Another flip-flop or erratics personified?

Move over, John McCain is changing position – again.

I’m sorry – but how any conservative can even think of voting for John McCain is now really beyond me. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Barack – vote Bob Barr.

I have to say that when your own base is getting decidedly wide-eyed and scratching their heads in unbelievably, contrite exasperation – you had better start thinking what you are doing wrong.

The stock exchange is tanking and tanking – McCain is attacking Obama and not even thinking about the economy and he wants, yes wants, to use $300Bn more to buy up bad mortgages!?

Hell – even Michelle Malkin is bailing out on his campaign.

Prominent conservative blogger Michelle Malkin went one step further, calling the plan “rotten” and declaring on her blog, “We’re Screwed ’08.”

These are people who McCain needs to motivate the conservative base – he NEEDS them more than ever with his vile attacks, but no – rather than that he wants to stir up as much anger as possible as if that is a real motivator to get the independents to vote for him. Who came up with that strategy for McCain needs to fired! There are 3 weeks to go until the election, John – the economy will still be in bad shape and he wants to tell the American people about thinks, not only irrelevant, but lies so thin anyone can see through them – even you hardened neocon.

In a sharply worded editorial on its Web site Thursday, the editors of The National Review — an influential bastion of conservative thought — derided the plan as “creating a level of moral hazard that is unacceptable” and called it a “gift to lenders who abandoned any sense of prudence during the boom years.”

You have to remember that in the current 700Bn package there is room for this – but as McCain goes populist, he proves, once again, he has no idea about the US economy or for that matter how the Government works. McCain is going to try and force Obama to say “No” – No to what? No to bailing out people who have bad mortgages of course – that way McCain can then say “Look, that one cannot and will not help you” – a false starter in my view – Barack just says its already in the package so what are you talking about, John? And Barack is correct.

What will happen though is that McCain will hear about the conservative revolt and flip – again.

Do you think this is a guy who should be president.

If I were you I would really read up on John McCain’s economic plan – it will scare you to death!

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0 Responses to Another flip-flop or erratics personified?

  1. Patricia says:

    Republican McCain says he tells the truth, but continually lies, tells the voters he has a plan for them, but can’t explain it, he says he is running a civil campaign (but hires Palin, Cindy and surrogates to do the dirty work) and he continually shoots from the hip. He says he wants to help bail out the mortgage crisis, but didn’t do anything about it in the last several years when he had the power to do something.
    He rarely does anything on his own. He has to have Palin or his wife with him. He won’t even let Palin be interviewed unless he sits beside her.What does that say about the confidence he has in his running mate? His most recent lie is that he would never talk about his sons – would not bring them into his politics. But now that he is desparate he has his wife do that for him. That is laughable.

  2. former Gop mmembber says:

    McCain is tired, erratic and confused.
    Just watch him calling us ‘my fellow prisoners’.:
    I think it’s time this old man should retire and give up on his attempt to win with fear and innuendo.

  3. Hercules Mulligan says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is the frontman of the revanchist Cloward-Piven Plan and an intimate friend of the sinister Ayeres head of the Weather Underground terrorist association.
    -Now is the time to save America; our freedom and liberties.
    COMPATRIOTS: Save American Democracy
    VOTE: McCain/Palin

  4. John McCain says:

    So what, you moron?
    Life is change we can believe in, har har har …
    Americans always will vote white.
    I’ll be president soon, yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaa!

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