Major blow for McCain

Acting in self interest isn’t that interesting.

John McCain tried to play president when he supposedly suspended his campaign – is that back on again or not – as the deal still isn’t done – will we ever know?

Playing with a fire that is the US financial crisis would have been put out if people had, as Barack Obama said, stayed calm – but this wasn’t to be with McCain bringing the race to the White House to Washington – but there again, when has McCain really cared as long as he perceives he will get votes out of it. But has it really backfired? Has his gamble slapped mud firmly on his face?

Seems so.

The Republican presidential nominee raised the stakes for himself last week when he suspended his campaign and returned to Washington for negotiations over a solution to the financial crisis.

“Even before the House vote, voters blamed Republicans more than Democrats for the crisis. Then McCain suspended his campaign to come back to Washington to rally support for a rescue plan,” said Bill Schneider, a CNN political analyst. “He failed, so he gets blamed by both supporters and opponents of the rescue plan.”

The Republican party is split – and the gaping chasm down the middle cannot bring any sort of confidence – many of the house Republicans don’t like nor agree with John McCain – so why would they support him?

The House Republicans blamed Nancy Pelosi for the deal not going through – so John McCain blames the Democrats – how so? It was the Republicans who killed the deal – the vast majority of Democrats voted for, not nay. John McCain said he would rally the house Republicans – he didn’t. Because he can’t.

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0 Responses to Major blow for McCain

  1. PiedType says:

    I think he’s finally managed to maneuver himself right out of a chance to be president — I hope.

  2. Hannah Stevens says:

    McCain keeps showing his true colors. He keeps saying that he’s doing things for his country. Selecting Palin for VP, an incompetent person, suspending his campaign (when he really didn’t) to go to Washington to work on the bailout and had zero input when he got there and scuttled the first bill. It is painful to watch this pitiful little man try to spin his actions to the public, when they all know.

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