The problem with Conservatives…

…even though this article is about British politics, you will understand what is wrong.

In one simple word – rhetoric.

Anyone who is a public speaker can go to a home sponsored place and say – “I am going to change this!”

That’s fine if you know what they are going to change. Britain needs a change of direction that is a given. What Britain needs is a change that will bring her back to fiscal responsibility – but you won’t get that from either of the three main parties. But the conservatives are saying that they will do this and that – but saying this and that isn’t saying what you will actually do.

For years the Tories have been saying that Gordon Brown has been fiscally irresponsible – fair dos again, but where and what with? What are the conservative going to change to stop people paying so much tax? But – as we all know it isn’t all about taxes!

No one, and I mean no one likes to pay a penny in taxes! But what they do know is that if you want a healthcare system – you HAVE to pay taxes. If you want roads, you HAVE to pay taxes, if you want police, army, fire service, social security – you HAVE to pay taxes. And people know that, too. People are, begrudgingly ready to pay taxes – sounds silly but it is true.

What they don’t want to be paying is an enormous grocery bills as well. They don’t want to be working just to pay bills and they certainly don’t want to be walking around in a society that is basically bankrupt morally and financially.

Parliament as a whole has failed the British people – not just the government. Believe me, David Cameron will say what he needs to say to get into power – they all do that. But what he needs to really tell the British people is that their council tax bill will be reduced. Get rid of all the pork there and reduce the burden. Don’t go on TV and say you are going to reduce income tax – that is pathetic – because David Cameron knows he can’t do that. What he can do is say that basic life good will be reduced, the companies like BP, Shell, Total are making billions while the British people hurt and hurt badly. Do the British people a favour and say to those companies – get those prices down or we will regulate you. Will he? No – because he is a conservative and believes that business is the be all and end all. Even when those businesses are raping the British people.

Cameron and the conservative can do a lot in the next 2 years, he can state what he will do as PM – not waffle, the British people are sick and tired of waffle. When and if he gets into power – get those bills down! If he does that the British people will spend again and the economy will be in an upsurge.

It isn’t taxes that are killing the British people – it is the cost of living, and the basic cost of living at that!

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  1. UK Voter says:

    I agree with your sentiments, but I believe there must be a commitment NOT to increase direct or indirect taxation, unless or until the next government has dealt with waste, excess and a bloated public sector. For all politicians it is plainly easier to demand more money from us, than it is to deal with the underlying problems associated with government spending and excess.

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