Talk? We don't talk, diplomacy is for…


It still has me thinking and then giggling like a little girl that McCain keeps saying that the McCain administration wouldn’t talk to anyone as long as they were regarded as “terrorist”.

But as McCain lives in a world of about 10X6 and a bit sandy the world carries on and the real people get to talking or in the politic speak – diplomacy. And what, you may ask, is it that I am waffling on about?

Well this.

LONDON, England (CNN) — In a groundbreaking meeting, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia recently hosted talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban militant group, according to a source familiar with the talks.

While Mullah Omar was not present at the talks in Mecca, the source said the Taliban leader has made it clear he is no longer allied with al Qaeda — a position that has never been publicly stated but emerged at the talks.

It confirms what another source with an intimate knowledge of the Taliban and Mullah Omar has told CNN in the past.

During the talks, all parties agreed that the only solution to Afghanistan’s conflict is through dialogue, not fighting. The source described the Mecca talks as an ice-breaking meeting where expectations were kept necessarily low.

Remember way back when – the IRA were still murdering innocent people in the UK and a certain group in the US were helping them by giving them certain “donations”? Diplomacy was going on in the background to bring the NI troubles to and end. Even as those politicians were talking people and troops were dying – that is very tough diplomacy. After 9/11 that certain organisation was ‘closed down’. It did bring an end to the NI troubles because those involved with the discussions were motivated more, on both sides.

This is what is happening – even if McCain keeps saying it won’t happen under his watch – in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither of those countries want to carry on with a war that cannot be won.

This is the kind of diplomacy Barack Obama wants to bring forward but the American people are shielded from this because it isn’t politically correct, not PC, I mean real politically correct.

It is something that happens at diplomatic level all the time – it is normal to do this, but not in the world of McCain.

So – if you do hear McCain and Palin spouting how victory will happen here, there and every where – think back and you will see that the world is a lot more complicated than you think – and as you sleep at night there are thousands of those diplomats from all countries talking, talking and talking.

Not one problem that can be solved needs to be at the wrong end of a gun, bomb or and invasion force.

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0 Responses to Talk? We don't talk, diplomacy is for…

  1. lookingunderalltherocks says:

    The ‘League of Nations’ failed. Why? Because diplomacy was then, in short supply. The very idea of dialogue was abhorant to too many ‘diplomats’ of that era. Why, you may ask, has the UN lasted so long? Two wordsa, Commitment and conversation. Put another way, DIPLOMACY AND DIALOGUE. It is like that old song, “Just like bread and butter, you can’t have one without the other’. Diplomacy AND dialogue ARE the precursors of PEACE, which is the MISSION of the UN.

  2. John McCain says:

    Finally you’ve got it right, Willy.
    Dipel… Diplom? Di… You know what I mean. That “D” is really just for pussies. I even don’t know how to write it.
    “D” is like “Democrats”.
    I am a man.

    Did you actually realize that “Democrats” contains a certain filthy animal?
    It’s Democ-rats.
    Got it?

  3. lookingunderalltherocks says:

    You are a man? Really? Could have fooled me. Do you not realize just how inane your post actually was? Diplomacy has been the chosen route for years in this country. Only, until W decided that bin Ladin was irrelevant and rather than pursuing the REAL gang behind 9/11, he pulled back and attacked a country that posed NO threat to America. Simple deductive reasoning told me that Hussein possessed NO chemical OR biological missels. How, you may ask, did I arrive at this conclusion? Like I said, reasoning. If you GOP types would have gotten your heads out of George’s ass for a few minutes you could have figured it out for YOURSELVES. Remember the war of Bush the Elder when a TRUE, UN-sancrioned coalition ousted Saddam from Kuwait? All during the early stages of that war all we did was bomb Iraq. Saddam sought repeatedly to get other Arab nations, in the region, to rally to his cause. He met with no success. Saddam, at that time, had the third largest standing army in the world. Do you not remember that, still trying to rally support, he launched around twenty SCUD missels into Israel? Do you not remember how many had either a chemical or biological warhead? Well, here’s the answer…absolutely NONE.
    Now as to Bush’s assertion that agents of Hussein were seen meetind, in Syria,with some of bin Ladin’s lieutenants? Simple common sense told me this was a lie. The entire region knew Saddam was just a sham muslim while bin Ladin, although warped and twisted, is a very religious Muslim. To bin Ladin, Hussein was an enemy just like he considered the US to be. And then there was the ‘yellow cake’, the precursor for making weapons grade uranium, that he was supposed to have gotten from Nigeria. This is, with onlt a modicum of thought, rediculous. Nigeria is a signator of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Also Nigeria knew that any dealings they might have in the nuclear arena with a rogue state, such as Saddam’s Iraq, would brand them as such and likely bring severe sanctions to bear upon them. Nigeria is small but, unlike Republicans, they are not stupid.

  4. lookingunderalltherocks says:

    Do YOU not realize that the name of the political party contains a slang name for a defacatory depository. republiCAN. Also it is only missing one letter that pretty sums up how they operate. The L and I are there and only the E is missing.

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