Campbell Brown: Stop it already!

Negative campaigning and its negative aspect.

I came across this story and then read Campbell’s after a good look around for something to blog about today – well tomorrow but I had to get this on-screen.

You see, I agree with Campbell – I’ll bet millions of Americans do, too. Yet I have to ask a question: Why did John McCain start down this road so late in the election campaign? Now me – I regard myself as a bit ‘net savvy – so I can find my way around Google and with a few search words you can get some real gems!

Much like this one from Rolling Stone Magazine.

The thing I am trying to say is that I did just a few search words – the hits are bloody amazing. By the way – I did the same words for Barack Obama – nothing near as much as John McCain. I cannot understand, or maybe I can, why McCain is being so foolish as to allow his pitpoodle off the leash.

If you are interested in a good read (10 pages) and really do want to look at the character of John McCain, read the Rolling Stone story. If, like me, you would prefer the two of them to get onto issues let them know. You can Google how to get in contact.

Mr McCain – get your advisers to check the internets before you do this, or it could be your complete downfall – please let John McCain know, because he hasn’t mastered the internets yet.

Bloody idiot!

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0 Responses to Campbell Brown: Stop it already!

  1. pp says:

    I saw Jann Wenner being interviewed on Enough Rope by Andrew Denton here in Australia last night, so was very interested to read this article. How has McCain got away with it for so long?
    One of the strongest things going for Obama in my opinion is his statesman-like persona – he comes across as being a leader with strength, dignity & honour. I just hope he doesn’t erode that image by throwing too much mud himself!

  2. John McCain says:

    You mean, being negative on me and slandering me is OK but me doing this to Obama is racist, Willy?
    You’re just a European imperialist that’s why you don’t understand that the American people like this way. It’s the American way.
    You have to admit it: You’re just so upset because you know that your boy Obama is going to lose. 😀

  3. Richard Wilson says:

    I proudly spent 31 years with an Illinois based company, John Deere. I was manning our tent at the Penn Ag Progress days where numerous other agriculural companies had displays. I watched a farmer walk from a competitor’s area directly toward me. He stood beside me and said, “You know the XXXX representative said that Deere does this wrong, and they don’t do this, and they shouldn’t do that. So what do you say to that.” I turned, looked at the gentleman, smiled and said, “It sounds to me as though the competitor had nothing positive to say about themselves.”

    The inability to communicate positive messages about themselves seems to have become the recurring and dominant theme, especially of the McCain camp. I am tired of the negative ads and they continue to bombard the central Ohio airwaves. At one time I had great admiration for John McCain, but no longer.

    Ms. Brown, I certainly hope that both sides heed your request. Thank you for posing it.

  4. PiedType says:

    Well, Will, that Rolling Stone article sure killed your PTSD theory. Looks like McCain was a prick long before he was a POW.

  5. Adrian says:

    Part of campaigning is pointing out the shortcomings of the other candidate, i.e. negative campaigning. To me there is a stark difference between the type of negative campaigns the two candidates are running against one another. McCain is trying to associate the word ‘Terrorist’ with Obama to try and scare voters. Obama’s Keating 5 video, although an unbearable dramatization, attempts to highlight a concern that is relevant to our current financial situation.

    One guy brings up non-sequiturs and the other brings up points in the past to suggest they are a glimpse into the future.

  6. tumblewee says:

    I can see Obama is already bought and paid for by the left wing radicals, ( george soros ) and the likes, now his their puppet, forever

  7. Tom in Delaware says:

    Campbell Brown lost all credibilty with me when she went right after Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol on DAY 1….so she’s really got some gall calling for negative attacks in this campaign.

    Also on Day 1 Sarah Palin was called a Nazi Sympathizer because she wore a Pat Buchannan pin when he made a campaingn stop to her hometown while she was mayor, and I didn’t hear a peep out of Ms.Brown over that, even after she heard the perfectly reasonable explanation of proferring a simple courtesy to a visitor to Wasilla, AK.

    To bring about Barack Obama’s very questionable relationship choices in the form of Willim Ayers (Domestic Terrorist), Tony Rezko (Arab-American Slum Lord and convicted felon that he got his $1.6 million home from), and his pastor of 20 years, the Rev. Jerimiah Wright (Racist and America hater) to name a few is something that every American voter should absolutely be informed about, yet the Liberal MSM has done nothing more than ‘paper over’ these releationships and give Obama a free pass for the past 21 months when they accepted him at his word that he ‘didn’t know those things about any of those people’.

    That’s what I call ‘in he tank’ and the only reason that Campbell Brown and the rest of the MSM are citing ‘fair play’ now is that they know that the American people will reject Barack Obama when they learn what the truth about him really is.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many questionable aspects of his character.

    BTW-John McCain was completely exonerated in the Keating 5 Scandal. The prosecutor had stated that his name should be removed from the investigation, but was kept on because the other 4 congessmen under indictment were Democrats-three of them went to jail (John Glenn-the famous astronaut D-Ohio was cleared).

    Obama’s goin’ down in flames and it can’t happen fast enough in my book.

  8. Why is it “negative” campaigning when you bring up facts on Obama’s past and the people that he has associated with? Isnt that checking his history and his decision making? Shouldnt this have been done 20 months ago? Seems to me that Obama has made some bad choices (Wright, Rezko, Ayers, etc.) over the course of time. Perhaps they would comment on the things he has done in the state senate of the US senate; however, NO ONE can identify any major (or minor) piece of legislation that he has done,but we are willing to overlook all that. Just imagine how poorly things will be run if there is a democratic congress AND president, as everyone points to President Bush’s low approval rating – this is DOUBLE the approval rating of the Pelosi led congress.
    Obama has run his whole campaign on “This is the Bush administration’s fault” and linking McCain to Bush. That doesnt seem like a “positive” campaign. I am sure that if he is elected, Obama will run for re-election with the platform of – The Bush administration made things worse than I thought, these NEXT 4 years I can actually do something.
    If we do not pay attention to the past we are doomed to repeat it.

  9. Hieian says:

    Here is all of the stuff that Obama has done:

    Obama passed legislation with Republican Senator Jim Talent to give gas stations a tax credit for installing E85 ethanol refueling pumps. The tax credit covers 30 percent of the costs of switching one or more traditional petroleum pumps to E85, which is an 85 percent ethanol/15 percent gasoline blend.

    -After a number of inmates on death row were found innocent, Senator Obama worked with law enforcement officials to require the videotaping of interrogations and confessions in all capital cases.

    -His first law was passed with Republican Tom Coburn, a measure to rebuild trust in government by allowing every American to go online and see how and where every dime of their tax dollars is spent.

    -Obama created the Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families in 2000 and successfully sponsored a measure to make the credit permanent in 2003. The law offered about $105 million in tax relief over three years.

    -Obama joined forces with former U.S. Sen. Paul Simon (D-IL) to pass the toughest campaign finance law in Illinois history. The legislation banned the personal use of campaign money by Illinois legislators and banned gifts from lobbyists. Before the law was passed, one organization ranked Illinois worst among 50 states for its campaign finance regulations.

    -As a member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Senator Obama has fought to help Illinois veterans get the disability pay they were promised, while working to prepare the VA for the return of the thousands of veterans who will need care after Iraq and Afghanistan.

    -He traveled to Russia with Republican Dick Lugar to begin a new generation of non-proliferation efforts designed to find and secure deadly weapons around the world.

    -Obama has been a leading advocate for protecting the right to vote, helping to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act and leading the opposition against discriminatory barriers to voting.

    – In the U.S. Senate, Obama introduced the STOP FRAUD Act to increase penalties for mortgage fraud and provide more protections for low-income homebuyers, well before the current subprime crisis began.

    -Obama sponsored legislation to combat predatory payday loans, and he also was credited with lobbied the state to more closely regulate some of the most egregious predatory lending practices.

    -Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 to provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military.

    -Obama worked to pass a number of laws in Illinois and Washington to improve the health of women. His accomplishments include creating a task force on cervical cancer, providing greater access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, and helping improve prenatal and premature birth services.

    -Obama has introduced and helped pass bipartisan legislation to limit the abuse of no-bid federal contracts.

    -Obama and Senator Feingold (D-WI) took on both parties and proposed ethics legislation that was described as the “gold standard” for reform. It was because of their leadership that ending subsidized corporate jet travel, mandating disclosure of lobbyists’ bundling of contributions, and enacting strong new restrictions of lobbyist-sponsored trips became part of the final ethics bill that was signed into law.

    McCain’s association and involvement with the Keating 5 where those were the same events that has happened today as far as banks are concerned has more relevance than Obama’s with individuals who have nothing to do with his policies or the way he has performed his job.

  10. S. D. Walters says:

    Campbell Brown’s call for an end to all of the negative campaigning is correct and laudable. Let us not forget, however, that the McCain campaign in its desperation has relied increasingly on character assassination and has forced the issue.

    Let me echo that the Rolling Stone article this month on John McCain, “Make Believe Maverick”, is required reading to begin to understand what makes the Republican candidate tick (as in bomb).

  11. Adam says:

    Campbell Brown: grow a pair! This is politics, not a hand holding kumbayah circle. Obama needs to be exposed for what he is, a fake.

  12. Buck says:

    Nice, I love it ! Now that McCain is finally going after ‘The Messiah’ comes the call to stop the negative campaigning. (translation – Obama keep up the stealth tactics, McCain no counter punching). Gosh John, stop being such a racist now!

  13. clr33 says:

    I see – flat faced Ugly Campbell Brown feels she has every right to be an ugly journalist with regards to Palin when Sarah was announced as a VP… Brown was one of the worst of the muck rakers out there. But if McCain says one word about her lacky boy who is stealing votes in Ohio with one of the biggest voter’s fraud campaigns known to this nation – then little old Campbell THEN says enough is enough. GIMME a BREAK.

    You reap what you sow little girl – you are trashy journalism at it’s worse… and perhaps you should learn that when the mainstream liberal yellow journalism won’t tell the truth, then us Citizen’s will PAY to put the ads on TV that will. Because the one thing we know about your stations that you haven’t figured out yet – you all are still greedy enough to take our bad republican dollars to broadcast the truth.

    You have no reputation for professionalism, so step aside little girl and go wash out your panties for all the mess you leave in them drooling off the boy of your dreams.

  14. Peggy says:

    I agree that “negative campaigning” is just fine when the negativity is pointing out truths. The problem with the McCain/Palin stuff is that they are not pointing out truths. They are distorting minor contacts into big allegations. The idea that Obama is in league with terrorists is ridiculous and totally unsupportable. The idea that Obama is in league with dishonest persons who are influencing him is also ridiculous and totally unsupportable. McCain has had far more such contacts than Obama and McCain has had tenuous contacts with “bad boys” like Rev Hagy.

    McCain/Palin unleashed this awful stuff. Obama has to respond. Remember the sad result of Kerry’s taking the high road when he was swiftboated. Sad, but true.

    So, Campbell, we all wish that the issues were all we hear about unless there is something seriously amiss about this so-called character (like being a murderer???). Unfortunately, throwing out lies has worked very well in so many political races, that it is going to happen. I think Obama has to fight back or end up like Kerry.

  15. Peggy says:


    What you said is disgusting. Why do you think it is ok to call someone ugly? Even if what you said about Campbell were true (which it is not), you are a lowlife to call someone ugly or fat or whatever other nasty epithets you can dream up.

    Shame on you.

  16. I. Macias, Jr. says:

    Look who’s talking! Third class reporter Cambell Brown is the most subjective and biased reporter on TV and elsewhere, slightly ahead of the NY Times’ bipolar and evil Maureen Dowd. Brown’s obvious nastiness and bitterness is probably connected to her being snubbed by NBC for the current evening news anchor position . A rare albeit wise decision from NBC.

  17. David says:

    Go on a job interview and slam another job candidate. Think you’ll get the job? Team Player, right?

    The office of President and Vice President is not another episode on reality TV, where contestants vie for a money prize by trashing each other. If you have a good product (i.e. you) all you need is to point out the benefits that YOU provide, not the shortcomings of others.

    I agree that negative campaigning is detrimental to the process and a repugnant practice. The future president of the United States should not resort to childish bickering with things like “But my opponent did this, or that bad thing.”

    How negative ads got started is beyond me, and why marketers push them is also beyond me. If I see a product ad on TV that slams the competition, I make it a point NOT to buy the product, and am more interested in the one being slammed.

    I agree with Campbell Brown, “Just say NO to Negativity.”

  18. Lynda L Dukie says:

    And they wonder why people don’t pay attention to the campaigns – its because we have heard it all before – and then the promises of I won’t do that – but they do and then I turn off the TV for several months, put my phone number on the DO NOT CALL list, and slam the door on them. We don’t do this is real life, why do they have to do so now?

  19. S. Brown says:

    People lets not forget this article is not about Campbell…What she is saying is truth and if you really think about it Barack has been pretty upstanding during this election process with all the mud that has been thrown his way..The talking about his wife and things of that sort. His character far out weights that is John McCain and he has proved it during this process. Ayers, Wright, Rezko….whooop dee dew!! None of that has anything to do with his politics! I am sure everyone in the policitcal office know and has an association with someone that others don’t think is good person…I still don’t agree that Wright was a bad association. Now some of his comments might have been a little edgy but no one has said that his comments weren’t true. The fact that they might have step on a few people’s toes don’t neccessary mean they were untruth. I talked about this country and how it’s racist past is starting to catch up to it. He talked about how we as a country have involved ourselves into other countries affairs and not the chickens have come home to roost. Truth is if you read the bible God always stepped in and punish the Israelites when their pride and actions got out of the will of God…THIS IS NOTHING NEW. People just didn’t want to hear it and their only outlet was to attribute it to OBAMA.

  20. S. Brown says:

    I have a question. What has this Ayers guy been convicted of? Because if he is such a terrorist and bad person..What has he been convicted of and why is he out free?

  21. CW says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong at all to go negative. The whole idea is to cast doubt into the minds of the voters when they make their choice on election day. I’m sure Ms. Brown is in complete denial over her dream candidate, Barack Obama and his alliance with a man who is a terrorist. He is like a white OJ Simpson who has never been punished for his crimes, due in large part to his father bailing him our with thousands of dollars! Would she be so forgiving if Obama played golf with OJ in the past?

  22. Kwaku Azar says:

    It is CNN that should stop covering such junk. Your people relish in giving free coverage of these negative campaigns and then you whine about it. Do something about it by covering those who are being positive and urging your colleagues to do same

  23. Jean Schneider says:

    Listening to this already unnatural VP hopeful scrounging in the thickest of mud in this season post Ayers, post Rev Wright, post Rezco, is pathetic. The names I just mentioned represent the already vetting of Barack obama. Hillary Clinton and her muscle machine already dug deep into Obama’s past and thoroughly bashed and tried to dent this candidate. It did not make much headway when all was said and done.

    McCain does have ties to many unscrupulous characters with a colorful past. I remember the Keating 5 scandal which took months of testimony. The facts were retold again and served me well as a reminder in this election year. I imagine that many voters are not even aware of all the facts. It is extremely relevant to this election, and appropriate to be brought up. Is that negative on Obama’s part in an economic collapse, not just a downturn, how his oponent for the Presidency of the United States took part in the biggest financial scandal of US History? I am so happy I heard the facts again yesterday as I listened to a great piece by Mr. Black one of the regulators of the time. Mr. McCain’s friendship and meetings with regulators, repeated trips to Keatings Bahamas resort, trips the whole family took, and Cindy McCain’s business ventures with Keating are appropriate to revisit now in this election. People can make their own decision about negative campaigning. There is a reason our campaigns run long. It should familiarize us with the appropriate candidate so we do not elect someone not suited for the job. The truth? Check it out. McCain WAS one of the Keating 5. He was not just “completely exonerated” as he wants you to think and don’t revisit it. There is plenty there, Obama has shown tremendous restraint not to bring this up sooner. With the developments with the economy, and the strange behavior of McCain picking a running mate with no background but ties to an etreme right wing, lets bring it all out now. America cannot afford another bad mistake for President again. The following are great links to read.,0,

  24. Calvin says:

    Tom in Delaware, CW & Voice of Reason you personify what Cambell Brown is talking about. You make lying excuses for your boy, McSlime, clearly re-writing history. John McCain was not exonerated in the Keating 5 scandal and I’m curious to know who lied to you about that fact…or did you just make it up? You make no specific allegation about Obama’s relationship with Ayers. Forget the fact that it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to be “involved” with the Weathermen. You conveniently leave out that Obama was 8 friggin’ years old when Ayers was with the Weathermen. You make excuses for McSlime’s horrific behavior and frankly, nasty disposition. You don’t like Jeremiah Wright? Funny, apparently Obama has had his fill as well. Now, why don’t you go after Palin’s nutjob pastor? Huh, he’s okay by you? Oh, and McSlime’s upstanding character? You villified and impeached Clinton for an affair. Then went after Clinton’s wife?!?! But you have zero to say about how McSlime didn’t just dump his trophy wife after seeing her disfigurement, he had an affair with a bubble-headed blond…with money, then dumped his trophy wife. SHEESH!!! your moral standards need a review.

  25. Will Rhodes says:

    Mr McCain – if the US was still under British rule none of this would be happening!

    Pied – I humbly agree.

    S Brown –

    What has this Ayers guy been convicted of? Because if he is such a terrorist and bad person..What has he been convicted of and why is he out free?

    Illegal FBI wire-taps and collection of evidence. You have to ask who was in charge of the FBI way back then. Correct me if I am wrong but Hoover was in charge.

  26. Dare to let the people decide says:

    McCain and Palins hypocrisy and transparent attempt at smearing will focus back onto them. Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was charged and released of his anti-war philosophy, he was voted as citizen of the year for his work on teaching school children peace. I think it’s safe to say if he is a terrorist in this day and age, he’d be in Guantanamo right now.

    However, the Palins have no excuse. I’m sure they wouldn’t like voters seeing video of Todd Palin’s mentor and peer member Joe Vogler founder of AIP and Governor Palin’s warm welcome to the AIG into her Governorship in her own words captured on news archives along with Vogler in his own word here.

    “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government,” Vogler said in the interview, in which he talked extensively about his desire for Alaskan secession, the key goal of the AIP.

    “And I won’t be buried under their damn flag,” Vogler continued in the interview, which also touched on his disappointment with the American judicial system. “I’ll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home.”-Joe Vogler.

  27. Will Rhodes says:

    Dare to let –

    Could this be why she put her unborn child at risk to make sure it was born on Alaskan soil? So that it would be an Alaskan rather than a Texan?

    4 weeks to go – and a lot of ammunition in the portmanteau. Well see how far McCain wants to take this.

  28. Matt says:

    McCain made the bed and now he has to sleep in it.
    First he thought Palin was a good choice. Not so much in retrospect. Now he thinks personal attacks on Barack are going to influence voters? Palin is likening him to a terrorist, but the only terror a lot of people have is of Palin being anywhere near the vicinity of the White House. She needs to go read some books on the world, go back to school and get a degree in history or political science and then realize that she’s not running for the queenship of backwoods appalacia. Republicans have ruined themselves as a brand. The only reason there was such a low approval rating of congress is because they didn’t try to impeach Bush. It was obvious he would veto any legislation they tried to pass. Without 2/3 of the vote they were unable to even move for impeachment. If Republicans in congress had decided impeaching Bush was the way to go then they might still have a place in American politics. As it is, it seems like they will have to wait a while before they have any say in Washington.

  29. lonewolf says:

    Tom in Delaware….”John McCain was completely exonerated in the Keating 5 Scandal?”…except for a “slap on the wrist” for “poor judgement,” which sounds to me like he was reprimanded, not COMPLETELY EXONERATED.

    “Obama is going down in flames?” I guess that’s why his polling numbers are stronger than Bush’s in 2004 in the lead-up to the election and the gap between him and McCain is widening. Fact is, most folks are simply unimpressed with all this flim-flam about character when it is absolutely NOT relevant to today’s events or the character of the candidate Obama. It scares the American people who like to believe in something called “civil discourse.” Why is Florida shifting? Maybe the folks in that state recognize poor judgement when they see it, and want something better for this country. Maybe all the hate comes across as, well, hateful. Every time the McCain camp launches another attack, they slip in the polls. I’m still unclear as to why they are still at it.

    Sure, many Americans are spoon-fed their opinions from Fox news, but not the majority of us. Lots of us are still thinking and researching the facts for ourselves, and it’s pretty easy to find the truth of the matter lurking under the talking points. McCain’s camp has also VASTLY underestimated the power of the internet as a research tool for voters. I wonder if he has even googled himself or his opponent to see what voters can learn in a few minutes.

    But pure common sense will play out, I hope, in this election and people will see though the ugly and ridiculous attacks on candidates’ character and look deeper to the relevance of past behavior:.

    I have sat on boards and committees, and attended holiday parties (and even occasionally done limited but necessary business) with people in my community that I have little respect for and would not consider “friends,” but I’ve never willingly engaged in helping a wealthy financier cover up his monetary mistakes and misdeeds. Um…I think this is the difference everyone is capable of seeing…we’re in economic crisis and McCain’s past deeds show he has exercised “poor judgement” in such an environment.

    Obama sits on a board, goes to a party or does necessary business with a man who was also COMPLETELY EXONERATED (mind you…this was not OBAMA who was convicted of anything) and it makes him unqualified and unAmerican? Puh-leeze!

    People are really seeing through this and the attacks on Obama are misfiring. Who does McCain think he is? Above reproach? Why are they still at it when it just makes them slip at the polls? It’s senseless!

  30. Daniel says:

    Don’t you see??… don’t you see that negative campaigning is prolific and amenable to a society that perpetuates drama and feeds off of the misery of others? This is called “Schadenfreude.”
    Americans are predisposed to be controlled by fear, and tend to react faster and impulsively by fear. We also are captivated by Schadenfreude, or feed off of the misery of others. This is an inherent human triat that we cannot shed unless we are aware of our own biases. Take one deep look at “reality TV.” This is a growing phenomenon for a reason. Look at “Soap operas.” Hispanic melodrama is also a manifestation of Schadefreude. Negative campaigning is inherent within our culture. We feed on it. We analyze the facial gestures or speech patterns of candidates, and then analyze the nature of the discourse based on very little information and reach conlcusions based on our own biased perspectives to prejudge others, even if we are not trained linguistic anthropologists or semioticians. This is the fundamental problem with thinking that an amalgam of diverse people in our so-called “melting-pot” or “cultural mosaic” of a country. We smush every one together with variable perspective and expect a single solitary outcome.
    We need a new social theorist to come along and synthesize what is actually happening with our country and China. Socialism and capitalism mixed. We need to operate a country under a new paradigm and scratch the ones we are currently dependent upon from the 19th century – we are morphing into a new world.

  31. Stan Sloan says:

    Campbell Brown has been a true supporter of the Obama Campaign and I am quite surprized. I used to watch her on TV and know that usually she is fair and balanced but this election she has gone out of her way to bash Sarah Palin and the Republicans. CNN in the past has had a great record of unbiased coverage bt now everything you hear on TV is McCain and Palin negative from them. I now truly try to watch Fox and other channels that aren’t as blantantly Obama. During the Democratic Primary CNN gave very little negative coverage of Obama and hit Hillary alot. I sat one night and counted the negative comments coming on CNN about Hillary and Obama and Hillary was negatively covered hands down. Just sit and listen to the commentaries and count yourself. It is shocking!

  32. Ron C. Jensen says:

    Cambell Brown is a narrow minded liberal. She is completely biased, that’s why she has to say her show is no bias or bull. Her questions about McCain/Palin are always negative, where’s the tough questions about Biden/Obama???? She is full of bull.

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