Virginia calling

Is it really possible?

Obama in the rain

Obama in the rain

Can Barack Obama really pull Virginia into the blue column? Doesn’t seem possible but there are, like so many other places in the US that were staunch red Republican, economic woes that are making them realise that McCain just isn’t going to help them.

While conservatives may be demoralized by Gilmore’s poor showing, McCain may also face eroding support from Virginia conservatives for his recent proposals for the government to become heavily involved in the U.S. economy, said Thompson, the radio talk show host.

Could we be talking not about Reagan Democrats – but Obama Republicans?

Voters have more confidence in Obama to handle the economic crisis than they do in McCain, and are more likely to blame Republicans for the recent turmoil than Democrats.

Beside an advantage on the economy, Obama is also benefiting from a demographic shift that has reshaped Virginia politics.

Virginia “is not as red as people think,” said Doc Thompson, a conservative talk show host for WRVA radio. “A third of the population in Northern Virginia is pretty liberal. A lot of people are buying into [Obama’s] notion of change.”

As always we will have to wait until the day after the election. But, by read all these things we could see some drastic changes.

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0 Responses to Virginia calling

  1. leapsecond says:

    Part of this is because of the massive growth of the DC area suburbs, which tend to be very, very, very blue.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    I read that, Brett – but how much has the total demographic changed? Is it enough to bring Virginia?

  3. museditions says:

    My state is still quite red, as the republican candidate is a senator from said state, but it has been interesting watching the map gradually morph around us. There are unusual things happening in these times. Perhaps only states that start with “A” will still be red next month—nah, there’s still that big red stripe right in the middle of the country. šŸ˜‰

  4. SSG T says:

    Well I think we will have to wait and see but to be honest with all who read and write on this site……..(this is gonna hurt) I will not be surprised to wake up on the 8th of November and find out that Obama won the whole damn thing. As much as I don’t like that thought, it is the most probable outcome. Not because he is better but because that is the tendancy of people. Everyone “blames” Bush for all of this mess and being a Republican, McCain falls into the same bracket of blame. Given the current situation in this country, Americans are looking for ANYTHING that will be different from theh what we have, even if the candidate is a completely unqualified waste of space only looking to fatten his already huge pockets. Relax I had to get one dig in. That is the tendancy for everyone. Run from what is supposed to be causing the problem. Then they run to the first thing in they see that is different. I am NOT comparing Obama to Hitler but that is exactly how Hitler came into power, that and he murdered a few people who stood in his way. Germany was trashed and he was the differetn something that people were looking for or needed. He told the people what they wanted to hear and almost took over the entire world. People will cling to the first thing that comes along that is different. Obama is definately different.

  5. leapsecond says:

    SSG T, Hitler was also a war hero.

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