Every now and again I get asked to blog about something specific.


Can you blog about your experiences and observations with health care in the UK on your blog? You can almost guarantee that I will click to it, barring hell, flood, high wind, etc.

An almost guarantee is good enough for me.

OK – I don’t think you can break down the NHS into two parts, the reason for that is that the NHS is a part and integrated into the British society so tightly it would be almost inhuman in endeavour to break it from the society as a whole.

I have never been without the NHS, I was born in an NHS hospital and cared for by nurses who were trained in that, or a near-by hospital. When I was ill – I went to a Dr, no one ever said that I couldn’t go, I rang up, made an appointment and attended.

If I needed hospital treatment – I got it, from the severity of what has happened to me to the grumbling appendix that was operated on. I get better and left when a Dr told me I could go home.

I suppose this is why I cannot understand why healthcare is such a contentious thing. Healthcare is a right to the population – but as we all know who use the NHS it isn’t free – we pay for it with NI contributions and taxes. Where it is free is that we are not asked to pay deductibles, we are not told that is we change a job we must get new healthcare plans, we just know that the NHS is there.

Today, the NHS is getting very complicated – it was once a place of treatment – you went, got treated and left – that, I feel is what people still want. Choice is fine, but if you factor in choice to a certain degree it adds to the cost.

I love the NHS – I think that ever country should have one. I never cared one jot that my taxes were going to pay for someone else’s treatment – that is because I knew that others who paid taxes were paying for me when I needed the NHS. It is a matter that some never, or very rarely use the NHS, and I have found that they don’t mind either.

What people do care about is what their taxes are being used for in the NHS – like managers, the NHS didn’t used to be run by managers, it was run by Drs, Matrons and those who needed to administer the cash – not the monolith of bureaucracy that there is today – getting rid of those managers, their cars and their government pensions, that could save millions! This was all implemented when the infamous Margaret Thatcher took over in 1979 – bad day indeed for the NHS. The Tories can never be trusted with the NHS.

The NHS isn’t perfect – far from it. But it does do a job for the British people that no other organisation can do. I’ll take that rather than what some have in the rest of the world.

If you would like to read more about the NHS, click here.

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  1. Pink says:

    Cool stuff. Will, why do you say that Canada sucks compared to England? From what you have heard about the US system of health care, what advantages might you suppose that Canada/England have over the US, or vice versa if any circumstances apply?

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