From lunacy to total breakdown

When you just about get to ignore her

Sarah Palin is on a road to prove that she is neither ready to be a VP but also that she has completely lost her marbles – and in a big way at that!

She has now come out citing stories that are, and have been proven so, to be fabrications. Barack Obama, she is now saying, is “pallying” will terrorists.

“We see America as the greatest force for good in this world,” Palin said at a fund-raising event in Colorado, adding, “Our opponent though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”

Palin made similar comments later at a rally in Carson, California.

As she is the McCain VP pick we must assume that John McCain is now only going to go totally negative to win the election. There will be no more walking the high road and talking issues – this will be a bloody war. But are the American people ready for such a war – such vile lies to be spouted by one of those who are running for office – one who has been picked to run along side McCain and offer nothing but lies to get McCain elected.

John McCain must be held personally responsible for what she is saying. He knows that he is in a hole that is almost impossible to climb out of and he is going to go down fighting and in flames. What will those who are in the GOP going to say about this? Probably nothing and will authenticate and agree with it. But will this also mean that this could be the end of the GOP itself? People will need to be reminded about this and her State will be inundated with those who now know that she is mentally incompetent which could mean she loses her job – thankfully for the people of Alaska.

To make it known:

Palin cited an article in Saturday’s New York Times about Obama’s relationship with Ayers, now 63. But that article concluded that “the two men do not appear to have been close. Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers, whom he has called ‘somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.’

Several other publications, including the Washington Post, Time magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, The New Yorker and The National Review, have debunked the idea that Obama and Ayers had a close relationship.

Now it is open lies and swift-boating that McCain will use. How can anyone who supported him take him seriously? How can they now even vote for him?

via Palin hits Obama for ‘terrorist’ connection –

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0 Responses to From lunacy to total breakdown

  1. Paulette says:

    McCain is becoming increasingly erratic and frantic while Palin is asserting herself as if she was the presidential candidate. These next 30 days are going to be fascinating — for good and bad.

  2. Sergio Evans says:

    We couldn’t see this coming. Palin and McCain are going to resort to mud-slinging rather that talking the important issues. I still love the way McCain was trying to convince everyone about the Lipstick on a PIg quote. could Obama stoop so low. The only problem was he couldn’t even convince himself that the quote was taken out of context. As for Obama’s links with terrorists. I have to laugh at things that far-fetched. They are beginning relying on pulling stuff from their collective campaign smearing derrieres now huh.

  3. Jack says:

    People who support McPalin or are thinking of voting that way need to read the article in Rolling Stone Magazine on McCain.

    McCain is neither Maverick not the war hero he is made out to be. McCain is an opportunist and used his fathers connections at the Naval Academy to enroll their and remain enrolled when he was bout to get kicked out. The American people need to be aware of the person McCain really is.

    Palin herself has extreme radical views as evidenced by the witch craft church sermons she has attended that are documented on the internet.

  4. John McCain says:

    You are just panicking, Willy. And that’s good because it shows the people I am going to win.
    You’re not totally lost, you know. As a good Christian you have to lie, cheat and kill it. At least you learned to lie so there is still hope for your eternal Christian soul. God wants us to kill the opinion of others if it’s different. All men are equal, don’t you get it? To fulfill God’s will(y) I have to be president. So be it.

  5. Jocro says:

    So it looks like Sarah is finally going to abandon McCain and is preparing to run in 2012. She has saddled his campaign with a whopper about Obama’s association with Ayers and now they’ll have to spend the next week explaining the lie. Meanwhile Sarah is parting with her “running mate” buy disagreeing with the decision to abandon Michigan as a battleground state. Boy will it be a fun election in 2012 when she is four years older and a few cosmetic surgeries more stretched and trying to sound like Joe Sixpack while looking like Mary Tyler Moore. With her now in the driver’s seat McCain is going to start looking more and more like the 72 years he is.

  6. EG says:

    This just in:

    Obama tied to Al Capone! Media sources reveal that Barack Obama has resided in Chicago, the same city used by American gangsters as a central front in their terrorist war on every law-abiding American. As a Harvard law professor, Obama clearly was aware of the city’s past association with organized crime…if so, why didn’t he just get up and walk out? Can we really risk putting this man in the White House?

    Vote for the Real American (from Panama): John McCain!

  7. anonmy says:

    Palin next words – “Obama is not just pals with “you know who”. But is one. you see, “wink”, “wink”, snicker — his name sounds like the one the bush administration and the army is hunting in afganistan/pakistan…
    So my people, with out the filter of media and my brains, i believe, for the sake of americans, obama must not be in white house. wink wink. i can see from alaska that with out reading papers that obama is osama. wink

  8. Mike In NC says:

    Palin should be worried about the growing dislike of her in her own state. Her approval rating in Alaska continues to fall (down to 65% from 82%) and the largest political rally in Alaska history was AGAINST her!

    Breaking News!: Barack Obama killed the dinosaurs! He is also being sought in connections to the fall of Rome and Chernobyl. He was also responsible for all the crop circles ever and he prays at Stonehenge every morning while bathing in goats blood.

  9. dale parks says:

    Well say it aint so Joe. Palin has GLOVES OFF here come the 527 SWIFT BOAT ATTACK ADS. Why not they have NOTHING left. When your ideas, education, issues, priciples, ability of leadership are in doubt what do you do? Do you submit your own plan? NOOOOOOOOOOO you attack the other side. But this is not 2004 with JOHN KERRY but 08 with Obama and this time we are much much wiser and will counter attack right away. Please be careful Ms. Palin what you ask for about Gloves off. How about an add with you stammering in interviews incapable of answering simple questions. Let the 527 attack ads with no real substance but only wothrless emotion BEGIN.

  10. Wittgenstein says:

    A unanimity of opinions. This is politics from 1880, or so it would seem. The main difference is that our electronic age spews the venom of the right wing faster. Years ago, you might have had pride belonging to the GOP…John Rhodes, Ike, people who had genuine conservative ideas but were civilized. Now we have Rove, Norquist, and Palin: the invasion of the Huns. When in doubt, it would seem, throw mud like a horse on a wet Belmont racetrack. Let’s hope, for once, that the American public is sick of this putrescent offal.

  11. midwest says:

    Palin… look who is talking… isn’t it that her own husband was the member of the Alaskan Independent party that want succession from United States(Though she wants to be the President of the same Country).. Obama has a so called ties with bad people but her own husband was the member of the independent party… so much for their patriotism… Democrates wake up and for the God sake question these fanatics Patriotism…..

  12. John McCain says:

    Sarah is going to be president in 2016. That’s what we agreed on, no matter what you say, dudes. I had offered Hillary 2016 but who says a politician has to keep his word? 😉

  13. Marti Wooton says:

    It is so refreshing to see that the American people can see through these ridiculous attack ads. Obama has been nothing but fair to this reject from Alaska.
    Does she have any real platform or plan? Does John McCain. Think people. Those years in Hanoi could have shortened this man’s lifespan. Then you all know who will be in the White HOuse. God help us all. Obama is a good man who does not deserve these attacks. See these comments as the incompetent ninny that the Governor of Alaska really is. We give her great credit for even being coherent at the debate. Again do we want this person being the commander in chief for this war that she wants to continue? Obama supporters get yourselves to the polls.

  14. Catherine says:

    Are you kidding? Obama has been nothing but fair? Obama slickly sent his henchmen to Alaska to stir up the ridiculous accusation against Palin with help from a democrat Senator (French) Let’s compare Palin’s scandal to Obama;s known associations. Palin’s former brother in law drove his police car around routinely drunk, tasered Palin’s nephew, and made repeated death threats to
    Palin’s Father. Oh yeah, she’s really crossed the line. Is that the best you guys have managed to print in every liberal rag in this country? You already brought it on in your disgusting slander of this woman and it’s time to return the favor with real accusations of this socialist junior senator. Do you even know who your voting for or do you like how he speaks? Obama has voted 130 times “present”
    Obama’s career did indeed begin in Bill Ayer’s living room (he wasn’t 8 then!)
    Obama served and chaired on numerous committees and one in particular Chicago Annenberg Challenge for 4 years, his sole try at an executive position was a bust; tens of millions of dollars dolled out and wasted with no discernible improvement for the intended beneficiaries, schools and students in the Chicago Public Schools. Don’t tell me you didn’t know this, there is so much dirt and sleaze behind Obama and he’s been handled with kid gloves.
    I’ve been outraged that this news has been ignored! Because people like you are clueless. Know all the facts and then make a decision.

  15. ShystersAbound says:

    Biggest worry is that, in order to keep the fakery going (gwot, that is), people will suffer and even lose lives, God forbid, in the US, when we have our next fake “terr’st” attack. They’ll be the first-line victims, with those who believe these false-flag scenarios to be true being the 2nd line victims, voting according to fears that some guy, long dead (UBL), wants us to vote for Obama, so we better out-smart him and the other fake terr’sts and vote for mcchurian.

  16. ShystersAbound says:

    Catherine: how much do they pay you to spew this crap, long ago proven false-hoods?

  17. boo says:

    I’m angry mrs. Palin. I can’t wait to get something to eat. Very smart move, now she really thinks we are stupid like she is. we’ re just going to vote for you and Mccain just because you think were are scared of terrorism think again miss lady. Some of us are stupid but not I. Just like Bush with John Kerry last time by telling lies about him. Keep trying miss smarty pants. I saw you on Katie Couric by yourself. You can’t fool me. Let me guest your husband or your daughter is searching the internet for your facts. Just what this country need another idiot who cannot even pronounce Nuclear …Miss Nuculear

  18. lonewolf says:

    Catherine…um, maybe you should check out that the Palin was under investigation before even picked as a running mate for McCain. However, once picked, she has done everything in her power to stall out the investigation until after the elections…Obama has nothing to do with the fact that many legislators in Alaska (GOP and Dems) wanted to get to the bottom of troopergate, and her endorsements of certain special interests in violation of her oath of office before anyone in the lower 48 knew who she was.

    Again, Obama had nothing to do with this…it started before she was even in the running…talk about “clueless…” Palin’s camp is using everything they’ve got to stop this investigation, even somehow blaming Obama! Why don’t you spend some time on the internet reading some hard new, NOT OPINION about this issue, find out what the legislators in Alaska have really been trying to do while her entire staff dodges subpoenas.

    And have you researched your buddy McCain’s pals? Google the “Keating Five” for a little history lesson, Catherine, about who McCain consorted with in his *maturity. I’ll give you a hint…they were not a educational board of independent members…more like folks who stole from Americans to save their own skin.

    As far as a voting record, why don’t you look at McCain’s on offshore drilling and torture to name two to see how consistent your guy is. He seems to make decisions based on his own interests, regardless of what is good for the country quite frequently.

    “Liberal rags?”‘ Please, the talk show lingo is so obvious. Learn to think and investigate for yourself! You know why we see so few conservatives debating on ANY message boards on the internet? Because they don’t really research, they listen to what they are told and believe it, then regurgitate it without reference or fact.

    “Liberal bias” has become another term for, “investigative reporting.” In this day and age, not much slips past the savvy reporter, and to cry foul when someone gets caught out in a lie is truly pathetic.

    Palin’s just running a smear campaign now…why don’t you defend her on the ISSUES! Things that matter to real Americans rather than continuing this goofy, “Obama is such a mean mean muslim bad guy who lies and cheats and hates America.”

    I mean, has she got anything else to say you could defend, I’m talking about something of WORTH to me as a voter besides hate (always so unattractive in a politician)? If so, let’s hear her solid plans to help my future look brighter and can it with the hate/smear. Know YOUR facts, Catherine, start by looking up maturity in the dictionary!

  19. chuck says:

    If McCain-Palin wins, I’m trying to figure out which country I should move to – any suggestions? I like Canada (close to home), Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia. It is just so sickening that there are actually people out there who would vote for this despicable, unintelligent ticket. That’s how far our country has fallen. It’s really scary to think a culture of one-issue, right wing Conservative “Christian” nutcases could develop in a place that used to be distinguished. God help us all.

  20. jhwkr says:

    Uh, Catherine,

    Maybe if you could actually read something other than the funny pages you would know that the REPUBLICAN head of the Alaska Congress has sited that the Troopergate scandal was hijacked by the MCCAIN campaign and that Obama had nothing to do with it. YES THE REPUBLICAN SAID THIS. You should pay attention before spewing nonsense.

  21. Nikki says:

    When e-mails show up in my inbox claiming that the Book of Revelations warns of Obama being the anti-christ and ascending to the presidency, it makes me want to laugh. Yet, I do not allow myself to chuckle because the sad, scary reality is that millions of people will believe this rot (including my very own grandfather and his religious sister, who has supposedly read the Bible). It amazes me how time and time again crazy fundamentalists like Palin and Bush, and now it appears, McCain, will use fear tactics based on false premises when all else fails. So yes, they are lunatics, but sadly people eat it up. I’ve had more people tell me how “hot” Palin is than anything else, and I’ve also heard people say they’d vote for Obama because he’s “hot.” You know, Hell’s hot, too, and it’s not all that wonderful.

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