCain witnessed that era as well. I sensed a few days ago that the rhetoric from the McCain campaign was starting to incite rage and it happened. The words that stuck in my mind, and apparently quite a few others, was the comment by Palin that Obama pals around with terrorists. You say that over and over, what do you expect? She knows Ayers is a reformed man, yet she chose to get people riled up using those words. Those are intentional words that can’t be denied as rhetoric words that incite rage. Especially in a time of such frustration as that which we are experiencing right now. She has become quite a politician. She can spew out lies without flinching!!!!!

  14. Ana says:

    There are hundreds of blogs reporting experiences of McCain supporters in coffee shops expressing hate towards Obama or wishing him dead. Fights & arguments breaking out and lawns & cars with Obama stickers being vandalized.

    Volunteers are wondering if they should go into heavy Republican areas to canvas? This rise started when the McCain folks started shouting terrorist, kill him, bomb, traitor, not a patriot! Some of these people don’t really care about voting or McCain, they are simply joining in the love-hate festival the McCain Rally supporters began. Some Democrats are talking about taking some of their stickers/magnets off the cars for fear for vandalism, others are thinking of not wearing t-shirts anymore.

    Tonight I was on youtube and I selected this video. It happen to be on the lady who McCain said “NO” on Obama being an Arab. So I wrote a response. This guy wrote back and when I responded I decided to look at his comments. To my surprise I’ve never read such hateful words. It was all over the place. I mean this the kind of hate you have to watch out for. This guy is on a death wish.

    He defends KKK & hates Blacks and Jews. Here are some comments I copied:

    starcatcher888 (1 hour ago)

    If Obama is wacked it will be a good thing for humanity! Then I hope there is a race war in the USA and we clean the out the Trash! NOT A PANTY RAID RACE WAR BUT ABOUT 30 MILLION DEAD AND CLEAN UP THE GARBAGE AND THE RATS WE HAVE LET BREED IN OUR COUNTRY! AND CLEAN OUT EVER PRISION! Start from scratch


    Name one Atheist Country in the world ever.
    When I see Atheists I see dead bodies and mass Murder only second to Muslims and Islam.
    Where they create famine, misery and ancarchy and then kill the farmers to fix the famine to continue with the misery and the anarchy to sell their brand of salvation to the hopeless!

    Starcatcher888 to me:

    Not in the USA it is not! It maybe in EUnuch land or the Euro-trash zone and in Canada but not in the USA: Infact with what I know about Islam I would never convict anyone for killing ANY self confessed Muslim on sight! And soon More Americans will know what Muslims are and Islam is: We will have Bounties on them! No Muslim is tollerable globally! Islam merits total extermination! Just like the Aztecs with human sacrafice and canibalism!

    Check him out on Youtube select all comments by him and see how sick he is. He’s linking IN HIS MIND Obama to Muslims thanks to Cindy & John McCain, and Sarah Palin.

    I told him I was going to report him and have him flagged under the patriot act. I wonder if the Bush people would really use the patriot act for the right thing besides listening in on conversations with our military personnel and their spouses?

  15. Alan Chan says:

    After reading those replies, some of them rather ridiculous.. I have to say that Obama’s supporters made more sense to me.

    It’s almost like, McCain’s supporters are less educated and less intelligent.

  16. tenya l griggsby says:

    Talk about being hypcritical! Why do the “repugnant-kins” always turn their wrath on Sen. Obama about words that come out of someone else’s mouth, but fail to take responsibility for fueling the hatemongering that is now emerging in the final days of the campaign.

    Listening to one of Sarah Palin’s recent rallies WAS reminiscent of a KLAN meeting. The only things missing were sheets and a cross burning in the background.

    McCain’s attempts to correct that crazy lady in Minnesota who said that she was scared of Obama because he is an Arab was so insulting and stupid. Inferring that all Arabs are terrorists is about as insane as saying that all whites are Klansmen.

    Come on, let’s use some common sense. This country is falling apart, and regardless of what one’s ethnicity happens to be, all of us stand to lose so much.

    Sen. Lewis didn’t lie or exagerate. He remembers clearly what has happened in the past, and as the saying goes, if we don’t recognize the past, we are doomed to repeat it.

  17. John McCain says:

    That One started first, Julie! He has slandered me by saying I was wrong on Iraq and tax cuts for the rich. At the same time wants to teach sex to kids in kindergarden!

    And now in New York he revealed his real name Barack Osama on the ballots!

    So, now tell me who is the bad guy?

  18. John McCain says:

    Besides, there are also cells for women on Guantanamo, you communist censor …

  19. Fred Evil says:

    McCain certainly has got chutzpah. He unleashes the pitbull with lipstick to go out and terrorize his constituency. She did so, VERY effectively. The truth be damned, she certainly got the mouth-breathing, fact-ignoring, e-mail believing spreaders of internet rumor to stampede right out the gate, and over farmer John.

    Can you believe that people still think Obama is an Arab Muslim?! Can you believe someone that ignorant got into a McPalin rally, and presented her ignorance before the world?! (not to mention a VP candidate all but calling Barack a terrorist!)

    I certainly can. When you have the tools of mass-distortion at work, Rush, Hannity et al, and unwilling to hold themselves to any moral standard when it comes to achieving their goal of a McCain presidency, this is EXACTLY what happens.

    Congressman Lewis is EXACTLY right in calling them out on it.

    I applaud McCain for recognizing he’s pushed the ignorant masses too far, and trying to reign in their stupidity, but it’s too little, too late. I’m now embarrassed for him and his people, I wonder how many (if any) will recognize just how far over the line they’ve gone?

  20. The Real Issue says:

    Republicans are very passionate. So are Democrats. With this in mind as fellow Americans, I would trust that we would discuss the Real Issues that may or may not persuade our constituency.

    Whether or not you want to believe this writer…..History is History and factual as you can view below.


    REPUBLICAN President Calvin Coolidge–“Laissez Fare” government policy:

    RESULT 1st year of Herbert Hoover presidency–Stock Market Crash-THE GREAT DEPRESSION (1929)

    REPUBLICAN Ronald Reagan–“Reaganomics” beginning of Deregulation—Reagan $200B deficit; Bush1 $300B deficit; Bush2 started with $200B Clinton Surplus. Now has $480B deficit plus stimulus package plus $700B Wall Street package = more than $1.38 Trillion

    Result: Stock Market Crashes–lost of 18% value in a week and no end it sight!!!!

  21. The Real Issue says:

    And Senator McCain’s problems….

    1. Charles Keating Association who previously had the largest financial scandal that costs thousands their life savings….McCain in a Fed investigative report was cited as using “Poor Judgement” in intervening on behalf of now felon Charles Keating.

    2. Judgement in the vetting and selection of Gov. Sarah Palin who has invoked unsubstantiated charges against Senator Obama yet was cited in an Alaskan bi-partisan report for “Abuse of Power” and other ethic charges.

    3. Judgement in Senator McCain’s 90-95% vote for the failed Bush Deregulation Economic policies.

    McCain cannot distance himself from this record.

    These are the REAL ISSUES!!!!

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