Glenn Beck: To be racist you have to say that you're not a racist…

…that makes about as much sense as Glenn ever does – why does CNN pay him, again?

The Conservative columnist that is Glenn Beck is about a neutral as driving a Corvette in over-drive – but that has never shut him up. Glenn always tries to come across as a person who has common sense – and fails at each hurdle, he would have to be pitted in the paralympics because he could reach the top of a hurdle if is was laid down on the track.

Mr Beck says that voting against Obama isn’t racist – well DUH! No it isn’t – you can vote for who you like – but it is interesting that he says this in the first place. Why would you do a piece on racism in politics directing that piece to be about NOT voting for Obama because his is black – which, when you look at the facts, Barack is neither white nor black he is mixed race – he is both white and black.

Barack’s mother was white and his father was black – so that got me to thinking. You would only make an issue of NOT voting for the ‘black guy’ if you were trying to push some issue. If Glenn, as he seems to be trying to say, wants people to vote for whomever they chose – why make an issue about the skin colour of one of the candidates?

But, you see, that ISN’T what Glenn is getting at – it is who Obama has associated with in the past. Glenn wants, like so many conservatives, you to think about Bill Ayers and not the economy – he, like most conservatives, wants you to forget that the US economy is in the tank and concentrate on associations or the guilt thereof.

Omitted from this piece is McCain’s associations – now we have to ask why?

Glenn is using CNN to promote his own agenda – if they were as unbiased as they say they are Glenn would be looking for a new job right now – but he is given free reign to say the things he does – in the guise of impartiality. Not quite true if you ask me.

Where is the ‘Left” answer to Glenn’s piece? Why doesn’t Glenn tell you about Abramoff?

It is amazing to me that by NOT bringing race into this you do bring race into it because, by inference, you have said what you don’t want to say.

“Sorry but because Barack is black I am not voting for him because he is a Democrat” – Not the same as “I am not voting Democrat because I don’t believe in their policies”.

No code, Glenn? I assume you got your Code Ring from the Cracker Jack box before you wrote that piece.

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