McCain: I think I made a mistake

The utter stupidity of McCain campaign team.

Did the McCain camp actually think by allowing Palin to open her mouth as she did this weekend that McCain’s past would not be brought up?

That is sheer folly on their part.

McCain has been in Washington for 26 years – and he has had his scandals none so worse as the Keating 5.

You can watch a video about McCain’s involvement here.

I have blogged about it a long while ago – and I knew then, as I do now, that the McCain camp would go ugly once the polls began to show an increase for Obama.

The McCain camp are going negative – but this time around the swift-boating had better be far, far, far superior than last time. Why? Because McCain has a dodgy past.

Do people really think that the Obama campaign would roll over and die when the accusations began to fly? Utter stupidity to think so.

Many will say that the Obama campaign in going into gutter politics – but you have to remember that Palin and by that, de facto, McCain went down that road first. Obama must stay on message – throwing out the accusations are fine, if McCain wants to keep going there – but the real message must keep coming out and McCain will have to answer it. He is the one in front of the press and camera’s and he will be asked. He will, obviously, try to bring any question back to bringing down Obama – but that will resonate with the American voter that he didn’t, and won’t, answer the questions on the economy.

Obama said a long while ago – “I may be a skinny kid….” To me McCain has asked for this – Palin – well she is still under investigation so she opens herself up, too.

Do they deserve what they are about to get – well, you reap what you sow comes to mind.

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0 Responses to McCain: I think I made a mistake

  1. Ed Holland says:

    Well, this succinct little article about the McCovert McCain past, has definitely got my political bloodlust a’surging. I really am so very sick to death of the whole US election farce, but lets just say Will, your scriti politi just made me prick my ears back up and smile somewhat at the prospect of forthcoming Republican squirming and discomfort.

  2. Henry says:

    McCain is toast. President Obama is already the last man standing. Did I just say ‘President Obama’? Oh that sounds so good!!!!!!!

  3. Hannah Stevens says:

    It is so obvious in so many ways that McCain is so wrong for this country and Obama is so right. For once I think most people are seeing this. Everything about McCain is suspect. If you read the Rolling Stone article about him recently, his life has mirrored bushes, he has bad temperament (see McCain’s top ten temper tantrums) he is not smart, is very impulsive and makes decisions on the fly. We need a cool, intelligent, thinking person at the helm and Obama is that person. He has shown us this over the past several months.

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